How do you come to terms with your sexual dysfunction?

How do you come to terms with your sexual dysfunction?

I can orgasm but it's a very weak orgasm. All of my experimentation with toys, positions, foreplay, many sex partners, long periods of no masturbation has not helped at all.

The best orgasm I've ever had (and it wasn't even that strong) was when I was a child.

Female by the way, if that makes any difference

Anyway, I'm not looking for advice on how to enjoy sex, I'm looking for advice on how to accept my lot in life, because it's so depressing to be sexually frustrated but not having any way of relieving or satisfying yourself.

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it might be hard for you to come by but i went from being celibate to blowing huge loads after smoking certain strains of cannabis

Weed just makes me anxious.

Unless you're referring to a super special strain with different psychoactive chemicals in them.


Are you on any meds? Some antidepressant medications seriously fuck up libido and ability to orgasm sadly.

I'm not on meds and I can orgasm, but the orgasms are weak.

Like I said, I've exhausted all of my options so now I just need advice on how to accept my lot in life.

>I've exhausted all of my options
I highly doubt that but ok

So how do I stop being miserable about it?


Man, but I had stronger orgasms AFTER I had anti depression meds.

Maybe I was a nervous fuck, and maybe you too

I've tried SSRIs in the past and it's true they get you more horny, but the side effects aren't worth it


Try acid, then.

I can't orgasm like I could when I was 9-10, but LSD gives me one hell of a nut

Also try Whip it's (you can buy N20 cannisters on Amazon for cheap), it's not anything like acid, but it's known to work for sex pretty well.

do people use whips like they would use poppers for sex?

When I tried 'Whip it's' they gave me something that felt like an orgasm

So the best orgasm you've ever had was when you were around 9-10? So masturbation decreased your sensitivity?

Are you malnourished? You might be low on hormone precursors to make the right stuff to be horny and have intense orgasms.

Are you a vegetarian? Vegan? Do you have a balanced diet?


Or consider that my body changed.

The connections from my dick to my brain got longer. My nerves got further apart

Or maybe it was all the jacking off

But my very first orgasm was borderline spiritual. It took my whole body. It was unbelievable.

After that, each one got less and less intense.

Now it's sort of just meh

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My first one wasn't whole body like yours, but it spread all over my ass.

They got less and less intense over time to the point where now it's just my vagina pulsating with barely any sensation at all.

But all there are all these people who are having amazing orgasms despite jacking off daily

Dr will prescribe steroids and you can get off super hard. Apparently