Old thread saging, here we go again

Old thread saging, here we go again

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i hate this fucking house and i want to go home

I didn't even feel particularly horny yesterday, and I've been thinking a lot lately about what kind of porn I consume. But I justified a wank with a different porn site, hoping to find some pleasant romantic hentai comics... Guess fucking not.

I ended up coming to a doujinshi with a lot of big cock worship, abuse, ntr and serious mind break. Exactly the type of stuff I was trying to avoid. I read the tags before I dove in, but didn't care. I read it and consciously masturbated to absolute filth.

I keep thinking of one panel, right before everything goes to hell. The heroine has just been drugged and looks at the reader with such an innocent expression, coffee running down her chin. I'm jealous. I want that innocence back myself, before I myself got drugged and mind raped to oblivion by toxic pornography habits. I've ruined myself and feel deeply unfuckable. Why have sex with someone when they'd rather think of gross porn than you when they cum?

I've hated myself all day and just want to tell you that I'm sorry. I'm sorry for a crime you never knew I committed.

I still miss you J. It's been 1.5 months since we last spoke.

I installed Tinder again yesterday and got multiple girls numbers. I don't know why I am doing this. I have a date with one tomorrow and she already said she was down to make out and stuff. This shit just feels wrong man. My best relationships came from meeting organically and trying out this new thing just makes me feel like some kind of player or something.

I have this voice telling me- just go on a tons of dates with these girls and have fun and another voice telling me to cut all contact with all of them and just focus on myself more so I can meet somebody out in the wild with the safety net of having no regrets or stupid mistakes.

I don't know why I feel this way about you, I just do. What am I to do...

user in same boat here.

It's 100x better to meet someone randomly. I've been with 2 online girls (one long term one short) and they both ended up being fucked up in their own ways.

My best relationships were created in real life environments. College is literally the absolute best place.

anons i fucking made it i'm so happy, i'm 20 and i had my first kiss last night. i've been dating my boyfriend for two years, we had a really nice heart to heart after a long great day out with our friends. we were in my dorm and i made a joke about how we have been together for so long and haven't even kissed, and he asked if i actually wanted to right now and i was so nervous but we just went for it and it was really nice. we kissed a few times and we were laughing and i was sitting on his lap and we were having so much fun. we started to hug again and he kissed my neck which made me get chills and i made a noise so i got so embarrassed but we were both so happy we couldn't stop making jokes and smiling. he usually isn't very vocal about things, but he was told me how he wishes he gave me more compliments in the past and that he is going to make the effort to communicate to me what he loves about me more because he felt he wasn't doing a good job of that. i feel like the luckiest girl in the world

That's incredibly sweet and wholesome anonette. I am glad that the first kiss you got was worth it after holding out for so long :)

everyone my age is far ahead of me. i don't know why i still try.

I love you dad but you need to get your fucking shit back together man I'll always have your back and your side but you need to get your head straight because you literally just tried scamming your two sons for $300 for what your stupid ass drug habit? I really should slap the fuck outa you but I know that'll just make you go back to it


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Here you go user this is what's been helping me as of recent with that

Also before you go to look up porn reflect on what makes you do it and take notes also reflect while doing so and make a habit of that to control it


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You seem frustrated


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>tfw spent all day drawing
>just finished animating a shitty 1 second gif
>went to the store and bought brass to fix my pet's leash
>listening to my favorite tunes
wish i could at least get some fucking sleep though, i'm exhausted

I love girls with brown hair and brown eyes. That's it.

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Are asian women the ultimate cuckpill? Is there anything more cucked than being in a relationship with one of these? No offense

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They're actually way more materialistic and vain than you think

For the person that I used to know

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Same fucking shit for me as well. I wanna focus on myself, focus on my job, focus on my hobbies, and I know goddamn well the jacking it and porn are causing these issues. I redownloaded Tinder and Bumble and have a few dates set up (not entirely sure if they will be 100% set in stone). All I want is something either serious with no stupid fucking games or just someone/something to stick my dick in. The latter I know will not help me long term but at the very least can help me break free of this fucking jizz-brain mindset. When I go without jacking off for a just a week my mind feels amazing but yet the urge doesn't go way and I just wanna keep fucking. Worst goddamn part is how I'm now thinking back on the p00n I was getting around this time last year and all the girls that would've been great cock sleeves that I dropped because I wanted more. FFS, I had a crazy mommy gf about a month ago that I cannot get out of my head due to the amazing sex we had. My head and dick are so confused right now.

I’m kinda pissed off. We were never even dating. I was never supposed to fall for you. But, I did. Now I’m heart broken, and can barely function. I cry myself to sleep while I think about you. I feel like I’m going through a breakup. I can’t talk about it with anyone, so here I am venting on Jow Forums like a cuck. We were supposed to just be friends. Why’d you have to go and make me fall for you? Why did you have to treat my so good? Now I’m in pain while you probably already moved on.

Hi, t.


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No sorry, not a T

Yes you are.

I hate how passionate I'm getting about alcohol, beer in particular. I just go and sit for a bit and all of my anxiety drifts away. It gets really bad when other people get involved. This Friday I recall the night ending with one of my friends taking my beer and saying "finish that water first", just before I teleported home.

But it sucks, because I've had such a bad problem with social anxiety through my life (certified sperg), and when I sedate that with alcohol, it's an immense, warm joy. It lifts the anxiety without melting away the sense of cold resolve I've built over the years of loss and grief.
I just feel so fucking bad two days after. Day one is the hangover, day two is the abject misery.

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I don't even know you.



I have a B I talked to in these threads that I wish I could meet. I cried over her like a cuck myself.


You're such a sweet kind innocent girl. Hmm, no, you are a fine woman. You really are starting to change the way I view females, or rather I have made an exception for you and only you. I almost want to stop choking you out because I am starting to view you less as an object and more and more as my partner, an equal.

Get this misogy outta here b4 I make you lose your will to live you goddam cuck faggot

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I will rape every man I meet.
Then they'd know how it feels...
How the pain and suffering feels...
You're all gonna get RAPED.

Based and gaypilled

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It’s not that fucking hard to understand.
You don’t go around bending backwards for people, why do you expect me to do the same?
And why did you want to guilt trip me about it, you fucking weirdo?
It’s not my fault that we don’t talk much anymore. And yet every time I want to, I feel embarrassed. Why is that? Why can’t you ever feel embarrassed for wanting to talk to me?
I don’t feel like I’ve been blessed by still knowing you. I’ve gone through my grief cycle, in about three to four days, and moved the fuck on. You prolonging it just feels like a jab in the stomach, like my suffering continued.
You’re a difficult person to understand. But instead of spilling it to your face, because I understand how fucked your life might be and what a struggle it is, I’ll just spill it here.
During the past few months, I’ve straight up just wanted to leave your sorry ass. Why the fuck do you even need me?
But I’m just so afraid that my spite will take physical form and harm you. I’ve felt like my negative emotions hurt people and caused them bad fortune.
It’s a fucking daft thing to unironically believe in, but I do.
An entire day just passed again. I need this. I sacrificed an entire day again forjust thinking about turmoil that might be just in my head, mostly because you had to mouth me off to people, saying how I was distant even though that’s far from the truth.
One day further from my dream that involves helping many more than just one person.
It’ll have to fucking change. Not just for now, but for forever.
If you value me at all, you’ll have to be more honest with me.
I meant it when I fucking said you were like a big sibling to me. I don’t spew bullshit to charm anyone, I’m not that intelligent.

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Fuck you. Actually fuck you.
You knew for a goddamn fact that i had feelings for you. You knew how heartbroken i was when you two got together, but i moved on, i actually moved on and accepted you as just a friend.
But now you come and pull this bullshit, it wasn't even a month, right? Not even a month goes by after you two "break up" and here you are saying you miss me and want to meet up.
I should've just not bothered, just stopped talking to you. But i still went ahead and talked to you, i still felt hope because i'm such a sad fucking disgrace.
And now you're back together again, good for you. I honestly don't know who to pity more: you, for being such a manipulative whore, him, for being a cuck, or me, for being an easily manipulated asshole. I swear to fucking god, you try pulling this again and i'm telling him all about what you've done, let's see you two get back when he knows how much of a whore you are.

Go back to cooming you coomey tune.

Please sit on my face

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Is this really what guys want?


I hate that. Men look pathetic sucking on pussy. Fucking wimps

I want this so badly you have no idea.

i bet you'd prefer them sucking on your cock

I'm a female.

female (male)
I see right through you

I literally just said “god I want that so bad”

Lemme lick you you won't even know what happened till it's done and you have your hands around my head

it's all crashing down, not much more time left, everything sucks and it's my fault, too late to fix anything, too late in general. I fucked around for too long, soon I will feel the repercussions. I deserve it.

Based. I'm female too. I'm going to rape you now with my fingers. You're going to cream as I thrust my trimmed digits deep into your sopping pussy. Then, I'll squeeze my tits against yours, but I'll wear a bra, so you'll get friction. You'll grow hotter and hotter, moaning more and more and I'll force your lips apart and tongue-fuck your mouth while you drool all over yourself. You're my bitch now, you slut. You whore. I'll fuck you and then suck your toes, cunt.

n o

>suck your toes
Footfags back at it again

y e s

you prefer being choked and called daddy or some shit?

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Well then you’re a fag.

I don't do sex.

>n o
Don't make me come down there and show you a good time

Don't worry, bitch. I'll do all the sex for you. Now bend over. I'm gonna clamp your clitty so hard your nipples will pop.

I guess I'll give up on my old strategy of falling for Oneitis and either getting her as my gf or feeling like shit and drinking myself to a haze to make myself feel better and then repeat.

These last two or three years has been me just being used and I'm pretty tired of it. So I guess I'll adapt and talk to multiple girls at time like they do to guys. I've never done it before, but I guess that's how things are now. I got a ticket so might as well join the party.


pls refer to

>I don't do sex.
just flick the bean on your lonesome then?

Post contact I'll turn you into a slut

nothing. I don't get sexual urges.

Then why do you feel disgust at normal human behaviour?



is it normal?

yes. Do you think they look pathetic sticking their dick in a vagina too?

Very normal
The only abnormal thing here is people that don't want to reproduce or footfags like

Post feet

they look like buffoons indeed.
definition of normal could vary depending on the person. what is normal to some, is not normal to others.

Agreed my normal would be having you as my slutty cuckhungry sexslave

It's quite hypocritical to call that behaviour weird when you're far more abnormal.

Tomorrow is Monday. Only 4 more weeks until the next (sort-of) 4-day week.

Excuse the fuck out of me for not being able to captivate a woman and have her begging to blow me after one message. Trying to keep a conversation going ought to be a two-person effort

Reminder that, if you have trouble with women, you...
>Are an incel
>Are a misogynist
>Are probably jealous of every single person out there who's in a relationship
>Are a creep who sees all women as objects that you're entitled to have
>Are a sicko who expects all women to bow at your feet and do whatever you tell them to do
>Are a lazy asshole who never even tries to approach women
>Have absolutely no game and deserve to be ignored/ghosted
>Aren't interesting enough to keep a woman's interest
No exceptions. Stop "trying to find love" and just find love already. It's really not hard.

I used to fuck around with an older coworker of mine (she 28, me 21 at the time) but it fell apart when I quit that job and kind of emotionally blew up.
Now I'm thinking of talking to her again, but I don't feel any more emotional attachment to her than I did back then. Just want to fuck. This wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that she admitted developing feelings for me, that I absolutely do not requite.

I think there is an exception. What if you're too afraid to get into a relationship because you don't make enough money. Because I've experienced first hand what a family on a lower socio economic ladder has to go through.

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While you regret not fucking me when you had the chance, I’ve probably already forgotten you.

>I’ve probably already forgotten you.
>posts about them in this thread


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I love eating pussy. My last gf broke up with me because of it. I'll explain.

When we first started off, sex was great. She enjoyed when I manhandled her, and she enjoyed it when I ate her pussy.

After a while she didn't want me to go down on her anymore. I asked why. She said "because when you do it, it's like I'm just a piece of meat and everything else disappears".

How right she was.

Women are meant to be eaten. I really don't give a fuck what she is doing while I'm desperately trying to reach her cervix with my tongue. If I have to spread her like a thanksgiving turkey to get in there, I'll do it. Won't be gentle either. When my ex asked me what is it that I needed to badly, I told her: "your wetness. Grool, pussy juice, whatever you call it".

She says "oh like squirting?" I told her squirting is piss. If she pisses on me, I'd shit on her face.

Anyway, there's a method for everything but I essentially agree that passively eating pussy is a turn off.

Women are meant to be eaten though - then ravaged and left full of cum.

i finally decided fuck it and started sleeping with fat men, so happy.
my girlfriends think im weird but moobs are just too cute to pass up

Please don’t leave me again. I’m putty in your hands. Handle me ASAP baby. I’ll do most things for you. Please be gentle with me like you are now

It’s been a year since I’ve actually talked to a guy and been interested. Talking to C at the party last night just made me realize how thirsty I am. I just wanted to kiss him. Shit sucks.

ughhhhh I've came from looking at myself like twice today and i cant stop it
i think i fell in love with myself

Part of me will always be a part of her, but she disappeared without a trace. If she can cross an ocean to spend time with me in my dreams then I know the time we spent together was meaningful.

I miss her.


That’s not even tho I think you’re rude haha. You sound like a fun fuck


Imagine being so fucking chad you can cure asexuality through a couple of written paragraphs online.

I’m not the same person as the asexual person
*thats hot

Nah, I'm done.