Female therapists

On Jow Forums you would often see threads complaining about female therapists, claiming that they are incapable of understanding male problems?
Are there any truth to this? Are therapists aware that many men feel this way about them?

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Can't speak from personal experience but I had a friend who went to a female therapist and never had anything bad to say, she helped him work out a lot of childhood shit and general anxiety issues. His male doctor on the other hand just gave him the prescription, but he still liked the guy.

That's obviously some incel bullshit. They're trained professionals just like any other therapist. I understand having a preference, I would much rather go to a female therapist (femanon here) than talk to a random dude, but again, it's my preference and I don't claim that a male therapist wouldn't be able to help if I decided to go to him

Does the therapists know what some men feel this way about them?

Idk man, probably? Women are aware of stereotypes about them.

>Women are aware of stereotypes about them.
Which ones are you referring to

I know friends who saw female therapists and said they we're fine. Taking Jow Forums seriously is retarded. Another buddy of mine worked in a neurology lab with one who was apparently an 11/10 and knew her shit super well, not that there aren't also dumb thot ones either.

user, I can't possibly make my sentences more clear.
All women. Including therapists. Know about stereotypes. Like this.

Men tend to not open up emotionally to women therapists. It's the men's fault usually.

>Men tend to not open up emotionally to women therapists. It's the men's fault usually.
how about the other way around

Women love to run their mouth to anyone who will listen. Especially women who need emotional support

it's incorrect, my therapist is female and while she can't personally relate to male specific problems she can understand how I feel or makes me feel

what male specific problems did she failed to relate to

Wish I had a shemale therapist.

Well I'm female but prefer male therapists because they make the session less about a pity fest in my experience and give more concrete solutions. Maybe I've just had bad therapists tho

it's pretty obvious that women aren't qualified to be therapists for men

People tend to have a certain preference for male or female therapists, in my experience. These preferences can come from many places, from sexism to a mistrust of men, past trauma regarding a sex, you name it. I'm sure any therapist with a quarter of a brain understands this.

Not really, from what I can tell thats just the robots being cucks as usual. Every female therapist I've had has understood my issues

I specifically looked for a male therapist. I'm sure a therapist would disagree but I have triple imagining a woman truly understanding certain make issues, and vice-versa. If anything it gives you a better chance that they will understand

Big brain

people keep memeing male issues but basically women cannot understand rejection because women cannot be truly rejected

>certain make issues,
which is

friend of mine is interning to be a therapist- she's horrible at actually relating to guys, but good at faking it.
She's horrible at relating to a lot of people, come to think of it. She's been through so much terrible shit in so little time that she thinks most people's problems are trivial, though she'll only say it if she's angry enough.
Also some of her advice is unsettling when you realize that's how she really thinks. She thinks a perfectly reasonable solution to a long-distance relationship is move across the state or across the country. So she has her list of fuck-buddies in other states she stops in with whenever she has a road trip.

So if you want someone who's even less stable than you are to be your therapist, go to her.

I never understood this thing. Are you seriously willing to pay your own hard-earned money to a random person who """listens""" to you? How retarded you should be?

You obviously have never looked into therapy or counseling before. In my experience, they often were like life workshops.

Believe what you want..I am in therapy not trying to refute some gender bullshit for you

I've gone to 2 female psychiatrists/therapist and 1 male.

It's half true, women aren't going to understand you as much but if she's a psychiatrist and your problems are unrelated to gender it's fine. Avoid female psychologists though, actually just dumb thots.

There is truth to that statement sort of. Ideally, a professional is a professional and their sex doesn't matter, and you can find women who are understanding of male problems enough. Mind you, one doesn't need to be 100 % 'feeling' the problem in threapy or even in other medical profession to help still -- there are guide lines how to deal with certain stuff, you are not that unique.

Where the truth in your assumption comes in is that this level of professionalism, as in every profession, goes to the top players of the given field - and they are almost always men. So, the problem is not female lack of understanding of male's perspective (that never was really needed), but female lack of talent and skill overall.

My therapist is a female. They gave me an option if I wanted a male or female and I told him that I really don’t care. My only requirement was someone who is older than me (she’s around 12-15 years older).
She turns out to be great and real helpful to me. Just like anyone, be it male or female, it was after a couple of sessions that comfortable and started to open up to her.
She has her credentials and is not a kid. I talk to her confidentially about my problems.

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I would say at least get an older therapist. Younger ones are too inexperienced to deal with more troubled clients.

I've 'truly rejected' women plenty of times.

kind of
my therapist gives me solid life advice and helped me a lot, yet when I try to discuss masculinity, she shrugs it off and says that I should focus instead on becoming a better person because being "manly" and "womanly" is ingrained in our biology and we can't change it. men are as manly as they get and women are as womanly as they get, that sort of thing. she says that I should drop the whole "gender" rethoric, from both a conservative (it's what a MAN should do!) and a liberal (gender is a social construct, it's a fluid concept!) standpoint
it's a reasonable answer and I don't necessarily dissagree, yet I'd like to talk more about what being manly means, and I feel that I can't do it with her

Depends on the person getting therapy. If it works it works. If it doesnt just find another. I went through 3 therapists before I found one I liked. Happened to be a man and I'm a man.

wow that's a great analogy

all of them, she can't personally relate to a male specific problem

there are good therapists and bad therapists.

since women make the majority of therapists, one might be led to think that women have a bias while it's simply statistics, more of a X thing causes more of an Y thing, where X is female therapists and Y is bad female therapists.

>Are there any truth to this?
Yup, all of it. For example, a female can't relate to never having any support from anyone simply because she has never experienced it in her life.
>Are therapists aware that many men feel this way about them?
Females aren't that smart, so I doubt that. They are just doing what they were taught and we all know how women are actually disgusted by men who show weakness or show too much emotion.

I've tried getting advice from women. Professional therapists, normal girls, findom operators. It's all the same. Now I've moved back in with my parents and the last counselor never convinced me otherwise.