Meet girl at party

>meet girl at party
>we spend the whole night talking to each other
>take her on a date, have a great time
>make plans for a second date
>kiss passionately
>she ghosts me completely
>this was my first date in over a year

why cant i just die

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you saw something in nothing.

sadly it's better she left you after the first date than after because it only gets worse.

if it's any comfort you could have done nothing to make her stay, ye womens are free birds.

>go to party
>Chad is paying attention to Stacy and doesn't even acknowledge me
>meet this nerd
>spend the night talking to him as there is nothing else to do
>he actually nuts up and asks me on a date, decide, fuck it, i got nothing else to do anyway
>turns out he's a total autist but i haven't kissed anyone in a while so i give him a kiss, it's terrible and his breath stinks. he starts talking about having a 2nd date, tell him yea yea just to avoid him sperging out
>ghost this nigga lmao
>Chad msged me today tee hee :)

Did you pay for her food? If so that's why she agreed.

This user get's it. Bitches are hoes a lot of the time unfortunately.

she got back together with her ex or she cheated on her bf with you. happens all the time

Then why don't we trap them in a cage?

this just makes me want to never date again

99% of women I meet aren't worth the time, and the 1% don't want me

wish I was ok with dying alone. I can't help but think about it constantly

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>be 2007
>see cute girl at college
>she has BF but hang out with her anyway.
>have a great night just talking with her
>she dumps BF
>she starts dating me
>3 weeks in tells me I changed her life and she loves me
>3 days later she ghosts me

Technically we are still dating

fuck man that's rough. it's like it doesn't even matter what happens or how it feels with a girl, they all have so many options that as a guy I just feel totally replaceable and worthless

It’s a strange world we live in, would be so much better if it was 1956 and we had good wives they listened to us, worked a simple factory job but could buy a new car ever 4 years.

You could be married and have many children and die alone, if you really want to be nihilistic.

American women tend to be misguided by the rainbow people into believing in female self empowerment. They’re “strong women who don’t need no man”.. meanwhile their biological clock is Chinese water torturing their souls day by day. Empty womb/nest=no meaning to life. Then they hit middle age like a sack of shit, as the dudes they use to date have families and careers. They collect cats most of the time, and then they talk to other hags about how “all men are pigs” or “all the good ones are taken.” basically these dusty ass thunder cunts become Incels during their midlife crisis. Break the mold, the world is a small place with the web. Go get a hot European chick who doesn’t know she’s hot.

man I hate this argument, growing old completely alone is objectively worse than what you're describing

it's also where I'm heading unfortunately

Girls do that shit when they are mentally ill, not because they have options

that's all true but who cares? it doesn't help at all now in the present knowing an entire generation of women have fucked themselves over in the long term. at the end of the day I still have to work with what I've got if I want to not be alone, and what I've got to work with is essentially a dumpster fire

I would love to meet a nice foreign girl. but I'm much too poor to travel, and the lack of intimacy makes online dating pointless to me

with how prevalent ghosting is, I find that hard to believe

Nothing worth getting is easy, Canadian chicks are a close 2nd.

So. Nothing bad happened then. Okay.

You think all these women on social media have healthy minds? lol come on

Eh. It’s pretty standard. Women have to reject guys in different form every single day. Ghosting is just a bi-product of that

You could die if you wanted to, but you seem to be the kind to screw even that up

her problem. don't have the mentality that there's something wrong with you. the world adjusts to you.

This post was brought to you by the local incel

Nice going for the literal 1%, I'm sure you're also an 1% male, right? Fucking mentally ill autist

With all the dicks that went through her orifices since then, you're technically one hell of a cuckold

not the 1% of all women, the 1% of women I meet in my personal life that I'm attracted to (not just physically). I'm not saying I go for only supermodel level women with armies of beta orbiters, just that it gets depressing when I finally meet a girl that I could legitimately see myself being with (which rarely happens) and she ghosts me, especially after showing so much interest.


thanks, I appreciate that. not sure if I understand what you mean by "the world adjusts to you" though

damn I'm a brainlet right now, just got what you meant

I get it but it's hard as shit, practically impossible to stay optimistic.