Where do I find a boyfriend who's emotionally wounded, bitter, grumpy, and somewhat mean, but is honest, hard-working...

Where do I find a boyfriend who's emotionally wounded, bitter, grumpy, and somewhat mean, but is honest, hard-working, always does the right thing, and in general has a secret heart of gold?

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public high school math and/or AP level class teacher

I am all of those things and more.
Probably not boyfriend material though.
Personality disorders and all that.

You can scavenge newly-created incels who get pushed out of orbiting a manipulative whore.

That would be exactly me but I'm married. Kinda regretting it after a few years.

Wanna hook up?

Any young white male in the US?

That's me. You wouldn't appreciate it.
My wife thinks I'm an asshole for telling her the truth and eventually decided to ask her friends opinions on everything because they tell her what she wants to hear..
Then she ruined her (our) damn life following their advice being a goddamn retard. People are too sensitive these days. You're probably no different.

Fiction. Searching for it in real life will just give you piles of trash.

>I'm married
>wanna hook up
That contradicts "always does the right thing".

Nice try FBI

Nice bait thread

that is me to the T but i'm awfully jaded and throw shit around when i'm mad af
i mean good tho

I mean it is nice how they have created a stereotype around white people. Shooting up schools on a weekly basis and all.

literally every person thinks they have a heart of gold on the inside but most really don't.

Sounds like a southern autist boy.

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Why autist?

She thinks people with morals are autistic. Her entire posting history supports this. She's a sociopathic monster.

You need to lay off the anime and realize that Japan would make train wrecks, terrorist attacks, and diseases look cute and appealing.

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i think i match what you're looking for, but i'm also 99% sure this is bait

kek. too true

I am that but you probably aren't near me or attractive.

Find a dude that just got out of a long relationship and had to cut ties with people because of his ex.

I’m right here........

Where are you OP? I'm all those things with low body fat and a good job.

Story of my life

While I kinda enjoy the depression, the loneliness gets aggravating.

Occasionally I cry to myself, though most of the time I just get super pissed and work out and contemplate suicide. At the same time, I end up being a lot more... relatable and connected to others. It's like when I'm happy, I don't care to connect with others.

As a teacher I'm starting to feel this

What city/country are you in?

Do you like gin with sparkling lemonade?

You mean me? I'm right here baby. Now suck my dick.

Why would I want someone who wants me to be grumpy, bitter and mean? Heartless, selfish bitch. You can fuck right off.