I want to confess my love to a girl. I have known her for 4 months and I am really in love with her...

I want to confess my love to a girl. I have known her for 4 months and I am really in love with her. I have never met a person like her before. I want my confession to be very romantic, but I don't know exactly how. I know where she lives and she often has the window open in the evening. Should I sing her a romantic song? I can play guitar and I have a beautiful voice. I would sing this song because it just sounds so beautiful and romantic. Is the idea good or do you have any suggestions for improvement?

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Don't. Just ask her out.
Don't be pathetic.

Cringe. No, do not do a confession. Instead just ask her out on a date.

But everyone does that. I want to show her that she is special to me. I want to offer her something she has never experienced before. What is pathetic or cringe about romance? That's something wonderful.

Confessions never work, don't make my mistakes.
Listen to

You do that after you start dating. How do you even know if she is interested in you?

>don't make my mistakes.
What happened?
I don't know for sure. She sent me various signals, so I guess she likes me too. She always wants to be in contact with me, writes to me every day and always wants us to do something together. I think I have a chance with her. I want to win her over with a romantic gesture. Something that will impress her and finally convince her of me.

Be normal and take her out for dinner...then ask to go to her house.

If she likes you then she will say yes when you ask her out on a date. There is no such thing as "winning her over".

This isn't how this works. This isn't how *any* of this works. Save the serious romantic gestures for months deep into a relationship.

Everything you're implying you want to do, and I mean any and all of the instincts you are displaying are dead wrong. All you need to do is ask her out in person without making a big deal out of it.

If she does like you, and you do something so creepy, so public, and imply you love her without already being months into a relationship, you will immediately be shot down with the force of a thousand no's

Romance is wonderful. Being romantic with a person you don't have an established romantic connection with is cringey.
Same way that sex is awesome, but being sexual with a girl who isn't on board is rape.

Keep romantic for when you're dating. Ask her out and give her a good time, keep love declaration for when you're a couple.
Don't be weird, you're going to fuck things up.

Thanks for your advice. I know that my plan is somewhat unusual. But in this case I have to listen to my heart. She is special to me and I want to show her that. If she rejects me because of that she was not the right one for me anyway. I will confess my love to her today. In my own special way. Wish me luck!

Post results after you finish, OP

I will

>in love after 4 months
No you’re not. It’s just a crush.
If a guy did that to me I’d run for the hills. That shows obsessive clingy behavior. Definitely a red flag. Don’t do it user.
Only exception is if she’s ugly, immature, and has never had a boyfriend. Otherwise you’re bound to be rejected if she’s anything close to a functioning adult. Don’t be a creep user.

You were right. I wrote her to come to the window and then I sang her my song. After that I told her that I love her and if she would like to go out with me. I knew while I was singing that she wasn't enthusiastic about my idea. I could see it in her facial expression. It was probably unpleasant for her. She thought my song was "sweet" but much too early. She doesn't want to go out with me but she rejected me very friendly. And she promised me she won't tell anyone about it. I hate my life and will get drunk now. I just wanted to give her happiness...

Based, please be real

4 hours later, yeah doubtful.

You dumb fuck. She would have probably said yes if you just asked her out like a normie.


Big if true,
Why did you make the thread and then ignore all the advice.
You deserve this aspie.