How do you manage your ADHD?

How do you manage your ADHD?

Mine is getting worse. Can't even sit through 20 minute anime episode anymore


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Have 20 tabs of youtube open watch each for 1 minute and move on to another 20.

I don't know, user. I can't even finish watching an 8 minute video of procrastinating. I can barely finish a 3 minute song nowadays. Fucked.

Damn i thought i had it bad
It gets to the point where i get depressed if im not doing much for as much as like 4 days
Also i keep getting subjected to oldchan shills

i have 2 monitors and play games on one and watch dubbed anime on the other. Sometimes I get lost and have to rewind the anime or pause the game but the rest of the time it works out fantastic

mine used to be terribly awful when i was a kid; it affected me physically & mentally. now that i'm older it's mostly mentally (i work in random bursts of energy, i have difficulty focusing on one task for more than a few minutes aka easily distracted & go off wandering to other things, mind is constantly thinking of other things rather than listening to people talk, several thoughts going at once a million miles a minute). while it takes me 45 minutes to do what a normal person would take 6 hours to do & 6 hours to do what a normal person would in 45 minutes, here are my general tips for anyone who may have the same symptoms as i do:
>when watching videos, speed it up to x2.
also, audiobooks are great. put them on at x2 when you're doing something like the dishes. i've noticed that at least for me, i do best multitasking or else i'll be fidgeting and it's easier for me to become sidetracked
>get a calendar, whiteboard, & sticky-notes.
write every fuggin thing you need to do down on your calendar/whiteboard (i prefer a whiteboard & digital calendar due to the fact that i'm constantly changing everything i do). also, different coloured pens & sticky-notes. figure out a system that works for you & then.. stick them everywhere. your coffee maker. your bathroom mirror. the front door. anything to remind you of what you need to do & redirect you back to what needs to be done.
there's installations you can install on your pc that forbid you to visit certain sites for certain periods of time, & most phones have this ability now too. this is great if you should be working on something, but you're like me and end up on wikipedia researching the history of mustard instead.
for some with adhd, a small amount can make you feel focused & more calm. this is the case for me & sugar is literal crack cocaine to me. avoid.

adhd affects different age groups/genders differently. these tips help me & i hope they help someone else. i hated being on medication.

It's difficult, so so difficult. I never got diagnosed so I can't even try the drugs.

>get diagnosed doctors still dont want to give you the drugs because it's 'addictive'

in my case they made me feel like a dead zombie and i never wanted to eat. i think i have a negative experience with nearly every medicine i've tried though, not just adhd. i hate it though because i'm a teacher and whenever i see my kids get on adhd medicine or try a new kind i see how much it affects them.

ADHD isnt real, its a psyop made up by big pharma jewish corporations

I dunno, do something else? It's not like you have to concentrate on something if it doesn't interest you

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this, but the adderall helps I guess even if I am immediately depressed and suicidal without an attentipn span again when coming down

I buy amph

Same situation as you. Try manga, chapters are shorter, you can read at your own pace which is great for us ADHD cucks and they're better than anime adaptations anyway and there's a lot more variety. I use the Tachiyomi Android app to read before falling asleep or when going out, it's great.

if you find yourself always bored play video games.

when Im on speed I tend to over-do things in games like spend 3 fucking hours on side quests, 20 on main story, break, repeat

Quit overstimulating yourself. Go without the internet for a week.

I meant 3 hours on side quests and 20 minutes on main story. I swear I'll take my fishing rod out and hours pass by

i can watch anime sometimes but i have to close every other tab
and i can't draw
and i can't do anything right if i don't enjoy it pretty much

Meditate. Don't think. If you start thinking, start paying attention to breathing in and out.

Pretty fucked. I'm in my last year of uni and I can't for the life of me sit the fuck down and do homework/study for exams. I obssess over it everyday and I can't fucking start. And if I do I can't maintain focus because its so boring.
I don't know if its just lazyness or is it the ADHD being really shitty.

What about SCT? It speaks more to me than ADHD-PI does.

Forgot da pic lol.

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>have ADHD
>can barely function
>take meds
>they make me feel awful, can barely eat or talk

Maybe I should just kill myself

sheer force of will
maybe it's because I only have ADD
but my attention span becomes longer and longer with every year, and I'm extremely High Energy, so I can keep book-long conversations up easily.

when I'm having an impatient time, I just lay it off and let some music get me calm again. after that, I can usually approach it by watching/reading things on the side, taking advantage of that "paying attention to multiple things at once" thing.

I'm the exact same way. The way I can listen to a 3+ minute song is by playing vidya or writing or something.
I can't sit through a movie or television show unless it's on a TV channel, or I'm really invested.

Vipassana or meds

You don't have adhd, you have an overstimulated brain, conditioned to receive constant doses of dopamine through non-stop consumption of information. You can "fix" it by cutting yourself off from ANY kind of information-based stimulant for a week or so. This will likely be impossible for you to do in a home setting as you won't have the willpower to actually commit, however you can go on a trip to a place where won't have access to internet or make one of your friends/parents hold on to all your gadgets for you.

>That pic

>sit through 20 minute anime
>not just speeding through manga
I think that's your problem user

im glad that i can visit my psychiatrist this friday

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