Why do women cheat? How do i avoid it?

Why do women cheat? How do i avoid it?

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>Why do women cheat?

lots of reasons

>How do i avoid it?

step 1: don't be a failure
step 2: don't date a whore

SOME women cheat.

For the same reasons some men do.

Assholery knows no gender

men do not cheat

Date people who actively pursue their passions. You'll weed out a lot of the losers desu. Get people who take pride in other things besides dumb shit

>How do i avoid it?
Treat her with dignity and respect. I realize that is nearly impossible for a man but some do and their gf/ wives remain faithful.

Women trade sex for resources and if they have sex with multiple men, they can get more resources.

BIG FAT WRONG, you gotta treat yourself with respect first and keep your dignity, once you put yourself as number one priority, the rest will come around eventually

>how do i avoid it
Dont go outside

You can’t prevent someone from cheating, all you can do is break up with them if it happens

Because they lose attraction for their partners.

Sometimes it's neglect.
Sometimes its immaturity.
Sometimes it's because they are self destructive assholes.
There are a hundred different reasons.

Books of choice; Mating in Captivity and The State of Affairs by Esther Perel.

Find a good woman. Same as everyone else is trying to.

This, this, and this.

See also: davidcollard.wordpress.com/2010/11/23/the-broken-window-theory-of-crime-and-dealing-with-women-and-children/

They do it when they're not emotionally and physically stimulated enough. If you become boring they'll replace you, its only natural.

>fuck her well
>don't be a failure, be able to provide for her
>show her affection

If you do all this shit she has no reason to leave.

I swear to God we had this same thread before. I'm getting some deja vu

and woman will provide you with? Nothing?

They provide children, if you don’t want children then it’s not worth it

Ironically women dont want children. So yes it's indeed not worth it.

all women are looking for is:
>> lots of vitamin dick. you have to make her orgasm or she will look for someone who will.

user didnt say anything about leaving
he said cheating

because you are no longer the man they were attracted to initially