What do I do if I'm scared of being naked in front of a girl because I have a small penis

What do I do if I'm scared of being naked in front of a girl because I have a small penis

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Grow a bigger penis.


What you need is confidence. How big is your dick? 3 inch is all you need. If you have less then that then get gud at fingering and eating.

Mine is 4 inches :-)

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I'm a 7, no lie

Accumulate a fetish for SPH and for being dominated by sexy thicc girls who want to giggle and make fun of you

Does this not turn you on user?

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Realize that it’s in your head and be more confident

Imagine yourself as a goldfish or something, none of your emotions matter to the real world

and if you have a small penis well now you are aware you can start to assume the worst, so what if someone does make fun of you?? Gunna cry or fuck? You gotta be resilient. Knowing where the chinks are in your armor is the first step to defending yourself. and your defense should literally be, so what? If you can still make a partner cum it does not matter really.

t. 5.5in

No it just makes me feel even worse
And it's not just my penis (though that is by far the worst part), I have huge thighs from squatting and playing sports and the rest of my body isn't as muscular

Stop being an insecure fuck, your insecurity is more of a turn-off than any size issue.

The meme that women love big dicks is a myth. That's only true for whores who go through 20 dicks a day and could fit anything down there. In reality, length is virtually meaningless as long as you're at least 4 inches, because that's enough to hit the G-spot. Extra length on top of this simply gives a bit of extra pleasure when entering and exiting. But too much length is a problem as well, anything at or above 6 inches is liable to ram the cervix which is quite painful.

Girth is more of a factor, it can genuinely provide more pleasure. However, too much girth can also be an issue, it can be physically impossible to penetrate some girls who are too tight even if you're only a bit above average in girth.

So basically stop being a whiny fuck who thinks you're cursed, many penises are flawed in some way or another, you just have to learn how to make up for your flaws.

OP, you dont realize how lucky you are
>t. Banana

It's so annoying when people think having a big dick is such a great thing. It's a curse, damn it.

My ultimate fetish
I don't even have a small dick
I just think it's so hot when girls giggle at you while you're being humiliated

asian man have smaller dick than you: doesnt stop them fucking like rabbits

Stop bullshitting. You know it's a gift. I couldn't imagine having a small penis. That would just fuck you all up inside. I'm tall, I have a big dick. Life couldn't be better.

They probably don't

Enjoy dying alone / sexless because no woman is willing to put up with an hour of foreplay just to fit.

As a guy with a small dick I love this stuff but you do realize that women are not into that at all right? Very few will indulge it.

That doesn't happen.

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Then you aren't big.

Okay, small guy.

Fucking noodle dick over here trying to brag. Probably a lanklet too. I'd bet that I'm bigger than you but I'm not about to have a literal dick measuring contest with some noodle faggot on a Vietnamese antique collecting forum.

U know whats worse than a small dick?
A fucking 70 degree bend

It was a generic gift. Somebody down the pool had it and still managed to procreate. If she likes you it won't be a problem user

I think 4inch will be enough

I heard that normal Korean dick is 6.9cm. Dont care too much about size

Upwards or downwards?

ah yes creative sonofabitch.mp3

Slight up but mostly right and twisted

Women prefer small dicks. Don't ley porn fool you.

She’ll cut it off and make a lucky keychain from it, at least it’ll get some use.

Finally a (You).