My IQ is only 118. Should I kill myself?

My IQ is only 118. Should I kill myself?

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You have a better chance to live happily. Just find the way you go better

Fuuuck, man. I'm only at like 126. We got the bad genetic lottery, bro. It's over. Better luck in the next life for us buffoons.

No, you should gain unfounded arrogant confidence and blast through the test flippantly and discovet that your IQis closer to 140

>Thinking that intelligence is quantifiable
Kill yourself

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>be me, 23 and diabetic
>at weird stage where I moved back to home town this January, moving from parents’ house to friend apartments
>mostly independent, lost my wallet so at parents’ until documents are sorted out
>no food here, the boomers only eat out
>when my blood pressure gets low, I get very angry if I’m being fucked with
>my mom gives me a tiny yogurt cup, drives me to DMV
>there’s a line, I’m already simmering, I need to use the bathroom
>mom tries to convince me to just hold it, I went 20 minutes ago, blah blah
>I can’t hold it for 30 minutes, tell her to drive to supermarket two blocks over
>she puts up a fight about it, I start screaming at her to do it
>finally get my license, etc
>Uber back home
>nothing to eat, I’m really simmering but I keep my cool
>I start using a pot to cook up some old gluten-free pasta
Mom: “what’s the problem? You had a yogurt this morning!”
>I angrily grunt out, “SHUT THE FUCK UP”
>my mom says my diabetic rage is a serious problem but she aggravates it
>I’m a well liked guy, but I turn into a rage machine after not being fed and being pushed constantly

Am I the bad guy here? I told this story as accurately as I could, since I want your real opinions. My parents never have any food, hate when I eat out, and so when I’m here, I’m basically just wasting away.

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I took an Iq test and made it into MENSA, I will tell you this. you wont find people stupider than me it is a once in a lifetime kind of stupid.

I have a terminal brain illness btw

I am the one who needs to kill myself, I made it into MENSA while I was getting my IQ tested, but I have dementia and cognitive decline so I have no choice but suicide.

Isn't that average? Where you hoping to secretly be the next super genius somehow?

Average is the new low on the internets.

Too bad IQ tests and Mensa means little to nothing. So you don’t even have that.

Average is around 100.

well I know Im stupid i don't need any tests to figure it out, I have been losing my memory for over 4 years now, and I can no longer focus on simple tasks like college or even video games or 1, 20 minute tv episode.

I have to start seriously looking into euthanasia this is it, i'm at the end of the line and I need to start preparing for my cognitive decline.

If its that bad you are already dying. Go to a doctor instead of complaining here.

You can be like someone's slave?

Why? Because all those "educated" art degree majors think they're MENSA material for having a "degree"?

So even then it's higher. I don't know when genius levels start, but obviously that's far and few.

>I don't know when genius levels start,
The cut off for genius is generally considered to be about 130.

Art degree people and the creatives usually don’t bother with IQ. They like the appearance of high society, they don’t actually have to know anything.

I am was referred to a neurogeneticist and I will probably be doing a genome sequencing because the doctors have been unable to explain my memory loss, they believe it is caused by a genetic non mendelian disease which means that genetic testing would be futile with our current knowledge, but they said it is only a guess and that I should do the genetic screening.

the image above is only an example my physical symptoms indicate something much more serious than CFS

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Pack up and move to netherlands. They got assisted suicide legalized. But you know, as you do all that just have se dumb fun. Live a little.

Sounds decently close then.

Which is why they need to shut up and stop talking down to others.

Yes they should. Just as much as people need to stop caring about what other people think of them.

Its above average u retard.
Also ive met some dumb smart people.
X friend Tommy was a savant with guitar and cooking, a radical liberal and in general complete retard in conversation but is a very successful chef now in New York City. IQ means nothing when you don't apply it, my school said I had 135, and although succesful now, i still from 14 to 23 being a drug addict and criminal hanging out with ghetto trash.

you're smart enough to have trouble fitting in and relating to people but not smart enough to actually be good enough at something for that to not matter. but nut up and do your best anyways.

Reading your posts as well as others since I've noticed you post here about the same topic, what were your clinical indicators for a Dx of dementia?

Even if something is causing damage to memory, single clinical indicators aren't indicative of dementia. What were your scores on MMSE and other indicators? Dementia patients are generally debilitated mentally, but your responses while focused are appropriate. You legit have a Dx for Dementia and not MCI?

Which would also be them, since they're pretty loud about it.

I don't even know shit about IQ but I think I've found that my last hope was fake and have decided it's never getting better. Which kinda laundy pod looks tastiest to you, bro?

Wyd and how old r u now

If you're posting on 4cha. with a 118 iq, you can work at it and hit 140 ez.

I wasn’t diagnosed with either because I never went below 110 for my IQ testing.

I know I have very significant memory loss and I am unable to focus on simple tasks like television or my chemistry homework.

I spend all day pacing and doing almost nothing because I’m unable to focus.

If my baseline IQ was 90 than maybe I would already qualify for MCI

I can test my IQ again but I doubt it will be in the range qualifying for MCI

>I wasn’t diagnosed with either because I never went below 110 for my IQ testing.

IQ has little to do with Dementia or MCI testing since the results factor into the baseline. A person with a 5th grade education who couldn't do their taxes would not necessarily be a negative finding in an assessment for cognitive decline, but it most definitely would be a huge consideration for an accountant.

Here you said you were referred to a neurogeneticist, but you also said that you don't have a Dx for dementia or MCI. What is the medical reason for a consult? What is your current official diagnosis? It strikes me as absolutely wild for genome sampling if psychometric assessments are within normal limits. Has there already been an MRI? Cranial nerve exams? Nerve response testing? Neurology consult for nervous system disorders? Psychiatric consult for psychosomatic/anxiety disorders? Trials of SSRIs? ADHD medications?

I have POTS with dysautonomia, doctors were unable to explain shortness of breath gastrointestinal issues, memory problems, heat intolerance, and I have erectile dysfunction with a testosterone level of 732 ng/dL (above average) it is assumed to be neurological or caused by shortness of breath

I'll ask again if you've tried SSRIs for any length of time? Psychiatric ailments such as depression and anxiety are often secondary effects of a major primary diagnosis, especially one that takes up a great deal of time, energy, and mental preoccupation. Psychosomatic conditions can also create physical effects while worsening already existing ones. It would be something to think about if it hasn't already been examined, as mental health normally ends up at the back-of-the-line for consideration of symptom sets, even if it doesn't explain everything in your case.

I have been taking bupropion for the past 5 months and it has been losing effectiveness as my memory loss and cognitive functioning deteriorate, so I have been considering switching to a new medication like a dopamine agonist or even a stimulant like Ritalin.

Yeah, but what's you social quota? What's you BMI? What's your sexual activity quota? What are your talents?