All 4 of my closest friends have girlfriends

>All 4 of my closest friends have girlfriends
>Meanwhile im a kissless dateless handholdless virgin

Please tell me what I’m doing wrong. It’s becoming really hard to take at this point. I try so hard and still fail.

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>I try so hard
What have you done so far?

I put myself out there, i socialize with girls at college. But literally none of them like me romantically

How many girls have you asked on date this year?

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That is not trying hard at all. Have you ever asked a girl out? Created a dating site account?

Why would I ask out girls when literally no girl has ever shown even the slightest sign of romantic interest in me? That doesn’t make sense. Girls aren’t magically going to start viewing me as a sexual being just cause I asked them out

It's the mentally ill autist again. Abandon thread. He posts every day and never takes any advice. He is beyond hope.

>start viewing me as a sexual being just because i asked them out
Funny. Its exactly how it works. Until you flirt or ask them out, they probably wont even register your existence. Once you innitiate the dating / flirting they will indeed shut you down or entertain the idea you are possibly material for quick fuck or even long term dating.

You miss 100% of the shots you didnt take.

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Not once has someone ever explained to me why I should ask girls out when they don’t show signs of interest in me. No one can tell me how to get over my fear of rejection either

But if they were really interested in me, they’d just flirt with me first. I know that girls do that, because I’ve seen them do it in real life with my own two eyes.

You beget confidence by trying and failing but routinely improving.

It's next to impossible to tell you exactly what your issues are without knowing you in person and seeing how you act. It sucks, but other people will laser in on your issues because it's easier to focus on the problems of other people than their own (and pretty much everyone does this, you probably do to, it's called Fundamental Attribution Error if you want to look it up).

Get your shit in order, continue to work on whatever problems you have. The more relaxed and confident you feel about your own life, the easier it will be to invite other women into it. Rejection won't be as painful but will still happen, but you'll find people who like you eventually.

Not having women show interest is typically a symptom of a bigger life problem. I'm going to assume you're a young guy, so you really do need to "work on yourself", that's just how it is. A nice shortcut though is working out. It won't fix everything but being more physically attractive couldn't possibly hurt.

Flirting doesn't mean much bro. I've had girls flirt with me just to get me to do them favors or boost their egos. The ones that were less overt usually ended up being more open to my advances in the end. It's how they get brought up to act, to act coy and aloof until a man does something first. It's annoying when you're shy and low on confidence but you CAN improve those, I promise.

>innitiating anything on their own
Extremly rare. Dont ever count on it. You will probably die out of old age sooner before a complete female stranger asks you on date. That shit doesnt happen even in movies or books.

Men approach. Women choose.

You have been told this hundreds of times you liar.

Not OP, but when you ask women, they don't want you to disturb them in almost any activity. On the train is one of the few exceptions I have found where we are both just waiting and we are both going places, so we have something to talk about.
But I don't take the train regularly and there is a good chance they are leaving the place I live with the train so it is a terrible way to meet women for the purpose of dating.
Fine for chatting with strangers though.

There are places women go to in order to be bothered by sexually frustrated men.

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>online dating is most popular
>online dating sites force you to list height so women can weed out mallets

1. No they don't. See Tinder.
2. Studies show the most successful male heights in online dating are below 6'.

Yeah but they're surely above 5' 6" , and women on tinder just ask your height anyways

5'6" is the shortest of the high success heights. And I've almost never had a girl ask. Have you actually tried Tinder or are you just parroting memes?

I tried Tinder for years and most women I talked to asked for my height or listed cutoffs in their profiles.

Just kill yourself faggot

having gf is overrated, stop. have fun with slut is much better, you spend same or less money and can taste different pussy at any given time.

Dumbass, I hope you know what to do now

What is with people and always trying to compare themselves to others, and then being depressed when they don't "stack up?"

Bro, just live your life. What your pals are doing is none of your business.

You dumb fuck, just ask a random girl out. They'll either say yes or no, flirting not required.

So what did you think was gonna happen when you don’t ask girls out? Dating turns into romance when it goes well. You can’t just sit around and wait for something to happen.

>Not once has someone ever explained to me why I should ask girls out when they don’t show signs of interest in me
Because you have no alternatives you retard, either that or stay a virgin, your choice.

I can see the problem. Stop using the word 'literally' incorrectly and your chances will improve.

>start approaching and asking out random girls
it's a cruel joke the jocks play on you, just like in school - they never grew up

Really? What is the most successful height, I am 5'11"

Well it's hard not to when sex and romance are thrown in our faces all the time. I see your point but I hate going around feeling like it's a secret club in which I'm forver denied entry.

I think I am seeing a pattern

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It's more of an open club that anyone can enter but you need to fill out an application form but you refuse to do so and then complain you can't get in.

I'm not OP dude, I've asked out many women and gotten rejected many times because I'm not conventionally attractive. Rejection sucks to feel no matter who you are. Obviously I can work on myself and blah blah but I'm almost 27 and still have no potential suitors at all.

The psychology here is of somebody who's never intuited genuine interest on the woman's part but is also potentially having many setbacks. I've similar problems and what I can say right now is every woman I meet that I find desirable is either taken or not interested. There's also a middle ground between asking out every woman you see because you don't give a fuck and never asking any out because you're scared as fuck of rejection.

I think it's something that's incredibly simple, but is made all the more convoluted by "the manosphere" feeding endless garbage to men about the red pill, MGTOW, alpha males, etc. A lot of the information is frankly conflicting, and someone dealing with the overload feels paralyzed because they don't know what to do. Maybe the solution is really to stop asking everyone else for help and just do it on your own. The rejections won't hurt as much when you get the first few yeses, lose your virginity, get a girlfriend etc. but prior to that it feels like you're doomed and it's very frustrating. Ignoring the frustration is very difficult, but also very necessary.

Not those guys, but rejection isn't something that is exactly encouraging me to ask out the next bitch. Especially in a small city and girls obviously talk.

You have to endure that pain to get what you want.

Not OP but
>asked 5 girls out
>got rejected by them all

Keep trying. Life is full of rejection.


Idk men have a strange way of cock blocking themselves. Its not bearly as difficult or treacherous as aloy of folks make it out to be. Just ask someone out and stop being a pussy about it. If they say yes cool. If they say no, ok. You will get a billIion rejections. Even the most attractive guys i know irl get rejected ans dumped lol. You got this buddy

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It's all based on luck, but only if you put yourself out there. I would recommend avoiding college girls and using dating apps and bars/clubs for girls. In my college experience very few lasting relationships form between people in the same college through pure regular social contact.

For example I despise most of my college peers and met my GF off bumble.