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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?

>Why is there no new thread?
Create one yourself. You can use these macros:

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A girl in my major at school who I worked with well on a few projects asked me to hang out with her late in the summer. We did, and had a great time. Then I asked her to meet up with me and we had fun. Now that we’re back at school however, she’s disengaged and whenever I see her she acts really awkward and uncomfortable around me. What the hell happened and what do I do?

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Any christian girls around?
I know this woman that is 4 years older than me and also hardcore christian, we met in one of my previous job in my native city, i moved cities since then and that was over 3 years ago. When we worked together we used to flirt once in a while and talk a lot, but since I was fired we just talk a couple of times a year through text. A couple of days ago we started talking again after several months of no contact whatsoever and she seemed really interested in meeting up.
The thing is, she is 33 now and a hardcore christian, I'm 29, i'm not sure myself what am I looking for a relationship, but I'm pretty sure her bioclock is ticking and she has the babies fever thing going. I think i would be better with a more casual relationship, date a couple of years and then consider children and starting a family, but I'm pretty sure she's looking for something more committed, specially given her religion, she probably won't put up until after marriage and even then I don't want this to be one of those stories where the couple don't have sex after getting married. I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but I'm pretty sure that's what is going on in her head for a woman of her type.
what would be the best of turning her down without hurting her feelings too much?
I really liked her to be honest, and I regret and no asking her out back in the day. Do you think someone like her at her age would be willing to wait a couple of years until our life goals catch up to each others? Do you think sex would be a no-no during that time?

I met this qt 3.14 on Tinder. Positive responses to my flirting, laughs at my jokes, and we have some eerily similar interests, down to our favorite author. I got a yes to a date on a Friday a few weeks ago but she's a first year at a high pressure university and had to cancel due to first week class stuff changing around. So she offered to change it to the next Friday. I double check with her a day or two before and she says she forgot about it and couldn't make it again. A little more talking and we were set this Thursday but she messages me last night at 2 am that she forgot that day was her birthday and her roommates are acting suspicious so she might have to do the day after if they surprise her with something. She's been really apologetic each time the plans have fallen through. Am I being strung along or is this a bunch of bad coincidences?

How often do girls fap and what to?

If she is a hardcore christian sex is probably a no-no before marriage but after marriage you can do whatever you want.If you feel your going to waste your time or hers then don't do it.

Idk mention she doesnt seem interested or say something like "alright ill just go to a bar/club instead" she will either try to get your attention from then on out or drop you. If she wants you she will try extra hard as you made it known that you have more options than just her.

I have no idea if this is normal, but I go through phases where I won't for a few weeks, then suddenly it's all that's on my mind. I don't watch porn, usually I just come up with hot fun scenarios in my mind and go to town

>mention she doesnt seem interested
I did after the second time and she swears she isn't stringing me along. But then the third time happened. She says she doesn't like her birthday and tries to ignore it, but forgetting your own birthday seems fishy.


Does receiving compliments ever get boring. I see these models with thousands of likes and comments and imagine they must get numb to it pretty quickly.

I never fapped because I never learned but I do imagine and just get off from my imagination (guys I like)

I'm uggo so no, I love all compliments.


If you ask a guy to spend time with you, and it’s just out of the blue, is that because you’re attracted to him?

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i assume compliments are manipulation 99% of the time so i think better to use sparingly

how are you uggo_

Usually if a girl volunteers another date it's a good sign they actually do want to go out. If her and your schedules never line up it may be better to just cancel and save yourself the headache, though.

Girls, do you dislike if your male friends are a little bit too comfortable around you? If I've known a friend for a while I tend to wear sweatpants when I'm visiting them or they're visiting me. But this has the unfortunate side effect of not hiding my bulge very well at all. Not sure if this grosses girls out or what.

Girls, any advice for this situation/perspective you can provide?

personally it would make me horny
hope that helps

Oh. Didn't expect that response. I suppose the easiest comparison would be a girl being comfortable enough to not wear a bra. That could be fairly arousing.

I appreciate them but yes they stopped meaning anything to me when I get it from random men

Here's a question, why do men think it's okay to be gross and creepy and offensively sexual when talking to women, and then complain when someone doesn't like it? And why do they have the need to do so?
I keep meeting guys who act normal and nice, seem like good conversationalists, to the point where I think "hey maybe this one is not a total creep like literally all men". And then he suddenly changes and says something along the lines of "hey girl you know what you need? you need a boyfriend like me, you could really use a good fucking, you need someone who fucks you properly"

We let our dick do the talking too often, and it never works out.


1. because it works for some of those guys somehow, then they tell their friends it works

2. we have no goddamn idea how to flirt properly so we come up with stupid shit like that

Stop talking to shit men. Not all guy are like that

>Stop talking to shit men
You mean afterwards? How can you tell if a guy is shitty until after talking to him, otherwise?

fuck... I’m too shy for my own good aren’t I?

You just have to keep trying, and make your boundaries known. No easy way about it I’m afraid.

I've always been the having-a-girlfriend type. There's a girl that's interested in me but I don want her romantically speaking. I just want casual sex for once in my life. How do I start texting her so that it's understood that I only want something casual? Don't want to hurt her feelings or anything but I also only want sex and I never practiced this fucking hook up skill before.

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You didn’t make a move on her, she feels rejected

Sometimes a man’s dick takes over his brain, give them a break

>inb4 accusations of being a normie
I hooked up with an acquaintance and for the first time i genuinely couldn't tell if I was making my partner feel good or not. She seemed to be having a good time. She wasn't really able to get me off, but I'm willing to give it another shot. Anything to look for? Is the fact she wants to go again proof enough?

A lot of that is going to be the age group and lifestyle of the groups you move in. A lot of dudes will eventually grow out of that after being blown the fuck out so many times, or at the least will start realizing that doesn't work on a "nice," "well adjusted" girl. The best you can do is clue into the way they talk from an early stage, and test to see if they're emotionally capable. Don't get too invested until you can tell they're genuine.

You are. Talk to her, she either likes you or enjoys your company very much.

We get really horny and we hear women like dominant and confident guys.

Alright, thank you. I still have her number and she still responds nicely so I think I’ll ask her when she’s free this week. It’s tough. I come from a difficult/abusive background so it just takes me a while to trust and warm up to people, and I don’t feel attractive despite what people tell me. I need to get over my own shit and just go for it. You can’t let the past keep you lonely right?

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Acne, chestlet, overbite

Two of those things are fixable and the other is not a problem for any guy worth your time. Chin up dear.

overbites aren't really noticeable, acne should be easy to take care of, being a chestlet isn't a downside, it's just not a plus.

I would never do that; it's degenerate.
The problem is, men who don't do that are also far less likely to go up to a woman they don't know just to start talking about inane shit.
I also assume you're going to the kinds of places where shitheads congregate.

Where the fuck do women find these men? As a guy I can count on one hand the number of men I've known who would act like that. Is it just that they're more confident and go up to women more? I mean if that's the case then you could always try approaching men rather than the other way around.

Thank you! I'm trying to fix the acne at least.

I don't even get complimented often and I still don't really care when they come from randos, especially because they're either drunk or they probably just didn't get a good look at me. I also know my friends will always tell me I'm cute or whatever because they're my friends, so those compliments don't mean much either. Now when I'm making music with my musician friend and he tells me something I did sounds good and wants it in the song, that feels good and I tend to remember it; or when people I just met remember me the next time we see each other because I was well-dressed; or when I cook something and everyone wants seconds. Those are more meaningful to me. I don't know how to word this without sounding corny but really the best and most meaningful "compliments" are the rare times when I'm able to look into the mirror and like how I look, or accomplish something really hard, or listen to/look at art I did and think it's pretty decent, things like that. I want to like myself more than I want to be liked by other people.

Hell some men really like women with small breasts. It can be hard when you’re insecure about something but just know not everyone is attracted to the same thing. Ignore the bullshit that media companies and pop culture spew at you.

Being a chestlet is a good thing, small tits are way better

>coworker has been asking me to dinner etc.
>finally make plans with her this past week, both have great time, end up hanging out for like 6 hours
>light flirting at work / through text since
>sends me cute pic of doggos kissing, emoji etc.
>asked her to do something again this weekend but she left it open ended
>today sends me vid of her hanging out with different guy
>continues to text me throughout even after I got annoyed with this and left her on read.

Ladies what is going on here??? Is she just messing with my head? Trying to judge my reaction?

I am young and successful and typically too focused on my career to even pay women any mind but sadly this one has caught my attention

Insert “blushing surrounded by hearts” emoji, sorry mobilefag

Girls, are there any things your body can do that men might not be aware of? For example, not many women seem to know that a lot of men can make their penis twitch by flexing the right muscles.

women, are there those among you that feel the same way towards dicks? Like are there women out there that really like small dicks?

She was likely just hanging out with another guy. May or may not be fucking/dating him but that's something you'd have to ask her about. If you want to go further in the relationship you need to formalize that with her instead of just expecting her to read your mind.

I’m a dude but I’ve heard plenty of female friends say that having a large dick isn’t always good. Relax man.


if they have shallow vaginas they prefer smaller dicks because sex is less of a pain in the ass.

So a girl I think likes me used to be very shy around me, but now she's talking to me semi-normally.

Do you think she lost interest or is just being braver now?

Oh I get that but I'm wondering if any actually like small, as in below average, dicks. Like does a woman ever see that a guy has a 4 inch cock and think
>yes, I love 4 inch cocks they're my favourite size
like men do with small tits?

Context: known her for a long time good friends took her out 2 and 3 weeks ago real good chemistry kissed at end of dates. Was supposed to take her out last week but she got into physical fight with baby daddy and left with her daughter to her friends house 2 hours away. Had been flirting pretty heavy till then. Still talk everyday but she has become slightly more distant. Moved into some sort of womens housing facility on Wednesday and not allowed male guests and has a strict curfew. Normally i would just assume that shes curving me but why did she say see you soon??

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She’s poor and in a abusive relationship with the father of her child. But yeah, let’s make it about you.

We can’t know. Ask her.

Hard to say, gotta ask her. But from what you’re sharing it sounds like she’s treating you like a friend. But sometimes friends fuck so... cool?

Stayed up talking on the phone with her till 2 am the night ghat happened. Its just that the whole vibe seems to have to changed since then. Just curious for any insight/suggestions on how to proceed with her because "focuse on myself" is a pretty clear way to reject someone but "see you soon" seems to be the exact opposite sentiment

Because the man is being completely honest with you to see where you stand in terms of sex. Most of us would preferably ask, "So, when we gonna fuck?!" but that is too blunt and direct for 99% of women. If you're actually, genuinely disgusted by it and upset and have and it clear you don't like it, then that sends a clear signal to the man that you are either A) someone that he should respect or B) someone not worth his time. If you don't, then everything is fair game and by continuing to not say anything, you allow the relationship to progress and his behavior to continue. It's like a progression of sex where you don't say anything and might be kinda off put by certain behaviors, then the next he's got his around your neck, pulling your hair, and slapping your ass and then wonder why he continues doing the same things during sex.

>men are animals
Got it, pal

Sounds like she needs a friend more than anything else, not sure why all of this is going on you’re still focused on you. Maybe you shouldn’t be around this woman, for her sake.

I don’t think most of us is going around wondering when the girl is going to want to fuck. For most of us it happens naturally so you know it’s coming and nothing to stress over. But for sure there are desperate guys out there.

All humans are animals

It’s like we share dna with all living things on the planet. And here i thought we we’re special.

ever heard about infinite universe and infinite parrallel worlds

get on carnivore diet and introduce fasting schedule

Yes, but there is different states of infinity. That should really blow your mind. Parallel universe is a fun thought, but unrealistic. Even in the face of infinity.

Women, what is the longest you suffered a bad relationship and what did you think and feel during that period?

I have a friend with a pile of shit SO. No one is talking about her leaving him. I just wonder if she knows she needs to leave and how long she will feel that way before they have the talk.

I feel like this is the opposite side of the coin to men who come on here and flip out that their girl moved on so quickly after breaking up. Like dude, the girl broke up with you six months ago, it just took her six months to gain the courage to end it. She was over it months ago. That big argument you had 8 months ago? Thats when she was really done. Everything else was an act.

So I might be low-key into loosely tying a guy's hands above his head during sex/foreplay. Is it easy to find someone who wants to try it or am I kinda fucked?

I suffered for a year. It just didn’t get better and on top of that he was being very manipulative. When i finally had enough and saw him as the weak little bitch that he was i broke up and moved on instantly. I had a life to catch up on. Who gives a shit about his feelings over i moved on or not.
And in general, your relationship is over. Why would you spend time, energy and emotions on something that is done? Mourning is fine, but stop caring about what the other person is doing, it’s no longer of your concern, which is the best part of a break-up.

no there are no guys into femdom, sorry

on certain discord i posted a pic of my body without shirt, and certain girl said something like "my future bf" and posted same pic of me.

normally i would be happy about it, but ive met her irl and theres few issues
>shes kinda mental, going to therapy now "to find her emotional self and to learn how to have relationships"
>shes older than me by 5 years(looks pretty young tho)
>will often post hentai on nsfw channel, or something like "i need dick" knowing that im only person close to her realistically (we live 50km away so we met once)
>she might want to trap me in pregnancy because she knows im lonely incel that could provide for her

my dick says fuck yes my brain says fuck no. On other hand i could use practice because im actual incel.

if you like rock / metal
blast song The ocean - Eternal Recurrence

cant wait for their show in november

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There can still be tells with how she acts towards you.
One I finally started getting closer to after knowing her for 5 years definitely just got more sociable in general, but she's especially more talkative with me, which is telling considering we hadn't seen eachother in almost 2 years.
I just plan on asking her out as soon as the opportunity arises. Not much to lose if I don't make it weird.

Sub males are a minority, but shouldn’t really be a problem to find someone to fulfill your desires.


that would be my dream to have girl tease me by just rubbing against me, and blueballing me, and her being in control

no, pain inducing stuff just very good edging

There are some out there, I'm a bit into femdom myself but that seems kindof pointless if you don't have the personality to match.
Hard part will be finding out who's into it.

That is what dating is for.

I don't know if it'd be easy to find someone who's super into it, but it wouldn't be hard to find someone willing to do it.

do girls take care of their feet

ngl i have mild feet fetish i cant explain it but thats just the way it is.
realistically anything about nice female body can be attractive, from toes to navel to hair style

maybe im just giga thirsty

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Girls who are into sweatpants: Do you prefer them loose so they leave some things to the imagination, or tight so they leave almost nothing to the imagination?

Sweatpants is for lounging about at home, it can’t really be sexy.

>I suffered for a year. It just didn’t get better and on top of that he was being very manipulative. When i finally had enough and saw him as the weak little bitch that he was i broke up and moved on instantly. I had a life to catch up on. Who gives a shit about his feelings over i moved on or not.
>And in general, your relationship is over. Why would you spend time, energy and emotions on something that is done? Mourning is fine, but stop caring about what the other person is doing, it’s no longer of your concern, which is the best part of a break-up.

This lacks so much internal awareness that I have to wonder if I'm being trolled by a 14 year old gay boy.

But pretending you're not a trolling 14 year, I'll explain this.

Do you remember a few months in the relationship before you knew it was over? Do you remember how sad you were when you realized that the relationship wasn't going to work? That you weren't going to get what you wanted from this boy you thought was cute? That you were wrong about him? Thats how the guy feels when you break up.

He hasn't gone through the process you went through months before. You have had weeks if not months to come to terms with it. He has not. He foolishly for whatever reason didn't come to the same conclusions as you at the same speed. It could be as simple as you were a much better girlfriend than he was a boyfriend.

Loss is a process. Like say someone died. You knew the person was dead for 5 or 6 months. You loved them, but you grieved and got on with life. Now someone else just finds out. Its silly to expect them to be at the same stage of recovery in their loss.

Its not the first time I've seen your stance, but I still find it to be incredibly ignorant of people and how time works.

>do girls take care of their feet

there are small stores dedicated to women having their feet nails done, so you tell me.

Many girls disagree. Even in these very threads I've seen numerous girls claiming they love it. Some real bulge watchers out there.

Way more cynical than ive even considered but i do think with my dick so point taken. Here is what i had said just prior if that adds any more context.

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I do

lmao this is 2019, baby. Women are chopping off their milkers, to my dismay, but there are so many people that love small tits. They are always one of the most popular coom categories

I would write those big long things in an email that you send yourself. Then pick three key sentences and send that.

Its hard, I know, I have the autism too, but you dont want to overwhelm a girl. And they will think you're an axe murderer because they are not accustomed to much affection (when really, the axe murderer will copy a normal person perfectly and they wont see it coming, hence being a successful murderer).

is that because of this or do you actually like them?

>another cute girl workout out next to me that I couldn't talk to
How the fuck do I stop being so autistic

Girls, what makes a guy needy?
Guys, how can you tell if a guy masterbates too much?

I've been dating my boyfriend for 10 months now, and we recently have been having a few issues. It's kind of an open relationship, and during our rough patch he slept with someone else. I refuse to sleep with him until he gets tested, and he's being resistant to it. He continues to want to see me and act as normal, but I keep on telling him I'm not going to be comfortable sleeping with him until I know he's clean. Do you guys think he'll eventually give in and get tested, or should I cut my losses and end things?

Is there a deadline to your request? Figure out how long you are willing to wait. If he doesnt do it just cut your losses. Dont let him overstep the boundary and possibly give you aids.

So there's this girl at my job that I started at about two months ago. She's real friendly and seems like the type of person who wants to be friends with everyone, and when I started she made efforts to talk and try and get to know me. The problem is she's real cute too and when I think a girl's cute I tend to act real aloof and gave off a real bad first impression when in reality I'm just real shy. A few weeks ago she moved into a desk basically next to me it's kinda awkward cause I get the impression that she thinks I don't like her and I have to walk by her desk like every day. Is there anything I can do to rectify things and let her know I'd like to be friends or am I fucked?

>open relationship
It was doomed to fail

Thanks guys. And good luck to you user.

I don't want to give him an ultimatum because I feel like that's just going to make him even more resistant. He's very stubborn and prideful in that way (I know, not that that's any good either).

It just sucks because I really, really do care about him, and him for me, but he can't do this one thing for me why even be in a relationship anymore. I don't know why he'd even want to stay in a relationship with me if we're not having sex?

>open relationship

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