How do I get a good and long lasting bf?

How do I get a good and long lasting bf?

I'm 18, homeschooled, no expiernce with people outside the web, have no skills or hobbies and I don't know how to properly support someone. I don't think I'm good enough anons, I could use your help.

Pic related is me, sorry for trolling earlier btw ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ ᕕ( ᐕ )ᕗ

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Start by figuring out what you can offer. Other than your body.

Exactly what I want to do, thank you

I will take you on your pretty dresses alone

Okay so... What do you have to offer? Why would someone want to date you? Your best qualities? Are you going to study or work or be a housewife?

aw thank you

people say I'm nice but that's pretty much it. Also yes I'd love to study to he a nurse part time and then be a housewife. I'm very interested in music but don't have much motivation to learn. I'm horrible at conversation and thinking of things to say so I don't have much. But I'd give a ton of love and be a best friend along with a girlfriend

Where do you live?

South east US.

>long lasting bf
You mean in bed?

no way sorry xD I mean a long lasting relationship

Find someone that lets you communicate without it being a 1 sided conversation, no need to make it a relationship, but just enough for you to put yourself out there and be comfortable doing so. You could try out Toastmasters to learn about communication skills, i had to do that after my throat was slashed by terrorists. The one issue youll run into, especially at your age, is the sex hungry guys so you might want to pick up a job to be comfortable with courtesy, pizza places are good for that.
As for long lasting relationships just make sure you arent sticking around in a caustic relationship just so it lasts long.

Good luck cutie!

>I'm 18, homeschooled, no experience with people outside the web, have no skills or hobbies

You're not ready for a good and long lasting bf yet. You're only ready for abusive/narcissistic/psychopath assholes or ghosters. With that said, you can't learn to swim if you don't touch water.

Meet a lot of people, get emotionally hurt by them a bunch of times, calmly reflect back on those times and try to learn from them on why people hurt each other. In the process, you'll acquire experience that will help you with a long-lasting relationship, along with some skills and hobbies.

Think about your future life as someone with that skill when you study/practice a skill. Nurse is a great job, but also a revelation about the human condition. I'd say it's a good start.

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you write an email to start

You can't know if a relationship will last long. But you sounds quite naive and inexperienced so maybe you need more like a daddy figure.

slashed by terrorists? I hope that's a metaphor. Thank you so much for the resources and the positivity. I'll definitely do that


Because her parents wanted her to fail at social interactions, obviously.

my mom wanted to keep me safe because of how horrible this world is today, she was doing what she felt was best

How is the world horrible "today"? It is safer than before and life quality is better.

what makes you think that any male would want you as a long term gf?

also, why do you think that having a long term bf is a good idea?

depression, drugs, school shootings that sort of thing I guess

I want a serious relationship and don't want to play around but I don't think I have much to offer, that's what I want to as you guys for help with

>I want a serious relationship and don't want to play around


If you get a bf then he will want to have sex soon after you start dating, are you okay with that?

That would make me the happiest and most fulfilled. I've only had a relationship online but when I fall in love I don't fall out easily. I want to make a deep connection and be best friends with my partner too. I just want some true love I guess, why?

Nope, I'd want to be sure he's the right one and wait.

You have to be careful there, take your time but also don't wait too long or he will leave you.

please email me. what have you got to lose ._.

Get some hobbies, find groups of people that do that hobby or volunteer somewhere. Sports a d sports clubs too etc. Ask your parents for ideas.

Dont listen to all these fucks telling you you need to fuck around straight away. Religious or not you are better off finding someone you love and trust before you do the thrust. With regards to what you have to offer, there is plenty you have already and by creating and pursuing something you will have more.

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>Pic related is me

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That's utter bullshit, pic related.
Manwhores aren't ones to take relationships seriously.

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Why do women do this? The

You sound like a great girl. If you lived in south Texas you would be perfect for me. Don't listen to the haters.

I would literally kill to have a gf life this

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