How do I get laid on Tinder. HOW

How do I get laid on Tinder. HOW.

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Make your bio "I eat ass"
Nothing more

be female


From what I've seen online, you swipe right on everyone, have flattering photos, and confidently suggest to meet on real life quickly.
I want a relationship though so I dont do these things.

>have flattering photos

20/10 would smash Carmen.

OP, I just made a tinder and it's more successful than it usually has been. Granted, I'm in a big city now, but even when I was 17 and was a 4/10 I got lucky from tinder. Here are some tips from one ugly user to another.

>Obey the algorithm
The bot that controls how often you get seen sees if you

A: Match with someone and don't talk with them

B: Unmatch with someone you right swiped
C: Spam right swipe

Doing any of these too much will make you show up less to females, and get you banned.

Crank that distance out pal, especially if you have a car/are willing to commute far for sex.

Never have I ever gotten lucky on the first date. Nor have I had sex with anyone I met with the first three day free boost period. However, by remaining vigilant. I managed to de-virginify myself the summer of 2018 with a bunch of tinder thots.

Now, granted, these girls were pretty, but mostly chubby.

You having fun with friends. You doing something cool. Professional photos, ideally. No selfies.

>swipe right on everyone
No. This will put your profile into garbage tier and you will never get anyone.

But selfies is all I have.

Unless you are very attractive, selfies are shit tier. But if you're very attractive, you wouldn't need to ask any of this.
We'll assume you're average to slightly above.
You only need 3 or 4 pics.
One of you smiling
One of you with friends
One of you with an animal
One of you coincidentally shirtless at the beach or something where it makes sense
Keep in mind if you are skinnyfat or fat as a guy on Tinder, you need to be extremely facially attractive to see any success.
Girls swipe right at several orders of magnitude less than guys, because thirsty men have zero standards.

Then you're fucked. Ask friends for help. You have friends, right?

I mean, it really comes down to luck, doesn't it?
Even if you get some matches, you are constantly competing against scores of other dudes messaging these chicks.
Imagine it.
Her feed is completely full with dozens of matches messaging her everyday.
Yeah, no shit you are only getting one word responses, she probably is working through her matches like a excel spreadsheet.

Don't use tinder as your main avenue of dating, would be my advice.
Keep it as a side thing, as long as you get some matches and the occasional reply, just casually keep using it.
Don't take anything personal and don't be invested in anything or anyone.
If someone keeps replying with short one word responses, just keep writing them anyway.
Eventually you can get lucky.

But girls in the real world should have priority, cause on tinder, the odds are stacked against you.

My normie brother does this and he has alot of matches while I carefully select them while keeping my standards realistic
I still don't get more than 20 matches a week later

Just keep trying. Statistically speaking if 1% of tinder people would fuck you, then just go through 100 people and you'll find someone.

Also, focus on making yourself into someone that you would want to know. Being hot is convenient and opens alot of doors, but being kind and compassionate are what will get you to a good experience.

There was a post about 6 months ago, I didn't save pictures because I don't use Tinder, but basically the anons found a line that worked with about 100% of the girls who match you. It is the first message you send and it went something like this:

> 1. Send her a pic of her own profile.
> 2. Say "You seem a little stressed here. Let me suck the stress outta those titties."

Afte they laugh you try to set up a meetup to fuck ASAP, no talking or wasting time. Any deviation or change from that line gave lesser results. And it was peer reviewed by many men on those 3 threads they made that day.

As for getting more matches, I read about the Tinder algorithm for men. So do the following:

>Have professional phoyos taken of yourself.
>Have oter social media linked to your Tinder, and be active on them, also showcase them on your bio.
>Buy Tinder Plus.
>Don't swipe roght on everyone, no more than 10 girls you like per day.

Most of the time the girls aren't even seeing your profile because you fuck up one of the above, but it leads men to autistically believe they are ugly.

There isn't much more to it. Even if you do all off the above and start slaying on Tinder you still have to be not an autist IRL and close (like in sales) the girls.

Respect the grind brah

Be chad

That’s literally the answer.

Tinder is not for everyone. If you’re not in the top 10% of male attractiveness you’re fucked. Stay away from tinder. It’s bad for your mental health (seriously)

Based, it’s far more effective to go to a club or something. Tinder is dating on extra hard mode for the average guy

Anyone have experience using it in a rural area?
I would assume it brings the variety down far enough that you don't have to be chad.

I’m not sure but I’d imagine if the quality of men and women decreased it statistically give you a better chance, but the fact of so few women might make it harder

if public events have taught me anything, it's that the biggest challenge is finding one that isn't borderline fat with poorly-dyed hair and a nose piercing.
I don't know where they all came from, it wasn't like that a couple of years ago.

Unfortunately this. I could bluepill you all over the map about dating in person but I can't help you with Tinder. Either you have a horseshoe up your ass and luck is your strongest suit, or else you are Chad or can pull the Chad act off without flaw or fear of recourse. If none of these things are true, Tinder is likely setting yourself up for failure as you'll be held to standards that you aren't meant to reach-- they're meant to filter out as many people as possible so that all left are 'better options,' as they were.

Tinder is a waste of time for the average guy, far better to meet irl

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>suck the stress out of those titties
are you the same user?

>Far better to meet IRL
After school, where the fuck is a man supposed to meet women?
At his all male workplace?
Be introduced to women by his 0 female friends and his male friends 0 female connections?
Go to bars and pick up the bottom 10% of women that he'll have nothing in common with?
Randomly approach women in public places and be immediately perceived as a creep by all of them?

I'm not even trying to be jaded, I have a GF myself, but I met her on tinder, and I honestly have no idea how a man in this day and age is supposed to meet women otherwise

>I met her on tinder
Oh, boy. Fucking lol, my man!

Where the fuck else am I supposed to meet women? My IT field? My IT virgin friends non-existent female aquaintences? My church with 0 women between age 18-32? At a party or a bar with boring as shit vapid run of the mill women?
Online is basically it.

Can confirm, this worked for me