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I like pinball.

i wish i had one friend

I just want to have sex and then fall asleep holding a women in my arms for once in my sad, pathetic life.

I wanna have sex with an alien.
And then I want to eat some mochi.

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I don't even know you...

I'm in love with my best friend and I really want to be with her. But she's across the country and getting married to some douche. Sometimes when we're chatting it gets super flirty. Also I should have made a move when she visited me, it's such a huge regret. But we were both in relationships at the time, not sure if she would have been cool with that at the time. I really hope we could be together some day but i'm not sure if thats ever going to happen

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I miss and love my ex girlfriend.

I remember our last sexual encounter. I remember our last physical encounter. I remember our last conversation.

I don't miss some things that happened during our relationship, but I wish I could go back in time and make things different. I would love to get another opportunity.

We’re in this together fren

My dad is becoming more and more alzheimery and I'm not sure how fucked I am. I want him to be comfy in death, but I don't know how to afford him. Its fucking crazy how much they cost.

>when you copped a complete set of History of the Nations at a thrift store today

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i want her to like me. why won't she literally show any affection back?

I finally bought a Hitachi Magic Wand and it is just... not doing anything for me. I have other vibrators and they all make me feel aroused and I can orgasm using any of them, so why the fuck does this mega famous orgasm machine just not do anything for me. I’ve tried to use it about a dozen times and always end up reaching for one of my old toys because this one just... actively DECREASES my arousal. My friend who has a magic wand suggested I get an attachment for the head, I think I’ll try that because I spent too much money on this thing for it to not deliver. I’ve tried googling to see if there is advice on what angle to hold it at or if anyone else has struggled to make it feel good- NOPE, just pages and pages of people saying it’s a life changing orgasm-o-tron that will work for EVERY woman. I don’t know why the world’s most famous sex toy isn’t doing jack shit for me, I feel broken and dumb.

Do you think the engineering department at my uni would give me 10 minutes in the soundproof room to just scream?

I also can't get off to masturbating and I've only ever had sex with my showerhead.
I just don't sex anymore. I have no urge. I have much more time spending it doing other stuff which is great now that I feel no sex.

Yes. Just ask or make friends with one of them snd offer them a six pack. Its that fucking easy.

Thanks, I'll see if I can make it over there tomorrow. Wish I didn't need this.

I'm so lost in life. I just want to be taken care of and loved. But it's toxic to be too dependent on somebody else so I have to man up and live another day.

Fuck you Xniojiva.
Fuck your "muh lazar"
Fuck your spam AoE
Fuck your flying
Fuck your earth explosion spam
Fuck your size
Fuck your hot magama puddles
Fuck your 30 minutes limit
Fuck the fact everyone I SOS dies
Fuck your event quest that is limited


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I muted my fwb on Instagram today because seeing his stories gives me too much anxiety. Yet just now I went and manually checked his story. Which made me feel very anxious. So I’ll be accepting my Dumb Bitch Award by mail, thank you all for the nomination and for voting for me, I truly never believed that I could grow up to be this dumb a bitch but never underestimate yourself!!!!

Just got dumped. I'm so bored and tired of life but honestly this is a weight off my shoulders because wondering what the fuck was going on was my main source of stress and now I don't have to worry about it.

Know how you feel.

I was saving money for the future of me and my ex. When they left, I said fuck it and did what I wanted.

Why should I save for something we planned together that you now want no part of?

Yea he was a huge disappointment. Way too easy for final boss.

I just didn't think anything could go wrong since she seemed much more into me than I was into her. For now I guess I'm single unless an opportunity presents itself, the game is too much effort for me right now.

Where do I find scene girls these days? Did the trend really die out 10 years ago?

>need job
>check craigslist
>place near me is hiring
>good hours
>easy work
>close to home
>I am perfectly qualified
>write up a cover letter
>bring it over there
>waiting to hear back
>walking by a few days later
>paper on the door saying they are closed for the season and will be reopening spring 2020


I know I want to be happy but I hate myself too much to ever let myself have a modicum of success or victory, I reject myself for others and make excuses for things I could easily do. I've started to get my life back on track going to college and losing weight but with no job or car or motivation to get either I just feel like a waste of people's time and resources. I don't want to be in a relationship if I can't contribute at least 50% but my self hatred stops me from getting there. I don't want (just) sex I want to have an exclusive emotional connection for the first time in God knows how long. the self hatred makes me wish I'd slit my throat. I can't get over how much I hate myself for being a parasite and it creates a vicious fucking cycle that encourages more self hatred, I know I'm not even ugly or unlikeable I just make myself feel that way

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He just posted his “happiest memory” and it was fucking around with thots in Los Vegas. *cringe*

Fuck me for falling for this basic bitch.

i am forever incredibly sorry for treating you badly. i will never be sorry enough. if only i could talk to you one last time and say thank you instead of the horrible stuff I've said. i love you forever, i think about you every single day

Hi, t.

I really am torn. Treating her like a sex object is a lot of fun for me, but now I am starting to feel bad because doing it to her doesn't seem right at all. She has never been in a serious relationship before and hardly knows anything about sex. I am probably really fucking her up mentally but she is a very tolerant, patient and forgiving girl. I know she doesn't enjoy the humiliation but she just deals with it.

Possibly so they have something for when the time comes around? That's holding on for too long. Who knows what will happen though.

I want to die.

not t

Yes you are.



The only time I can actually feel or have a genuine emotion is when I experience ego death.

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Hey I’m in a similar situation, but I’m the girl. My advice is to straight up just ask her how she feels. Is she getting what she wants to out of this? Does she feel okay about what’s happening? Check in with her regularly, keep up open and honest communication, try to be on the same page. If you’re worried about this stuff, there’s a good chance she is too.

Even if your dynamic is amazing and nothing needs to change, she’ll likely have anxiety that’s just due to the newness of the experiences. Remember that not everyone’s early sexual experience needs to be in a romantic relationship. Sometimes you just need to cross some “firsts” off your list and have some fun learning about yourself and exploring sexuality. Also, outside the sexual objectification stuff that can be fun in the bedroom. just be nice to her like a fellow human being whose well being matters to you. Be a nice presence. :) best of luck to you both!

how can i experience ego death

You aren’t feeling well, right? I’m worried of you.

How do you experience that?

I don't know what compels me to always tell people that I stalk them. It makes them become paranoid around me and then I feel like a complete monster that should be shunned completely from society. Maybe it's self-sabotage?

How do I learn to trust myself?

>working as a dishwasher at restaurant
>hired at $8.50/he, get a raise to $10/hr after month
>think at the time it was because I was doing a great job
>find out later they hired every other dishwasher at $10/hr from the jump
>whatever, I let it slide because I need the job (it's a part-time job for me because I have a full-time job already)
>about five months go by and I am finally getting trained on something besides dish (had to wait two and a half months of being promised I would be trained to do something else before finally doing it)
>now on fry, which I thought would come with a raise plus guarantee hours on the schedule since I can work two positions now instead of just one
>see 50¢ raise first week working fry
>happy with this
>look at paycheck this week
>get told the 50¢ raise was what all trainees get when on a new position but after the pay grade for that new position goes into effect
>so essentially, I got a $2.75 pay cut for learning something new
>actually scheduled this week for three days instead of my usual four, even though I can now be scheduled for two things
>so both a pay cut and an hour cut
>would just quit on them for so clearly trying to fuck me over, but I can't find another job that works around my schedule at my full-time job

Fuck this wagecuck life.

>I muted my fwb on Instagram today because seeing his stories gives me too much anxiety. Yet just now I went and manually checked his story. Which made me feel very anxious.

What are his stories about?

I just did this last week with a girl and she blocked me forever because she has anxiety issues as well. More than likely BPD. She more than likely over-analyzed a song from Linkin Park "The End" where it says "I tried so hard and got so far, in the end, it doesn't even matter." She probably thought it was about her.

>make Hinge profile
>take it seriously, try to show who I really am on it
>set range to 100 miles, age 18 to 32, no other preferences
>use up all of my likes quickly
>don't receive a like, let alone a match, over 6 hours
>literally thousands of women in the area I selected have this app
>probably a few hundred saw my profile
>not one even liked it
>hate myself for even thinking

1000ug of decent lsd. Be careful. It temporarily destroyed me. But I miss feeling something.

>Be careful. It temporarily destroyed me.

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dating apps are for hookups bro

I took fake acid one time and ruined my life

I masturbate 4x as much in a relationship than I ever did single. Feels wrong bro.

A girl got me really depressed and so I took to drinking like my habit always is and as the days went on I felt progressively worse. Threw up blood a couple times. Didn't take my meds cause I didn't want to mix it with alcohol. When I don't take my meds I don' eat so I didn't eat anything at all yesterday. I just laid in my bed for hours until I got the strength to order a taco truck burrito cause those are the only things I will eat even if I am not willing to eat anything cause I find them so freaking delicious.

Finally did the work I had to do today and cleaned my room. I still feel like shit though and know the only thing that will stop this ringing head pain is more alcohol to cure it by the hair of a dog method, but I have to not drink cause that's what got me into this mess and I have to take my meds so I can eat and be normal again.

I seriously hope my brain is insane

Tell her man, fuck it.

I miss mine too man. There aren’t any more chances friend. She’s gone. You’re done.

There is a new woman waiting who will be happier with you. You will have a better relationship from the gifts of experience you were given from the ex you miss.

That next woman is waiting!


When one bus leaves another one is right around the corner

I miss him

well, he doesn't miss you

Oh no.
I wanted to play online games but I'm can't. It takes too much time. I wished to voice chat in context of something we're sharing aside from opinions. Stuff like I came back from here or where is the closest town or store to get whatever. I don't even have that kind of social mundanity in my life anymore.
II didn't have any regular options left. I can't live properly in any world it seems.

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I hope you're not expecting me to take you back after all of this.
I love you, you're my whole world, but you broke me and you broke my trust.

There is a sign in my neighborhood that says "Don't Give Up"
But I have and the sign makes me feel bad because its just telling me the sage advice to not to be suicidal when I'm suicidal because this sign knows that telling me that what I feel is wrong is allegedly not the most encouraging reason to kill myself than the original feeling of wanting to kill myself that I already had could ever of been. That sign just tells me that its too late for me.

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How many times do I have to tell you I am sorry? How many times do I have to try only for you to say I failed? I know I fucked up and I don't need to be reminded. I know it's over. It's not like I didn't get hurt too

please, please tell me your opinions

Acid only destroys weak and narcissistic minds. Their all-important ego is temporary impaired and they literally can’t handle it.

i am terrible in every facet of life and in the 23 years ive existed i still havent found anything im even exceptional at

>Mexicans and Mochi

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maybe you dont show her yours

Tell me about it user, what are your woes?

Just a girl I was talking to. She was extremely sweet. Beautiful, but still sweet. Vulnerable even in her natural state so always loving.

I got carried away at not wanting to be patient and take things are her pace due to her own circumstances. I lost her out of my impatience fueled by the thought that she wasn't that into me, but looking back it's clear she was giving me a shot so she was.

I completely blew and repeatedly asked to try and make it right. It won't happen.

She was one of a kind and I know it, which makes it hurt more.

...there's nothing inside

Haha relatable

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I'm sorry for your loss user.
Why not start over slowly as friends?
Even if it isn't romantic, friendship should always be more important, specially if she was so important.
Who knows maybe if fate is on your said, it could work out in the future.

He’s already got a new girl. Haha what the fuck... why does he always contact me in between girls. I mean I’m not hurt or surprised because it happens every single time lmao

Fucked a girl I had no feelings for to try to get over you but it didn’t work. Now I’ve just hurt someone else. I don’t feel like I want to die every night any more but it’s still hard. Love is hard.

I feel kinda nervous/anxious although I don’t think there’s a reason for that. My vacation has just ended and I somehow turned into this shit since the first day. Ugh.

High testostrone

Recently Haley's song's been stuck in my head and I've caught myself about to Bob and sing this song to myself while tearing up a couple of times. No idea why don't even have any girls in my life atm. Pretty cool song though

well bridge is burned so no friendship to salvage

Take this as a lesson, don't use people to get over something, find a healthier way to fix your problem, like making new friends and allowing a new relationship to bloom naturally.
Don't beat yourself up over it too much though. I would recommend breaking it off with the girl you don't care for, even though it'll hurt her, let her find someone who will love her.
After that work on yourself, heal, and try again when you know you're ready. Hell, even give first girl a second chance if the opportunity pops up. But ONLY when you're healthy and ready.

My mind 24/7

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I love you so much James. You're the best part of my life and all I want is to be in bed with you. I hate that you work away but I'll see you again soon. Xx

Really like you B. You're really sweet and I feel like this could actually work out. Fingers Crossed for this one.

Smooch shout out hivemind lol

I always dread going in to work every morning. Does it get easier when you find a job that you really like, or will I always just hate working?

I resent my fiancé. I thought I could get past those feelings for our kids sake but I can’t and I haven’t. I don’t think I have it in me, I hate her and can’t forgive her. I think she feels it too.

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I passed. Thank fuck. Prof asked me the weirdest questions, I was struggling so much and felt like a retard. Went outside so he and his colleague could agree on the grade, walked in and got an A-. The whole tension is lifted and I'm exhausted as hell but I haven't felt that happy in weeks.

Today was a good day.

What did she do?
Did she cheat?

I go through a cycle of apathy and anxiety when socializing due to the cringy stuff I say/do.
When I get the energy to socialize I end up doing something cringy and the cycle continues.
I wish there was a social rehabilitation camp adults could go to

His AT version is bullshit though. I can't seem to beat him in time by myself and everyone I play with dies.

I feel bad and anxious.

I need you

We got into a very bad argument (we’d both been drinking, it was over her brother who is a drug addict and I’d been allowing to stay at our house. He had stolen my medication and I was insisting we throw him out while she was saying he didn’t steal them. I just likely forgot I took them/misplaced them and I was looking for an excuse to kick him out all along.) I don’t know if was her brother’s idea but eventually she called the cops saying I hit her and her brother and I had to spend a few days in jail because I couldn’t get a hold of my family (in another state.). She then bailed me out, dropped the charges and said she wanted to work things out, would admit she lied if the state didn’t drop the case. The state didn’t drop their charges but I won that case because she did admit she lied. We got back together and pretended nothing happened, it’s been a year since then and she has changed for the better, and so have I. But I just don’t forgive her. Ive really tried but all I think is she dragged my name through the mud because she was in her feelings. I almost wish I had done something. I know that’s why I should leave, because my resentment and anger is so high, but I keep deluding myself one day everything will be okay and I’ll let it go because as crazy and counterintuitive this sounds I still love her. Hate her so much, but love her too.

how are you able to trust?
Im very weary and slightly paranoid. Its a mentality Ive adapted after I learned that every amount of trust you give someone or something can be used against you.
I will say that this avoids any and all potnetial of backstabbing and betrayal but I do feel like Im also closing the gates so to speak to any good people

I really wish we could normally talk in person. This whole thing just adds more mess.

Overtrust overshare till you realize what's on your mind doesn't really matter to anyone

My grandfather is currently in a home and it’s costing ~60K a year
>good luck

Alright here we go. I'm not broken, I'm not hurting, I'm not numb, I just am. I go to work and still do nothing most of the day, I practice my art, I get out and hang out with my friends and make sure to give attention to the career I really want to pursue. It's all lining up but it's not enough, everything is looking promising but I see no fruit yet. I dont know how to feel but I'm getting impatient.

I wish I had a fucking friend, but no, I had to be the misfit since the start of fucking secondary, only childhood friend I had changed to the point we see fun in other things, and I'm alone since I was 12
I been fucking played around with by a fucking girl for 3 years back when I was 12 (sounds dumb given the age but still, it hurt).
I'm fucking tired of being the misfit that has to do favors to be noticed, I just want a friend I can play games and eat pizza and drink soda with and can listen to old-ass songs for fucks sake