Should i tell my friend-crush i'm bisexual before confessing or not?

Should i tell my friend-crush i'm bisexual before confessing or not?

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Why would you do that?

Why? Are you perhaps retarded?

Sure, might as well come out before you ruin your relationship with your friend.

Dunno, maybe it would be good to come out, it could show him i trust him a lot and might allow for some flirting (i think he's at least a bit curious)

I'd rather confess to him and get rejected than keep it secret and let these thoughts drive me further into insanity, even if that means risking our friendship, i just wouldn't stand it.
Is it this risky tho?

Wait, which genders are you two?


Unless your friend is a gaybasher or something (which I highly doubt) he might continue to be friends with you, but the dynamic and the way he looks at you will definitely change if he declines your interest.

He is straight and will want nothing to do with you after you confess your gay crush to him. Just forget it.

nothing good will come from this.

I'm just getting more indecisive about this

Not OP but I was in a similar situation. The guy has said really questionable things to me in the past that made me question his sexuality and it made everything really confusing. He's had a gf for 6 years though and has pretty much always had a gf at some point. I always thought he was bicurious or a bi closet case but at this point it's too late to try anything since we're in our late 20s now. I probably had opportunities when we were younger but that's gone now. I'd say fuck it, go for it if you're young and he's not dating anyone.


Gross, and you're a woman too, why is it always the bitches that are "bi-sexual"

I will confess to him at the end of the month when the leaves will turn yellow for sure, thanks a lot

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I'm a man tho

Uh, hell yes.

Are you a man or a woman?? B/c this sadly is a huge factor. I’m bi and wouldn’t mind/downright prefer talking to a bi guy but most women believe bi men as closeted gays- it’s strange but its vice verse for men that don’t care at all

Ah, nvm I read the rest of the thread.
Most men nowadays won’t downright be cruel, but hell pretty much disappear from your life if he’s really straight again bi/gay men have it much worsd

Yeah tell him. Bisexual women get turned down anyways. You're just a lesbian trying not to be one.

Lmao mb op thought you were a girl
anyways yeah basically this, straight guys think it's weird when you talk about gay things

I think i decided
If we ever touch on a topic of sexuality i will tell him i'm bi

If things go right i will confess at the end of this month

If he wants us to be just friends i'll be fine with that
If he'll ghost me i'll prolly kill myself as i don't have much fun in life outside of meeting up with him
If he says yes then i'll tell you about it in the next thread

I really hope things work out for you user, but even in the worst case scenario and he ghosts your life is worth living. Anyway, romantically or platonic however it shakes up I hope he stays close to you, lost a friend that way but it’s rare as a girl, for you it’s more likely, good luck

>Imagine being gay and having this possibly straight friend who's cute but I don't want to weird him out.
>He says he's bisexual :o
>He says he likes me! :O

Sometimes it's better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what your not. Best of luck user!

I'd have no problem with a bisexual girlfriend. There's no downsides. And threesome's are always an option. It's not really a problem unless he thinks it is. Come out first and see what his reaction is. Go from there.

>all these anons who think OP is a girl
It's kinda funny

Yeah i should've specified it

Actually! I happen to be the person on the other side (a girl tho). Id advise you to spontaneously share with your friend that you are bi, and let him process this information first. If you confess first, you might scare him off. If he first finds out you are inrerested in men, this idea might grow in his mind :D sorry for being chaotic ahah

I agree, I'd take it slow. See how receptive he is