I'm looking to get into Jow Forums, what are things I should be aware of before starting?

I'm looking to get into Jow Forums, what are things I should be aware of before starting?

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Stop right here, turn away while you still can, please, save yourself.

every story here is fiction until proven otherwise and even then said proof can be easily faked in most circumstances.

Don't get into Jow Forums. It will make you racist and give you weird fetishes and it will become harder to relate to people.

Jow Forums... 2 interesting posts for every 87 stupid posts.

1 good conversation for every 55 repeat threads

After scrolling for some time now this is pretty accurate of who the majority of people here are, but I won't let myself turn into a degenerate. I'm 19 and have a decent social life and I have a thing for experiencing different mediums/perspectives. I don't like most social media apps besides instagram. Twitters been cool but it feels like I'm not following enough people with similar interests as me but at the same time I don't like following people idk. I see Jow Forums as uncharted waters and want to see how much entertainment I can get from here.

Oh you will go down the dark path
You are here forever son
You will praise Hitler, debate on whether Asuka or Rei is better and then realize Misato is the third option, learn the truth, argue with people over bread, learn about SS and /ss/, you will fap to a lot of hentai and you will learn to love muscle girls, onis and tomboys.
And most importantly

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It's made me a better man

Yer fucked boy

You should close your browser and never come back. You'll be better off

It's honestly just not that interesting here. I've floated through a few different boards over the years and the only reason I'm still on Jow Forums instead of off Jow Forums completely is because this is a decent place to talk to people.

Did Jow Forums call you fat?
Did Jow Forums call you a nigger?
Did /v/ tell you to fuck off?
Did /sci/ call you a retard?
Is /b/ too much for you?
You dont belong here

But also, the same twelve dudes all the time.

You sound so fucking cringy

That's some good vetting.

Dude stop trying to make Jow Forums this secret club that only the best of the best can get in. You look retarded

It's amazing but it comes with a cost and there is a steep learning curve, lurk for several years before you post anything.

Why lurk, trial and error is better. In the worst case our user's going to be called a fag

shut the fuck up and leave

are you a clown? This culture is a basic asf. It takes someone like 2 weeks to learn this shit. Get off your highhorse

I've been lurking on and off for about 5 years now, just recently started posting regularly in threads. Sometimes these boards are helpful but you really need to pick the right ones and the right threads. I have had some seriously good discussion on here but there's lots of shit to wade through.

I come here mostly for the shitposting because it makes me giggle. If you take yourself too seriously on here you're a fag like

Go away normalfags

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It's not even a big deal kek. If you're asking a question this dumb I don't think you'll fit in here for a while. Just use it or don't, it's not a marriage.

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