How do I rape my little sister in her sleep without her ever knowing?

How do I rape my little sister in her sleep without her ever knowing?

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Please don't, you better then this


you don't
there's no way



fuck out of here. i hope the fbi shoots you.

Drink a bottle of chloroform

what the actual fuck dude

get a hooker or something

ask your dad for help

Just say "no homo" afterwards. Works everytime

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You gotta do a test run on the family dog first...

Fuck off normalfags


Seconding this

What a manlet

You can just subdue her. Stay strictly on her, holding her hands and legs down. Breath close to her ears and whisper anything to get her excited. Then, you can do whatever you want.

It's easy see?

Depends on many things, how old is she?

ok, it's easy.

roof her water before going to bed
ensure she's properly asleep and unconscious, make a loud noise to be sure.
then jump off the window and kill yourself, your sister won't notice and won't be traumatized.

also bait

unironically kill yourselves. seriously, the world would be a better place without you

but read the post again

how little is your sister?

what is your current relationship with your sister going? she trusted you? she despise you? she respected you?

instead of rape, better go with incest goody lovey dovey with her, this ensure you can have sex with her anytime you want.

some aphrodisiac usually does the trick, if not you can just setup hidden cams and then blackmail her
Probably a better idea to rope in the mom as a sow too and send the dad away on some business trip, much easier when you don't have to operate in secret

aphrodisiac is not real user.

With your penis.

> not real
what a noob

proof it some if it does exist, remember to listed that works on women. or little sister like OP.

>not spotting the explicit hentai plot undertone
get off Jow Forums right now

doesnt care, as i merely stated only the fact. we are here to advice OP, this is Jow Forums after all.

I think you need to fix your ESL before that