Why is suicide taboo?

The world is full of suicidal people, but everyone is trying to stop them from leaving this cruel world. Why? Don't people have the right to die as much as they have the right to live?

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Because it multiplies the suffering.
>People who find body
>People who have to clean area where body was
>Everyone who witnessed
>Everyone "inconvenienced" by it

Thats a good question. I predict that there will be a movement of suicidal people soon. When Goethe dropped one of his Albums people mass suicided because of it. Maybe thats how we ll fix the climate, the economy etc.

Oh, so suicidal people should keep suffering so others don't suffer? Not everyone wants to be Jesus, user.

Just from an economic perspective society loses out of thousands of dollars when someone commits sudoku.


No, I didn't say that. Firstly, the question was why is suicide taboo, I answered. Secondly, it's a false dichotomy that it is either suffering or death.

My friend committed suicide in his neighbor's shed. No one made money there, user.

>My friend committed suicide
He wanted to leave this world. Why should anyone stop him? What right does anyone to decide whether someone should keep living a life he doesn't want anymore?

Because dying is bad, mmkay?

Killing yourself is seen as taboo cause it goes against human nature's inclination for self-preservation; certain exceptions are made for example you're going to die shortly from a physical condition and want to end the suffering, but only as a last resort. When people see someone who wants to kill themselves, they're treated as a taboo cause they think they'll catch it like virus. Because it's part of that same human nature for self-preservation.


As the other anons said, it just makes everyone around you sad. Personal anecdote, a friend of my gf had two brothers. One of them commited suicide, and the other one did too after the death of his brother. Shes suicidal as well now and I dont even want to imagine how her parents must feel. But youre right you dont need to suffer for your friends and family. But you can ask yourself why you suffer. I was severely depressed and had a failed suicide attempt, and looking back at it it was the correct decision to get professional help at that point and getting my life back together. Its up to you

>When people see someone who wants to kill themselves, they're treated as a taboo cause they think they'll catch it like virus
That's stupid.

>I was severely depressed and had a failed suicide attempt
So did I. In fact, I have chronic depression and suicidal tendencies.
>getting my life back together
I have a job and money now, but I'm as lonely as ever.

Why would you bring economics into this?
Economics is a fucking mental illness.

- western culture is rooted in Judeo-Christian morality which posits that human life is sacred

- if you opt out of the game that everyone is miserably playing every day, it makes them question themselves

- work and pay your taxes stupid goy

Because it's super easy to do if you aren't retarded. Jesus Christ some of y'all are dumb af.

>Judeo-Christian morality which posits that human life is sacred

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This is far too complex an issue to cover on such a myopic medium as Jow Forums. I couldn't possibly hope to elaborate on this without the usual internet stand-offs detracting immensely simply by derailment.

Suffice it to say, stifling of agency in general is a big, designed problem because people with agency progress and progress is inherently kind of anti-capitalistic. Given most of the first world revolves around money, it's just a contest of potential earnings vs guaranteed losses, but people don't like to wax pragmatic so they've attached a morality to it.

>this thread again
you're almost as bad as "how do I know a girl likes me" Wojack poster

The greatest freedom in life is the ability to end it. If life is truly unbearable then there is nothing wrong with ending it yourself. And if you rationally decided to end your life then you should not be stopped by the demands of others. Your life is yours and only you can control your thoughts and actions.

But too many people give up too easily. They want to kill themselves because they lost a job, got divorced, lost a bunch of money or property, are in some temporary pain or self-inflected emotional distress. And some people are just lazy or demoralized and want an easy way out rather than fixing the problems they have.

If you are in the state that is usually called "suicidal", then you should probably not kill yourself, because your decision is probably not rational. Wait a few weeks (or even just a good night's sleep) and see if you still want to do it. Probably you won't.

>Killing yourself is seen as taboo cause it goes against human nature's inclination for self-preservation
So why is homosexuality accepted nowadays rather than seen as something that needs to be treated? It goes against human nature's inclination to reproduce

What is the easy way to do it given one.doesn't.have access to firearms?

Gay sex is natural, all of the apes do it too. Being purely gay is unnatural. Not being part of a family that produces and raises more new humans is unnatural. The gay drugs-and-party bachelor-forever lifestyle is unnatural and destructive, just like the roastie cock carousel lifestyle is unnatural and destructive.

Get a weight vest and jump off a cruise ship

Get a solid rope, tie the knot and google for the proper drop height for long fall hanging. The drop will break your neck and you die instantly.

Oh and make sure the knot is under your ear when you do the drop, the sideways force helps with the neck breaking.

If the drop is too long or the rope too thin, then you might get decapitated. If the drop is too short then you might not break your neck and choke to death. But if the drop is somewhere close to the proper height then you will be rendered unconscious by the shock and the choking will be painless. There are charts for the proper drop height for the respective body weight. Whatever happens, you will die though.

Cool. Do you.mind sharing the chart? The decapitation sounds worrisome

Well, it's worrisome for the people who have to clean up afterwards. There are several charts, the one used by the Brits is probably the most trustworthy. I would go with the most recent one. But obviously I never tried it myself.

If you want to be nice, schedule an automatic mail for the police with your location so they can clean up your corpse while its still fresh and easy to pick up.

Thank you

No one is stopping anyone, people are just discouraging it.

>The decapitation sounds worrisome
Lol wtf

No don’t do it!!!!

Ignore this tard


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Orthodox Christianity is many things but I wouldn’t call it autistic.

Im calling you autistic

People's right to commit suicide is no different from people's right to wolf down their own shit.
It's inanely wrong, nobody has to justify finding it taboo and fighting such taboo is invalid and meaningless.
Pessimism and nihilism fags have numbed society enough. Giving them what they want is not a good idea.

Cuz suicide shows the world u can’t take care of unselfish and are greedy. Generally it brings in more harm to others than good. There is always someone it will hurt.
>dude offs himself. He has dog.
>couple of days later friends check on him
>dog is dead due to dehydration

Always someone it hurts. Talk out ur problems


Because youre actually thinking religion will fix someone suicidal

Go fuck yourself, I know suicidality well and have so far managed to not kill myself. The proper way to die is on morphine surrounded by loved ones and possibly a priest if you’re into that.

Jesus went to the poor and the destitute.

And Jesus got nailed to a fucking cross. How about you let that happen to you? Hmmm?

My uncle killed himself a few years back, and no one around him is the same. As much as I try to logic it out, as much as I don't think about it, it fundamentally transformed me. I can't quite explain it, but it's like someone put a heavy lampshade over my old light.

And that's just me, his nephew that lives on the other side of the country (even though we were close). His daughter is a fucking wreck, and none of the family is capable of helping her. She's lost all of her hope in life, and the rest of the family can't replace the father figure she lost. It's uncomfortable talking to her, and she was the closest thing I have to a sister.

That's just my personal experience, forget the experience of my friends whose dad put a bullet in his head while on the phone with them.

Father forgive them for they know not what they do.

why is society ok with abortion but not suicide

isn't it the same my body my choice argument.

like if someone wants to commit suicide everyone freak out and they tell them that they need to seek help, try all the options out there etc.

but why don't they encourage this sort of mentality with abortion?

I know what im doing. Want me to nail you to a cross?

>I know what im doing
No you don’t

Jesus was damned to hell for all eternity for his transgressions.

Contrary to what (((conservatives))) want you to believe, most people get abortions because they don't feel like they can give someone else the life they deserve. It's not the same, a suicide brings suffering to many just to aliviate the suffering of one (obvious exceptional circumstances redacted).
An abortion is a sacrifice for the better of all involved which suicide from depressive episodes usually can't be.
I am not pro abortion anyway, plus a big portion of even most pro abortion people still understands that it's "wrong" to some degree.
All life has value and don't kill yourself or others though.

Good thinking goy heheh

Do you have the right to traumatize everyone in your life? Fuck you. Grow some skin and play the game of life with the rest of us. You might even enjoy yourself if you stopped assposting on this horrifying echochamber.

Sure thing Jew

>find new owner for dog
>bring dog to new owner

>someone is suffering so greatly that they perceive death to be preferable to continued suffering
nah fuck off

Yes everyone has the right to die, but its taboo because you are cutting your life's potential short. You have the right to happiness too and its worth sticking around to search for it. Its the ultimate mistake you cant come back from.

Theres a LOOOOT of people living terrible lives. No offense but have you seen people with down syndrome or people confined to wheel chairs? Yeah youre lucky youre not in their situation. Those people dont even see themselves as unlucky. They just keep on living and want to do so peacefully.

Suicide doesnt just affect you, it affects others too. Imagine the reaction of your friends and family. It will affect them psychologically forever because of a selfish action.

>friends and family will be sad or something
What if one does not have friends or family, it's fine then?

No it doesn't and that's not the reason. Suicide is taboo because it takes away another worker ant from society, sole reason. All that yadda about muh crying friends is all bullshit. If you're seriously suicidal you've spoken 'for the last time' with all your friends atleast once so that there is closure, however painful.

That's the only way I can understand someone wanting to end it all. You got no one and you think you're not worth anything and prove it with your history.

Yeah that's the main reason I chose not to do it. I know the rest of my family won't be able to take it. We're cut off from the rest as it is, if I give them that kind of blow the rest will follow from sadness alone coupled with age and/or history of traumas and self harm.

Incorporate the “shadow” man!

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