Ex who left me overnight texts me two days after breaking up

>ex who left me overnight texts me two days after breaking up
>her:how are you doing?
>me: Why are you texting me for?
>her: I just wanted to know how you were doing. If you don't want to talk to me, I'll go
>me: I'm good. Thanks

Well, that was strange. Haven't heard from her again and that was a week ago. Any anons have any idea as to what she wanted?

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maybe she wanted to know how the breakup affected you.

but about your situation:
what the actual fuck is this.
IMAGINE being this much of a pussy to just break up over text like some sort of whore
honestly FUUUUCK that girl
don't contact her and if she ever comes back
DONT take her back

how are you feeling op?

She wants you to miss her. She wasn't expecting to be ignored.

She doesn't want to get back together, she just wanted your attention.

She wanted her ego stroked by your sadness, I’m totally serious.

it is what it is. Sucks but I saw it coming before she even did it.

Funnily enough, I met a chick (who also got recently dumped) the day before I got broken up with. She's an upgrade in pretty much every single category. Neither of us are ready for a relationship, but were both helping each other heal. It's a mutually beneficial relationship.

Did I handle it well?
Yeah she broke up with me over text. Tried to call her and when she didn't pick up, I just said fuck it.

wow that sounds awesome and to me it seems like you're mature enough not to fuck up the new thing because of "still being attached to your ex"

>Yeah she broke up with me over text. Tried to call her and when she didn't pick up, I just said fuck it.
what an absolute Chad
good work

>Did I handle it well?
user you did amazing

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OP just ignore her.
Get with the new girl.

She's trying to get you back. Protip op, don't fall for that

why would she do that? she was the one who broke up with me

Your ex is a worthless creature. Breaking up over text is a sure sign of a weak mind. It is better this way for you.

eh, she's got really low self esteem, afraid of confrontation, and poor communication skills.

She probably just found someone better and this was the easiest way out for her.

imagine getting something better while not even deserving it
life is fucked
there is no karma, justice etc

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you ace'd it brother. You could not have handled it better. Stay strong, don't give her anything. Feed her shit and keep her in the dark.

Leaving someone for another person rarely works out

your reply gave me a little hope
if this thread doesn't 404 in a few hours I'll make a picture out of this reply

Who cares. Block her. Don’t keep your exes around.

i’ve seen it time and time again. She’s either going to cheat on the new guy and leave him or she will come running back once she realizes the new guy isn’t shit.

stay hard

Best of Luck user.

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She probably needs you for something the guy she's fucking can't or won't give her. Maybe money, conversation or "advice". She's trying to take you for a fool again either way.

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No Contact is working!

that's nice.

but that doesn't mean you should take her back

no never take her back