. My girlfriend caught me consuming cocaine

I have a huge problem. My girlfriend caught me using cocaine. We were at a party and I went to the bathroom. She suddenly came in without knocking and caught me doing it. We had a big fight. In front of our friends. At some point this quarrel escalated and I beat her. I am not a violent person. Something like this has never happened to me before. I was just so angry at that moment. I don't know what got into me, she insulted me strongly and didn't even try to understand my side. She has ended the relationship and many of my friends are avoiding me now. Some even want to convince her to report me to the police. I don't deserve all this. One mistake and my life is ruined. How can I save the situation? I want my girlfriend and friends back. I want this horror to be over.

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Fuck your "just a mistake" bullshit. If you had a gun in your hand right there you'd had made another ""mistake"".
PS: your fault for not telling your ex that you were a coke junkie before that.

Drugfags, not even fucking once. You deserve every ounce of suffering you got and more. Now get the fuck out of here, you stink like a sewer rat

Thats when I suspected bait.

>I want this horror to be over.

go to rehab
talk to a therapist

Move on. You're done with. If you are to be accused of drug consumption, you'll be lucky it isn't battery. Go 2 rehab. Get better.

There's nothing wrong with using cocaine. Don't believe all the lies they told you when you were children. It makes great moments even more great. What's wrong with that? Absolutely nothing! That's why I also don't understand that so many people reject drugs. My girlfriend could have just said "Oh, have fun" but no, she had to go crazy and embarrass me in front of everyone. You see only the word drugs or cocaine and think immediately, this is a junkie and he is to blame for everything. Just accept reality. Not every drug user is responsible for every problem. Just look at my situation neutrally. My life is ruined because of one mistake. You think that's just?

>It makes great moments even more great

And fucks up your mind and body in the process, great trade off dude.

>My life is ruined because of one mistake. You think that's just?
Nope, it's pretty unfair and sad [spoiler] that you haven't been roped by the state yet [/spoiler]

I've been using cocaine for two years and I don't feel that way. My body and mind are in excellent condition. No change to before. You must not believe everything the state says. Of course they want to make the drugs look bad.


Former crackhead and IV junkie, clean for 15+ years. *Pretty* sure you're trolling at this point but in case you're not...

> I am not a violent person

Yes you are. You just didn't know it yet.

> she insulted me strongly


> and didn't even try to understand my side.

I think she understood it pretty well, you just didn't like her 100% reasonable reaction.

> many of my friends are avoiding me now.

I'd do the same if I knew you.

> Some even want to convince her to report me to the police.

I'd give her the same advice.

> I don't deserve all this.

Step 1 is admitting that this is a problem 100% of your own making. You do deserve it. Sorry.

> Just look at my situation neutrally.

I'm giving you the most sympathetic take you're gonna get on this.

> One mistake and my life is ruined.

There's several mistakes: Habitually using coke, buying coke for that night, not telling your gf you had this problem, sneaking off and doing said coke, not locking the door, pitching a fit when your GF wasn't happy about it, assaulting your GF. That's like 7 mistakes right there. Series of terrible decisions, man.

> You think that's just?

No, it's unjust unless you get charged and convicted of the assault. That would be just.

Your solution is to do whatever it takes to get clean, whether it's rehab, support groups, 12 steps, or just stop buying and consuming fucking cocaine. Your life isn't ruined yet, believe me it will get much worse if you continue on your path.

If your gf has any sense though, that relationship is over and there's no salvaging it. Just let it go.

Happened to me, was a druggie in high school but was relatively secretive about it, had tried everything and basically did shit socially. I’d roll at parties or do coke, just “one in a while.” Except one time I came home and my girlfriend had messages from another girl at the party, saying I was rolling and drunk and dancing with other girls. We fought, I lose my temper and blacked out. If she’s really loyal she’ll come back. Even if she doesn’t she probably won’t press charges. You have to understand it’s her choice to forgive you, as much as it feels like everyone is against you you’re not the victim. You chose to do what you did, even if the outcome was never in a million years what you could have wanted/even imagined happening. You have a responsibility to get off that shit if you wanna even attempt to be with her or anyone else. it’s all fun and games until that /one time/. You’re probably not a violent person but you were angry and fucked up and did something you normally wouldn’t do. That still doesn’t excuse it. Quit, give it some time and let people have space. Your friends and girl get to decide if they want you in their life, if not you just have to do better and move on. If they do you have a responsibility to be a better man.

>You must not believe everything the state says. Of course they want to make the drugs look bad.

Cocaine is the one the state wasn't lying to you about. I know that's confusing since they're generally full of shit on the topic of drugs.

What's the problem with you? Why would it be justified to kill me and ruin my life, you assholes? You are disgusting people. Unlike you, I have fun with life and enjoy my time. Just because I was forced to lose my temper in a situation, I no longer deserve respect as a human being? How can you seriously say such things and then have the audacity to say that drug users are a problem?

>You are disgusting people.
You on the other hand seem like a real peach, just a very lovely person.

>Unlike you, I have fun with life and enjoy my time.
How's that working out for you now?

your bait's really shit bro, but in all honesty druggies are such a fucking burden on society leeching away taxmoney and causing crime, much cheaper to pop em on the spot or just swerve an itsy witsy bit onto the sidewalk anytime you see a couple of blankets on there at night, you never know when you might be lucky

You beat your goddamn girlfriend. She's not wrong for ending the relationship and possibly report you to the police. Yes it was just one mistake, but it was a pretty big and especially bad mistake, you gotta pay the consequences now. Good luck

Are you blaming your friends for not coming back?

Isn't this copypasta

Guys, every time you see a thread about a guy who was caught using coke and beat his gf just know that it's pasta and didn't happen

This must be the fifth time your girlfriend's caught you doing this.

lol who consumes cocaine?? SNORT NIGGA SNORT!! unless you were butt plugging that shit or railing it(which you weren't)

>ctrl f "bait"
>only appears twice on the whole page
>a bunch of angry posts
Is everybody in this thread 12?

You're right about everything except the part about this being a true story.