How do I get orbiters that give me money just for being a girl?

How do I get orbiters that give me money just for being a girl?

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Be hot
Be charismatic
Come across as nice
You’re welcome

This And be able to use and take advantage of other people without feeling bad.
Or become a dom for guys who wants you to control everything they do and how they spend their money

Well first you change your name to Bianca then piss off boys, especially the emotional clingy ones

Where do I find lonely virgins?

Are you going to fuck them, or lead them on? Just become a prostitute if you’re that lazy.

In the Snapchat threads on

Any board here
is especially ripe for the taking

not here.

find sugar dad on tinder. Fill your cavities

Fuck you, we're not the incels you see on almost every board here, unlike you, we care for ourselves

I love Jow Forums but it's rampant with incelposting m8

They're mostly the newcomers that got rejected so they open Jow Forums and decide they gonna change their life by starting following Jow Forums, kek, i see your point

you look pretty hot, /soc/ isn't a bad place to fish
You should up your discordfagging tho, ropes in gullible retards like crazy

also I'll paypal you 10 dollars if you dump a timestamped nude of your fingers up your pussy

give discord, i'll send you the timestamp there.

lol whore
just go to /b/ or something

Jow Forums

>Willing to use people, like most women
>Either not confident enough or has a severe lack of understanding as to what men find attractive, thus making her unattractive either through being a basic ass bitch or through not being able to properly do herself up, which is necessary for 99.9% of women and been done since ancient times
Kill yourself and be free of whatever obviously wretched life you feebly hold. If you're lucky and there's a purgatory, you'll see plenty of incels and dependent stalkers who may literally orbit around you as spirits.
Most men wouldn't do that for your ugly ass but they'd definitely be desperate enough.

there are articles about this....Use a search engine...Make a patreon...get on Twitch. Whatever you do stop being a dumbass.

Kek, triggered

>Fake tits
>Act nice to betas

1. Be born with B cups or larger
2. Reveal tight and/or revealing clothing
3. Be active on social media