Can you dump a minor of any age on the foster system/adoption agencies if you don't want them anymore? Like...

Can you dump a minor of any age on the foster system/adoption agencies if you don't want them anymore? Like, you hate them and want to murder them with how shitty and horrible they make your everyday life by existing in your proximity.

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no, you'd have to have your parental rights removed by a tribunal.

And what does someone have to do to get their parental rights removed by a tribunal? Excluding obvious cases that would land you in jail.

How old is the child? You can voluntarily relinquish your rights to your child but there’s a legal process, if you say what you just typed out here you’ll likely be forced into therapy, but as you didn’t actually commit a crime you won’t be in legal trouble. But if you’re serious and a are willing to tell someone like a social worker DCF will likely take your child away from the home as you are a danger to them and their safety. Essentially just tell on yourself. Oh, and this is if you're American.

becoming an alcoholic, a junkie, homeless, developing some kind of serious and treatment resistant psychological disorder, dying.

then there's the illegal stuff.

What happens when someone tells on themselves besides therapy? What if they refuse to go to therapy, they just want to get the kid out of their lives asap?

meant for

If I were forced to keep a kid I don't want I would hate him and treat him like toxic shit because I hate him, would that be enough?

I'm so happy the child will never learn what a worthless parent he had
that's enough to get him out

>force a life-destroying wreck on someone
>get mad when they don't take your shit
Why are you people so illogical?



Not letting me abort it for example.

Military school, boarding school, summer camps, stay at; friends, cousins, grandparents on weekends. Put up for adoption

so it is a case of she wants the baby and you don't, right?

well, tell her you want nothing to do with it and you are ready to do to jail if she presses charges.

Sorry, got busy at work, if your still around OP I need more info? Is the child not born yet? Because if the mother and you are in agreement she wants you out of her and the child’s life she can simply not write your name on the birth certificate, choosing this excludes you of rights but also responsibilities to the child. This can be reversed however through legal action- say if she decided to seek child support later on.

If the child is alive and you are trying to relinquish rights besides what people are saying— illegal activity that will get your child taken away the only real way is someone else or you telling, and that doesn’t mean it’ll happen right away. It’s a legal process and DCF can enforce whatever they choose- forcing you to go to therapy as well as a no contact with the child is what I’d imagine. Going against the caseworkers orders will get you into legal trouble

Depending on the country, yes. It'd be taking him to CPS. It happens all the time with adoptive parents who "return" the kids, and it happens also some some times with bio parents. It's not clean and easy for bio parents as is an infringement of your paternal duties and, depending on the place, it can have different consequences.
Keep in mind that the system truly sucks and that doing that means sentencing the kid to a life of ever lasting pain. He'll be a number on a file, a merchandise to move around, an item on a warehouse, not a person.

>I had sex but consequences are bigoted

I have sex to have sex, my decision to abort any unwanted accidents that should not exist and I don't want to exist was taken before having sex.

What do they expect out of therapy? I'm not going to change my mind. Also I'm a woman, I don't have kids, but if I got pregnant I live surrounded by subhumans that would pressure me to keep it.

>I'm a woman
opinion discarded

That's how you end up with mothers who kill their born children.

good riddance!

Ah, this is hypothetical then? Well for one thing, good, don’t get pregnant and take a preventative methods. If you’re living in a state where access to abortion or plan B is being restricted they’re easy ways to order these online that you can just google, it’s a whole thing. You wouldn’t want to put a child through this.

If for some reason you did get pregnant and were unable to get plan B or access to an abortion there is something called the “safe-haven law”, it means a baby under 30 days old can be surrender at a hospital, fire station or police station no questions asked no therapy no nothing.

The therapy that DCF would want you to get is basically an attempt to get you in a headspace where you can be a fit parent again- most parents want their children after all. But if you showed no signs of improvement you’d eventually lose parental rights.

I’d just take birth control and avoid this whole thing. For yours and everyone else’s sake.

This is what I’ve been thinking. I’d rather help and keep a child alive then hear about another baby dumped down a ravine.