Not a gun guy help

So i have these bullets laying around and want to do something with them, a necklace or some shit like that. How do i check if they are still active or not? And can i just drill into them?

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They look active to me

Is there a way to check that? A friend told me to shake them, if theres some loose stuff to hear

Considering the projectiles are still in them, I almost guarantee they're live.

Best bet would be to pull the projectiles out with a primer, pour the gunpowder out, find a way to take the primer out, then crimp the projectiles back in.

Maybe ask Jow Forums

*pull the projectiles out with a pliers

You could try showing them up your anus and hitting the primer with a hammer, or you could just listen to us when we tell you that bullets don't just die like that

Best way to open it without damaging it?

You can ise your hands. Just flex around a little.

What's the big one? Looks antique.

primer test

take a nail
put bullet in mouth, pointy bit first
place nail on middle of bullet that’s sticking out
hit nail with something hard like a hammer so it strikes the bullet

If it is berdan primed, (You) cannot safely disassemble.
Relevant question.
I would say go to Jow Forums but they will try to kill you. They will come here.

don't do this

Seriously. You know how you break a paper clip? Same thing but don't try hard enough to cause damage. Just a little effort and it takes a minute or two and in time, bullet slides out. The primer is the next problem. You need a few washers and a tapered chop stick and a hammer. Unless European style primer, then, don't fuck with it.

just looks like an old .308 to me

Don't know the difference between european or.. anything else

It create a mustard gas fyi

There's nothing written on it, completely blank. But i know they're old, my dad gave them to me.

It has a rim. Maybe a .303. But I can't make out a taper from pic.
See if a magnet sticks to the projectile. If it does, it is rare. Maybe messing with valuable history. You could buy a video game with that shit.

grab a piece of wood with a nail that is about 3 cm/1 inch longer than the thickness of the wood
smash nail fully into the wood so you have a pointy nail sticking out. this is needed for the bullet extraction
grab some pliers and firmly hold the bullet in between, then try and hit the nail with the end of the bullet as hard and accurately as u can. the top should go off now and u have separated it.

Does that sound very dangerous or is it simply a joke. I cant tell

By God man, it's a hunting round.

Everyone in this thread is trying to kill you.

With a spitzer point? Nice larping.
But, I'm not.

>drill into them
U gon die

dont fucking do that

From a femanon who actually goes hunting.. I think You should simmer down, son.

Pic related..
but no one around here uses 7mm mag to hunt elk.

You shouldn't be messing with something so dangerous that you're clueless about.

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>With a spitzer point? Nice larping.
plenty of people hunt with spitzers, it's not the fucking 1930s anymore.

If it's in the .30 cal ballpark, hunt with it. It's just 5.56 where I wouldn't, though some people still do.

Left one looks like a .223 cal / 5.56mm or .30 cal as others have pointed out, middle one looks like a .45 cal, and right one looks like a 9mm. That said, it's hard to tell. Easiest way would be seeing the bottom of the casing, or measuring it.

If you don't know what you're doing, call up your local gun club, NRA instructor, or gun shop if you can. Tell them you don't shoot, but you have some ammunition rounds you'd like to empty for sentimental purposes, but don't know how. In my experience, most will help you out.

They'll most likely hold down the round with a clamp, take some pliers, pull out the bullet from the case, empty out the gun powder, and then take a hammer and nail to the back of the primer.

too big to be 5.56, just comparing the caliber to the pistol rounds.
good advice though

Yeah, looking at it now it looks more like a 7.62mm round. Harder to tell in 2D.

Look at the white percussion cap at the bottom. If that has a small dent in the middle like a pin has struck it; it has been fired but who knows, maybe the shell is being reused.

Don't drill into them, don't heat them, don't be a fucking dumbass is what I am trying to say.

You can maybe grab some plyers and pull the warhead out of the shell casing and empty the powder out. Get rid or the percussion cap and all that good stuff. I'm sure you can find tutorials online of people stripping down bullets.

Percussion cap is the silver bit at the bottom

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It was the 1930s when that shit was made. Looks like nodular cast.
It is commonly called a primer. Bullets are easy to remove by hand. I do it all the time I find an unfired in popular locations.

Cartridge is rimmed. Not 30 or 556

>It was the 1930s when that shit was made
Not really the point, it's that old military rounds are now hunting rounds. Part of the life cycle of military weapons really.

Even old british .557/.450 breach loaders used to be popular hunting rifles because so many ended up in circulation, just like the moist nugget.

Closest match I can find is 9x53mm Russian, cartridge looks the same but there are different projectiles for it with different shaped points, hard to find a picture of the varieties.
Labeled as purpose-made for hunting.

Op there's fucking gun powder in those funny mess with them just shoot them and use the cartridges

Fine. But that shit isn't intended for hunting. You don't wanna punch a neat hole in a deer with an FMJ. Nagants and all those are used for hunting but they won't be loaded like that unless poor buba only has surplus ammunition.