Does having a more extensive sexual history than your partner intimidate men...

Does having a more extensive sexual history than your partner intimidate men? I'm 33 and have had sex with 93 people (more than 80 of them coming from 15, 22, and 27 - crazy and not particularly good years). Most guys say "no way" whenever I tell them that even though I ALSO tell them I have no STDs. What gives?

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It means you're emotionally broken.

If guys only want sex then they won't care. If guys want a relationship then they would say no.

I dun get it. If you enjoy something, you do it often, right? Is someone emotionally broken if they've beaten 93 videogames or watched 93 anime?

>comparing human lives to videogames and anime
>not emotionally broken

Supposedly humans give off some chemical that makes them feel an emotional connection with the person they had sex with once they orgasm. So maybe you are if you get through 93 people without feeling a thing. Maybe it's all bull shit.
And yes I do think weebs are emotionally broken. Or just broken in general.

only interest I would have for a woman with you descriptions is a quick fuck and dump, that's the best scenario tho, i'd feel disgusted to know that about anyone to be hones.

Maybe you're just an overly judgmental asshole?
t. normalfag who loves anime

That would be a strong no. I want a woman with at least some capacity for judgement. I'm sure there are many that don't mind though.

Well look, that number is absolutely bananas, the truth is that when we look for a partner we want someone that can take the rough times and still maintain the relationship and generally be faithful.

People with that kind of past make it impossible for me to trust them a marriage or a life time.

>Does having a more extensive sexual history than your partner intimidate men?
Yes. Slut.

>t. normalfag who loves anime
You can't be a normie and a manbaby at the same time.

You're saying this in the decade where many of the top-grossing films are superhero movies? Please kill yourself.

>normalfag who loves anime
Sure thing, casual. Go on restera and complain how Japan is behind the times while you consume their baseline media.

this, people with a lot of partners become pretty desensitized to meaningful human contact.
I had a good friend who's gone through a lot of partners, and she struggles with any kind of meaningful relationship (she says she's looking for long term but her actions say otherwise), and is definitely not all there anymore emotionally.
She tries like hell but can't comprehend other peoples feelings.

you just admited that the years when you fucked more people were crazy and not particularly good. truth is no man wants to build something with someone that was a human toilet. i mean it just cheapens the present relationship when you fuck so many guys. i mean you ve had 93, why will the 94th be special, you know.

also no man wants to take a walk in the park, hold hands with and kiss a woman that other men look at and say "I put my dick in there first". anyway this is a bait thread but here's my two cents. im not a judgemental guy about women and sex but at some point its just a red flag and signals deeper issues. oh and by the way, most sluts feel that what they did is justified tho they know its kinda wrong and it means they have a problem but again, do what you want to do in life.

>i mean you ve had 93, why will the 94th be special, you know.

You are confusing the word intimidation. When a man does not want to go there with a woman, there are many factors other than intimidation.

See, sex from a woman has actual value, the most value of any sex. Sex to a man also has value, even it it isn't from a real girl, a guy has to pay to get it his way.

When a girl gives up a thing of value for nothing, she looks mentally unstable, like she works too hard for attention or approval. Or that she uses sex as a means of manipulation.

What would you think of dating a guy who made 250K a year, and gave 200K a year of it away to random folks who said they might do business with him sometime in the future? You'd rightly think he was weak.

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>93 people

How exactly do you expect someone to be comfortable with that? Amongst those 93 men you've surely slept with men who were no doubt better looking than me, were better at sex than me, were more accomplished in life than me. With all of that history, when we're having sex, you're probably thinking about someone else with whom you had a much better time and thinking "man I wish I were with that guy again instead of this asshole."

And I'm supposed to just be cool with that? With just a one-night stand sure, no feelings there, but with someone I see as a prospective partner? If that person were to reveal to me that she had slept with 93 men before me I'd feel as if I'd just be one more entirely unmemorable guy on the pile instead of someone special in her life.

How do we know we're not just a notch on your belt? Has your attitude towards sex and commitment changed or are we just there to enable a compromised version of your previous lifestyle? People seriously considering marriage are trying to look 20, 30 years down the road, not a few months or a year.

How would you know for sure you were not the best she'd ever had?

it's a ritual to summon AGTWBATR

Maybe I like beating women and have beat 93 women, but it's okay because I enjoy it.

How do women even find time to be sluts? Who do they fuck? I find it hard to belive that woman will get railed by tons of guys yet there is so much incel/virgin men. (at least on Jow Forums)

It's not "logical" in modern circumstances , but men are innately wired to be disgusted by promiscuous women because it means we can't be sure of paternal status.

So most guys will be repulsed, even though they aren't intending to have kids with you anyway.

Haven't you heard of the 80/20 rule?

Every girl is chasing after Chad, who is fucking constantly.

How did you beat them? Lemme guess, you slapped them across the face with your ginormous manliness?

I need to know what your acronym means?
Attention Getting to whore buggers at the Restaurant?

I have tons of male friends and like 15% of them are true chads like really true chads. Have money, tall as fuck, handsome, musclar, play sports actively one of them even owns house and yet all of them had like 2-3 girlfriends. No one of them fucked lots of women. And trust me we talk about every shit when we are drunk.

I dunno do you want to drink from a cup that was drunken by 30 men, some who have diseases?

Give it an hour
She's coming

>Attention Getting to whore buggers at the Restaurant?
pretty much, yeah

>93 partners
>93 fucking partners

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Most men would correctly assume some kind of mental issue of some kind

I would say you're grade zero relationship material, basically your a cumbrain

it's not intimidating, it's just that you're a literal cumdumpster

there must be like raw sewage up your vagina

it's not intimidating, it's just disgusting

It makes you sound like a complete thotty who will probably give them AIDS
You let 93 dudes ram their meat inside your body. Like intimacy has no meaning to you. Like it's an open door for anyone to just literally cum in
You fucked a new dude on average every 2.5 months from age 15 to 33. It's gross. That woman who gets gangbanged by 20 guys on cam? That's you? But 5 times over
Would she even know?

Look, I'm not the kind to judge if you're not a pure virgin or some shit, but 93 is way, way too much. That just tells me you have some kind of emotional problems, you constantly seek validation, you have commitment issues, you're the kind that always chases a new thrill etc. That's not long term relationship material, I wouldn't be able to trust that you wouldn't cheat on me at the first opportunity.

I mean, impact play is a thing. go for it as long as it's consensual and well negotiated

>what's wrong with nihilism?

Well put

I'd be extremely suspicious of a number that high.

I had a fwb who # was 44 when we hooked up

She's poly, has a bf now who's also poly and essentially she is always on the sexual market. She's been raped before, she was homeless, she was addicted to drugs,etc.

She's a damaged person.

Any number past 20 and I'm suspicious

It makes them insecure for three reasons
1. Having more sexual partners means you are "more experienced" to some degree
2. Deep down all men feel like they have to be "the best" in bed and/or have the biggest dick, and if you have slept with a lot of other men, chances are they are not the best and they do not have the biggest dick
3. Being very promiscuous, some people think you will be unfaithful. I have no idea if that is true or not, but i can see how people think so

To be perfectly honest though, 93 is a pretty high number and if i met a guy who slept with that many women, it would be a red flag for me. Is he unable to hold down a steady partner? Does he get a kick from sleeping with new people? Is he shit in bed?

I have been sexual active for 15 years, had 3 relationships and 10 different sex partners and for one of my boyfriends that caused a huge problem since he was a virgin when we met (i was a 7 by then). So if you have 9x that number then yeah, i guess a lot of guys would have an issue with that

The more men you sleep with the more men seem like disposable objects. If you slept with 90 guys, you can compare all of those experiences. Why should the guy you're dating feel special? Men want to feel special because they are human and we like having our ego stroked.

I personally have had sex with about 11 people. Some of those experiences were wild and others not very memorable. I probably won't have sex with many more people in my life. I don't understand how you could continue to have sex after that many.

>I'm 33 and have had sex with 93 people
>93 people
>93 dicks
>93 rounds of oxtocin + vasopressin
>93 pair-bonds
>93 comparisons
You're a broken woman

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Am I going to be number 94?

Your ability to pair-bond was destroyed approximately 85 sexual partners ago. Your oxytocin receptors are fried, you'll never really love a man again. You are a tired, beaten up, whore. I would never so much as touch you, definitely not date you, and unambiguously never marry you.

It's my preference, however that doesn't mean I won't be a little jealous. Some guys have crazy hang ups, it's usually passed down. Most girls are incredibly defensive because of these hang ups, reinforcing them by letting these guys believe what they want. Keep it up and keep a bat and tazer for the psychos.

t. PhD in incel pseudoscience

yes, it does.

-A key that opens all locks is a very good key-
men are brought by society encouraged to have as much sex as possible with as many sexual partners possible.

-a lock that it's opened by all keys is a shitty lock-
women on the other hand are raised as the gatekeepers of sex and taught self-control and to keep themselves for marriage since they are the ones who have to raise a kid if the guy bails out.

with modern society and the political and economical emancipation of women, girls nowadays experiment a lot, but men still value chastity on their potential female companion since less partners = less risk for an unwanted std and less risk to be raising a child that's not yours.

>I ALSO tell them I have no STDs
how can you prove that? lets say for example that you got HIV from a previous partner and you still don't know it.

HIV being a lentivirus it can go undetected in the host for around 10 years before the host starts to show symptoms, even if you run ELISA inmunoassay and Western Blot, there are false negatives in that window period of about 10 years. even if the screening tests say you're clean i wouldn't have sex with you.

what about Herpes? Hepatitis? Citomegalovirus? Human papiloma virus? you're very likely to have contracted any of those, and you're telling men to risk having any of those if they have sex with you instead choosing another girl that may not have as many previous sexual partners as you instead?

risk is in the eye of the beholder, there may be someone out there who will ignore that you had near a hundred previous sexual partners, but i wouldn't for the reasons i stated above.

You are asking the wrong question. Any promiscuous person, male or female, should get to the root of why they are promiscuous and are they even capable of stopping. It will take therapy.

I noticed this thread because I liked the anime, but holy fuck it's a bad thread next to the picture.

What the fuck. I am a male with 40+ partners, all from the time I was a worthless junkie with no Impulse control. I grew out of fucking around and I feel like a degenerate man whore. I only have sex in relationships now, no random sex whatsoever. I'm really ashamed that I didn't stop fucking random thots earlier. I wouldn't date a girl who had 93 sexual partners. People freak out about having 10 or more partners already and I think that's overdoing it, even if a girl has a 20+bodycount I'm still fine with that. But 93? Fuck no. But you do you maybe you'll find someone degenerate enough to not care.

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It's not intimidating, it's just disgusting.

Only based post in this dumpster fire of a bait thread

If you reach 100 by October you can celebrate Bangtoberfest

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Since you made that mostly retarded analogy, yes, you 94th videogame will never compare to the amazement and sense of new you've had with your first few ones. What now?

>most millennials, being the mentally stunted that they are, are manbabies so it's alright for me to also be a manbaby

Source for your claim of HIV false negatives.

2/10 bait, and those two points are only for triggering all the adv incels.

>I have no STDs
You probably have asymptomatic herpes. Have you had a blood test?

Incels aren't welcome on adv

I won't care if the person is perfect, but that's unlikely. If I'm looking for a long term relationship I'll have pic related in mind

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Basing your life on meme graphs

the meme graph is a result of a bunch of studies that took 30+ years. If I posted the links you wouldn't even open them so why bother.
If you're curious go to google scholar and click search

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And if you had read the links, all of them come from crackpot pro-abstinence sites. None of the data in those graphs is actually found on the government survey sites. Those are outright fabrications. Surely you know this right?

This is only true for the first link, which is Stefan Molyneux's Freedomain radio.

Bullshit. I've just checked the second, the third and the fourth links. There's nothing there.

>inb4 da jooz removed it
Then make a new infograph with relevant info.

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Why are you telling them at all?

>Bullshit. I've just checked the second, the third and the fourth links.
>There's nothing there.

Here you go you lying piece of shit
4th was changed to a portal with several divorce studies:

I thought you were smarter than that and was currently writing a post with direct links to Journal entries & statistics. Turns out you prefer to lie so that anonymous posters think that you won.

It's not worth the time to waste any more energy on this, here are 2 of the easy to digest studies published in relevant journals that I found.

"Males who engaging in casual sex reported the fewest symptoms of depression and females who had a history of casual sex reported the most depressive symptoms"
3 PhDs from Cornell, Department of Human Development
published in "Journal of Social and Personal Relationships"

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0% chance you've had >50 partners with no STDs
have you done any actual STD checks?
I'm 99% sure you've got at least 1 strain of herpes maybe hpv

>Does having a more extensive sexual history than your partner intimidate men?
I think most men yes.
But I married a woman with an extensive sexual history (second marriage) because she was really good at sex and knew how important sex is in a relationship. My first wife basically cut me off after a few years. She didn't feel the drive as much anymore, and was never really into it, in the first place, so who cares about you husband. You can have an affair and lose the kids or you can just suffer.
Second wife gets concerned if we go too long without sex and makes moves to attract me (it works very well, she's good). I like this much better.

And the other sites do not have these graphs nor the data supposedly used for them.

You are the liar. None of those links contain those graphs.

>Does having a more extensive sexual history than your partner disgust men
Fixed for you

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Post a link to the origin of those graphs then.

Op you're basically pornstar tier just shoot yourself

"HIV infection is diagnosed by testing for antibodies and they are unreliable for
several reasons. The first is that antibodies do not confirm active infection as
they can exist when the pathogen is neutralised (maybe there are weak HIVs?),
and they are liable to cross-react with other material, as the literature confirms,
such as flu vaccination. Indeed, the tests need to be verified by further testing
because of acknowledged cases of false-positivity, and it’s curious that only
some reactions on a test are required when an infected person should
demonstrate full reaction due to all testing bands being HIV-specific.
Mainstream support for the doubt about the specificity of the HIV test and
especially the confirmatory Western Blot test comes from the former head of
Public Health England, Philip Mortimer, and Medecins Sans Frontieres.

Furthermore, the test used to confirm the actual presence of the virus via
amplification, PCR (polymerase chain reaction), does not have the support of its
creator, Nobel Laureate Kary Mullis, for this use. Awkward questions would
undoubtedly arise if this test for ‘viral load’ were allowed to be performed on
HIV-negative individuals and they could claim to detect HIV. Though one
should not be surprised if they ‘keep patching the raft’ by saying that such cases
are even more serious as no antibodies alongside HIV infection represents
critical immune failure despite a patient being well and who could always
remain so."

M. Aziz - The AIDS Delusion (2019). publisher: Amazon

ill keep looking for more.

That is some /x/ tier fantasy bullshit. Do they blame the evil pharma corps? Or ((( them ))) ?

only pussies would be turned off by that

Reminder that Dave Grohl (lead singer of Foo Fighters) and several other celebrities also believe that HIV is fake.

"What is the window period?

The window period is time between potential exposure to HIV infection and the point when the test will give an accurate result.

During the window period a person can be infected with HIV and be very infectious but still test HIV negative.

The window period for a 4th generation antigen/antibody test is four weeks. At this time 95% of infections will be detected (see Figure 7). There is a three month window period after exposure, for the confirmatory result to detect more than 99.9% of infections."

"The window period varies from person to person, and is also different depending upon the type of HIV test. Most HIV tests are antibody tests. It takes time for the body to produce enough antibodies for an HIV test to show that a person has HIV. The soonest an antibody test will detect infection is 3 weeks. Most, but not all people will develop detectable antibodies within 3 to 12 weeks of infection.

Most, but not all people will make enough antigens and antibodies for fourth generation or combination tests to accurately detect infection 13 to 42 days after infection.

Most, but not all people will have enough HIV in their blood for a NAT test to detect infection 7 to 28 days after infection. This is during the time when someone has acute HIV infection."

>window period varies from person to person
>Most, but not all people will develop antibodies/antigens

the key point in all this banter im posting is, unless the OP has been tested regularly for HIV we can never trully know if she has HIV or not, since there ARE asymptomatic individuals who can infect others and do not develop symptoms much later.

Also regular HIV testing is costly, making it very unlikely for OP to do serial tests to confirm if she does carry HIV or not.

im still researching the literature, gimme a bit of time.


There's a difference between "pump and dump" and "compromise".

If you spent all your years fooling around, then it is enough of an evidence that you are incapable of long term compromises.

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Primary infection (Acute HIV)

Most people infected by HIV develop a flu-like illness within a month or two after the virus enters the body. This illness, known as primary or acute HIV infection, may last for a few weeks... These symptoms can be so mild that you might not even notice them. However, the amount of virus in your bloodstream (viral load) is quite high at this time. As a result, the infection spreads more easily during primary infection than during the next stage.

Clinical latent infection (Chronic HIV)

In some people, persistent swelling of lymph nodes occurs during this stage. Otherwise, there are no specific signs and symptoms. HIV remains in the body and in infected white blood cells.

This stage of HIV infection generally lasts around 10 years if you're not receiving antiretroviral therapy. But sometimes, even with this treatment, it lasts for decades. Some people develop more severe disease much sooner."

>acute HIV can be misdiagnosed as a flu
>sometimes symptoms are so mild you might not even notice em

>some Chronic HIV infection people do not develop specific symptoms/signs
> people can last for about 10 years without treatment before developing symptomatic HIV infection

What's your point, OP? Do you perhaps want to commit to those guys?

Because your pussy probably stretched af bitch, might as well fuck a cow

>have sex with 1 guy 93 times
>clean and tight pussy
>have sex with 93 guys 1 times
>stretched out roastie
This is what incels actually believe.

incels have the most hilarious copes

Well I doubt those 93 guys had the same dick size. If you fuck just 1 guy your pussy will be fine unless you’re fucking mandingo

being muscular tubes, vaginas can stretch from regular intercourse, be it 93 times with the same guy or 1 time with 93 guys.

buuut,unless she had sex with a horse or a vaginal delivery pregnancy with a macrosomic fetus that tears apart her vaginal canal leading to tissue scarring, vaginas can also return to a previous unstretched state after not having sex for a certain amount of time, so the claim that her pussy is probable stretched might be true, but if that's a problem she can solve by simply stopping having sex.

Well you already know this slut ain’t stopping

unless the cure all stds im not touching that.

You know me so well! For what it's worth, my mom has had over 200 sexual partners (a quarter of them coming after marriage) and Grandma claims to have had over a thousand.

Some of them. Others I just want to have fun with.

I agree!

Porn star? That's a bit flattering, but I'm not sure why...

Yes, I have! All clear! ^^

Did you like Charles?

I'd rather be a shitty lock than a good one. I love keys.

Having many partners borks you serotonin receptors and inhibits the ability to form long-term emotional bonds.

Making a graph using raw data from another party as the source and citing the raw data is normal. Did you even finish high school?

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As long as NONE if them were niggers I could deal with it. Knowing a woman ever burned the coal is a huge "nope".

Somebody post the milestone screencap girlfriend that took 1 mile of dick