Is going to a park and talking to random people a good idea...

Is going to a park and talking to random people a good idea? I need to reach out to other people more but I'm not really into "people". I've only really been interested in a scant few persons both platonically and sexually. Other people exist but I don't really "see" them. But I need a hefty social groundwork in place to actually have a chance at landing any girl at all since they'd run for the hills to get away from my somewhat asexual schizoid weirdo self. I just can't help but feel something uncanny about going around fooling people like I'm a normal person that actually WANTS to get to know them.

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No, not in my opinion.
You want to gain social experience and groundwork, then going to a park to talk to random people can only cause trouble.

Join a club, find a sport or a hobby you enjoy and connect to people through that, that way it's more likely you'll end up clicking as well as them being more trustworthy than someone who could literally be a murderer running through a park.

Wish you the best chief!

Why a park? You'll come off as a pedophile creep

It's been suggested before as a place where you can just "go" and find a mix of people hanging out. Maybe an old couple, maybe some dudes playing basketball, somebody playing chess like it's the 90s, whatever.

Don't do this, as you'll only come off as a weirdo. I reccomend doing some volunteer work. It'll give you a wide social group to interact with, plus slapping something onto a resume. You can always back out if its too much, as well.

Sure, any particular suggestions?

Sitting in a public park with open body language and approachable clothing is a good way to meet people. It helps to look kind. However, you will attract strange people. Not entirely bad but be careful as some will be users and grifters. Assuming you live in a city.

Talking to people is good for your mental health, period.. Think of it like that rather than a scheme to get a gf

If you have any friends that volunteer, go ask them first. Its how i volunteered at a tribal/native american center as a white guy for a while. Itll help you have a friend with you to start, as well. My other long-term volunteer place was a teen center when I was in college. I was younger, so it wasnt weird. But I don't remember how that happened. Maybe just looking up volunteer opportunities in the area? Churches are ALWAYS a good way to socialize+volunteer at the same time, but I've been an athiest my whole adult life and I'm not going back to that. I also volunteered at a school for a few weeks in their library and pe classes, but that was set up through my work. These places had me doing everything from running events, to simple stuff like cleaning.

Actually, if you still want the park idea, see if there's any volunteer cleanup crews in the area. Ive always seen them in towns with beaches/parks/rivers. Check out facebook for these kinds of things, too.

If you were approached by someone at a park you would think it was weird because the park is not a social space, it's just somewhere that people go.
That said, I'm glad you recognise your own shortcomings and want to do something about it. join a social club, take up a hobby that involves another people or sign up to meetups and take it from there.

My personality is pretty well suited for solitude. I just started feeling a nag in the back of my head to have kids. It's the only really significant discontent I've felt in a decade or more. So that means I have to become a good husband and father and find a good wife. So that entails attacking lifelong habits of not reaching out to anyone at all and becoming a somewhat normal person. And I'm pretty clueless.

No, do some fucking footwork yourself for once you piece of shit.

To be honest, I have kids and both my wife and I need solitude.. We have anxiety problems. To be a good parent takes a lot out of me, I am very unhappy but try to hide it from the kids. Personally I should have gotten therapy long before having the kids, but at least I am going now.

So if you are thinking this far ahead, I would suggest therapy as part of it. You will do better finding a gf, making friends, and having kids. I don't want to discourage you from having them but do a lot of thinking beforehand because it's a permanent thing.

I made some friends in parks but I was a public drinker and pot smoker. The people I met were not all evil but some were bad news, hence why they were hanging out drinking in parks. I have not made many lasting friendships except ones from grade school. I am not good on advice here. I could use some myself

This is an advice board.

Absolute BS. Don't comment on this you obvious country bumpkin. Irl people in cities totally ignore each other and tune each other out as much as possible. Only pretty women get any attention at all, everyone else is just someone to ignore.

Calm down.

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I lived in a major American city and what I say is true for me. Maybe it is how I look. Have you ever sat in a park for 4 hours? Try 8pm to midnight somewhere.

I'm a schizoid, not socially anxious. I'm skeptical that therapy would do much and I think the prices these people charge are ridiculous protected by an even more ridiculous licensing racket.

That's how you get mugged. In any park.

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>sit in a park in a major American city from 8pm to midnight
I sort of want to believe you're not trolling.

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Stop it man, youre not convincing anybody.

I'm really not but I guess I'm not thinking. I'm very large and dressed like a criminal so people did not bother me. You are right it would be stupid to do for a lot of people. But there are cops and lights around. It is not some quiet empty park situation