Life of femcel

I dont have any friend who really meet in real world

I have many hobby, playing game, drawing, writing, etc. But no hobby doing with people

And maybe I will live like this forever. Actually I feel afraid and uncomfortable with people

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It's okay. Make friends with ppl online.

Thanks you I will make friend in online

Have a job? Ask your coworkers about their hobbies and see if they're creative.

I dont have any job now T.T

A job is good.

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Maybe I have to get a job first thanks you

Are you as cute as you type?

I think I am normal Korean girl, and I do not makeup well I am nerd girl T.T

Well, what's keeping you from going outside and meeting new people?

Hey, that's exactly like me.

I wish there was a way to find like-minded people without having to interact with people.
But that's sorta impossible by the virtue of what it is, isn't it?

So all we can do is either suck it up and get out of comfort zone. Suffer human interaction in hopes that we'll come out on top somehow.
Or, alternatively we can give up, and end up rotting and withering alone for the rest of our days.

I chose the second option and it's awful. Every second of life is torture.
Can't recommend. Learn from my mistakes.
Or not. Just be prepared for what's coming.

I am lazy and enjoying my hobby alone is too interesting. I really love game T.T

Yes I really agree I dont wanna too interact with people. Why do you regret your decision?I wanna just minimal relationship, I am comfortable my now situation

Exercise and get a job.

It will be good Thanks you :)

Be one of those streamers.

if you're comfortable with your situation why do you need advice?

Hm, the problem is that to find someone for a relationship, there's no way around talking to people in real life. Long distance relationships are possible, too but you usually end up developing into different directions over time. My little sister is a little bit like that and she met her bf at a con. Maybe, that'd be an idea.

But if you seem to be happy alone, there's nothing wrong. Why do you want to change something?

meet people from Discord, but IRL relationships matter a lot more. If you want you can vc me over discord:

Advice, go onto normie chats and try to talk to them, I used to be incredibly fucking socially awkward and that helped me alot

Aww you seem so cute I want to love you forever and give you hugs and kisses

>tfw I relate to all of this
Why do I have to venture out into normalfag territory to make friends even though I have nothing in common with them?

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Are you sure you've extracted enough vespene gas?

because the difference is essentially an illusion we have built up on ourselves