How I'm supposed to get a gf if I don't try to ask them out?

How I'm supposed to get a gf if I don't try to ask them out?

What kind of riddles of life is this?

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You’ll get a gf if you ask women out in person.

Alot of people say women find that desperate, women will be more attracted to you if you dont try to get one

A lot of people are wrong.

You know who gets girlfriends? Guys who ask girls out.

Do they get the girl every time? No. Does a fisherman catch a fish every time he throws a line? No.

Does a fisherman catch a fish if he just sits on the riverbank pretending he’s too cool to throw a line? Lol.

This a thousand times. It has worked for me all my life, even when I wasn't looking for girls. Also fake confidence. At first it will be awkward but little by little it will come naturally. For me imitation worked. I copied the mannerisms of my more successful friends I acted as them and learned what worked and what felt natural to me. I even imitated TV characters. I know, is pathetic, but that allowed me to flirt with girls, get a gf and now I'm married. I was a regular awkward pleb but I broke out. I teachrd my brother and he got a gf. U can do it to

Thats some shit advice. Women want a man that has enough confidence to look them in the eyes and ask them out. It validates them. Not asking them out will get you nothing. Hell, thats why 95% of the incels here are virgins, too much of a pussy to risk the rejection of asking a girl out.

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Don't ask them out. Tell them "come have lunch with me today" or "come have dinner with me tonight / tomorrow night." If she says no, you say "ah well, maybe some other time" and leave it at that.

>everyone tells you be yourself
>the actual good advice is fake it till you make it because who you really are is shit

Well the thing is that traditional advice one liners suck. Point.

The people that tell you to be yourself and actually believe in that, have already found who they are or at least are satisfied with themselves. That's not what you and many more need. We need examples, role models, practical advice. Nobody is just 'who we are'. We are a sum of what we learn shaped by how we interpret information. Always changing and hopefully growing.

So try to understand who you REALLY want to be and try to become that.

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take

But you also shouldn't be taking millions of shots, or else you'll lose the game

I never had a girlfriend for 31 years of my life and then I tried asking girls out and now I have a girlfriend. I'm sure that is just a coincidence however.

There 4-5 billion shots can be taken bucko rhoo


But if you take the wrong shots at the wrong times you could blow the entire game. You have to know when to hold em, know when to fold em and when to walk away.

>how do I get a girlfriend without doing anything that would get me a girlfriend
OP is either retarded or gay.

>women are just immobile potatoes who can't initiate anything by themselves
You're either a woman or a faggot

Are you retarded or gay?

no u

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>women are just immobile potatoes who can't initiate anything by themselves
90% of them yes, they might "signal" theyr interest but they almost never make the first move