Healthy Fapping

Most of us agree that nofap is excessive and retarded, but there's truth in the fact that porn can be quite damaging: dopamine overload, anxiety, unrealistic standards, death gip, development of extreme kinks, etc

So what would you consider a mentally health way of partaking in onanism? Let's have a scholarly discussion.

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1-2 times a week
No porn, mental only
Light grip
Use a condom

>use a condom
well that's interesting

Do instagram hoes count as porn

You'll get used to the feeling of less sensation, which over time will increase your sensitivity. Also super quick cleanup is a bonus

yeah I would count it as porn, unrealistic standards and your brain is going to be firing all cylinders while looking at them

>Most of us agree that nofap is excessive and retarded
t. cumbrain goyim

>t. neverbater mgtow

Nofap is pretty good, maybe a little extreme, like using a bomb to kill a mosquito, but good. It's a necessity for HEAVY porn addiction, like that guy that gets spammed on /tv/ all the time.

If you want you can do NoFap light, as I call it, which is masturbating 25% of what you are used to (not quitting cold turkey), and quitting video porn (jack off to photos, comics, literature). When you feel comfortable, masturbate much less than 25% without porn of any type, and if you are confident, stop masturbating, period.

An important thing about nofap is that you need to fill that part of your life with something, otherwise the urges will be too difficult. I replaced excessive masturbation with working out and reading, but any hobby will do.

>like that guy that gets spammed on /tv/ all the time.

So there is my question. Why would you stop jacking off if you dont have a gf

I do it too much and half the time i just feel like shit.
Im able to interact and makr friends, but if i sit in my bed alone i have to stopmyself from touchin my dick cuz after everytime i fap i feel depressed cuz i fucked my levels

I cut down my fapping to once a week at most, seems to get the same benefits of nofap. I also only fap to amateur videos and photos, never models.

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If you go 12 years unbroken celibacy (Brahmacharya) you attain god realization

I find that once a week is pretty good for me. That's enough that my nuts get full and uncomfortable so there's a bonus to busting then anyway. I've been tempted to go longer but that's no good if I can't sit down properly.
I still watch porn occasionally, but that's something I'd like to stop altogether. I'm working on it. It doesn't get me going quite like it used to, so that's a step in the right direction at least. If this dry spell ever ends I think that will help get rid of those urges

From the times I attempted nofap, the difference between going one week not fapping and 4 weeks wasn't noticeable.

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That's good, glad to know. I might try for it sometime to see what it's like anyway though

Just listen to your body. Everyones sex drive and needs are a little different. I need to masturbate once a day as long as I’m not having sex. I use porn as it keeps me inspired for my next fuck.

Why is it unrealistic? Surely some guys fuck those bitches?

I think going through a round for someone who's never done it is really helpful. I tried it and it was nonsense but I've noticed that I'm a lot more moderate in my porn usage now.

The healthiest fapping would probably be no porn once a day, or every other day. I think that amount with some porn is ok, like there's plenty of very basic porn available. I think getting into a habit of mindful masturbation is a great practice, basically noporn. Guys often don't experience this growing up but we can jerk off slowly and experience our arousal mindfully too.

If you are used to fapping very often to internet video porn then the first step is not fapping to that shit. If you can't get aroused by your imagination or photos of girls in bikinis then there is definetely something wrong. Just by doing this you will likely fap less often because of the lack of artificial superstimuli. You will feel much better (specially if you were hooked on disgusting or degemerate shit) and if you wish to reduce you masturbation frequency further you can. I myself like fapping at least at a "maintenance rate" to avoid jizzing while asleep.

>most of us agree that nofap is excessive and retarded
no sex is excessive and retarded. Nofap is a great discipline and helps turn basement dwelling
losers into men who do what it takes to get laid.

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Not fapping at all isn't really that hard. Once you stop watching porn, you won't really feel the need to. It just takes a couple of days to stop feeling the need if you've been doing it daily

Next you'll have to stop seeing the softcore shit that is all over Jow Forums. v, vg, fit, a, etc are out of the question because every second thread there is a picture of a half naked big titty girl and after a week of no fap itll begin to wear on you

Keep busy as well, boredom is a killer when it comes to nofap

>mentally healthy way of partaking in onanism

just don't do it bro

Real question: What is the chemical difference between fapping (with or without porn) and sex with a partner?

I'm in a relationship and live with my boyfriend, but his sex drive is lower than mine. I usually gap 1-2 times a day, plus whatever intercourse we might have.

Is that why I feel like depresso garbage? Too much testosterone?

sex is an escape two people participate in, fapping is just fooling your senses

sauce me up senpai

Dopamine rush while touching yourself. Then dopamine is drained afterwards

Question on mental only, what do you imagine? I do this but I just fap to friends or other women I'm acquaintances with but this almost seems less healthy than porn. Now I see my gf and think of a friend.

I don't trust anything nofappers say because they include thot images in every post.
Why do you have those saved to your computer and easily accessible if you're on nofap?

This is a cumbrain response, but I fap to porn because a lot of my female friends are hot and I don't like thinking of them that way.

Not fapping is mainly for focus, and it’s good at dropping the likelihood of panic attacks(not 100% unfortunately).
I think it’s healthy either way you go, I would suggest if you’re in a relationship to abstain from porn as a man. It’s just being polite, and if she’s fine watching porn with you then make it a team effort.
I don’t know, on one hand you can have wet dreams when you don’t fap for weeks. So in a way there’s no escaping your bodily functions. On the other hand as a younger guy, it’s better to get a nut out of the way so you can get rid of random wood. It’s not cool being in public while pitching tent.

I think I spent the last month fapping without any day off, like I always rub one out each day. Even if I get out to do some work I ended up doing it after I get back. I want fucking out from this

Literally just stop

literally can't. those coombrain memes are too real. every time I browse twitter, some dude liked a really good hentai pic, every time I browse IG, some thot photographer is posting his thots, and I can't get away from this hellhole

You have literally no self control then. It's not hard to just deactivate those profiles and delete the apps. And don't justify it saying 'oh I gotta keep updated with friends ahhh'. Doing it for just a month ain't gonna hurt shit with your friends. Even just unfollow whatever has got bitches on it. Fix your settings to not show whoever liked whatever hentai pic.

You literally can. You're not trying hard enough.

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You do know you can appreciate art without pleasuring yourself to it right? I mean I’ve been paid to draw that stuff and I’m not complaining but there’s got to come a point where you don’t want your dick calling all the moves.

Why? That’s fairly common and most of us don’t let that impact us in a negative way.

it's always goes something like, "man I'm fucking fed up with this work, I need a quick fix to get my mind clear", this shit is getting a lot more like substances and I'm afraid

describe negative, I'm not sure if mine constitutes as negative since I only feel like I could live my life without having to fap each day.

But fucking Jow Forums has thots posted all over it

So not really an issue then as you can’t even think of how it impacts you in a bad way.

Then get off it. Is it really that hard for you to come up with solutions?

I feel like the hardest thing for me is stopping after doing it maybe...3 times a day for idk how many years...minimum 12.

Just last night I tried to go to bed without fapping only to wake up at 5 am with a throbbing boner. It's tough

Be glad you can still get morning wood

I'm scared it may go away if I keep at this but yeah

Used to fap alot. Cut down to once a day. I had an allergic reaction that triggered on eczema outbreak so I stopped all together. Also hit a point where I just didn't want to do it anymore. I made it four weeks but caved last night. My thoughts were getting really sexual and I think I was actually horny for real and not out of habit. Feel like shit for caving and my eczema flaired back up.

2x a day, extreme anal fisting, grip the shit out of that thing