Oh shit what do i say

Oh shit what do i say

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Why did you even write that in the first place?

"so... what is it? lick-clit or dick-sucking?"

"It's gotten a lot harder these days since everyone is a gay faggot queer quadrato-sexual"

"marry me"

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Did you know that beer has the same acidity as vagina?

Do those 2 checkmarks mean she read it?

Holy shit i hate women with short hair
Theyre either gay or fucking mentally ill

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>implying homosexuality isnt a mental illness

No its a logo if u havent bought premium snapchat is kiked these days

Thank you for this.

With idiots like you it makes it so much more easy for other men to bang her.

Why would you say that and ruin your chance? Absolute cringe

Im not trying to fuck her

You already finished the conversation. Congratulations, OP.
You could have used any of these:

Sorry I shouldve used "wrist cutting degenerate" instead of mentally ill


Very based

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Persistence is seriously so underrated right now in the dating market. Girls are used to guys not trying, and purposely ghost guys to see if they chase. They want guys who chase nowadays and it’s kinda weird.

"Oh that's cool, but I probably suck dick better than you ever will. Feel free to prove me wrong."

this was the laugh i needed today, thanks user

I dont play games like that. If she ghosts me that means she's not interested, period.

"That's cool, I used to eat pussy until I got a taste for sweet, sweet butthole"

It’s 50/50. I’ve fucked up multiple times by not showing enough initial interest.

Frantically message her three hours later saying "SORRY MY FRIEND TOOK MY PHONE"


"No need to be sorry, I like you. How about you lick and suck with me? Lick a nice girl friend, suck me and I take care of you both? I'm also flexible inclusive that way".

"I'm intrigued since I have both a penis and a clitoris."

Offtopic question, what do you say if a girl send you nudes by surprise

Damn girl that made my peepee go BA-DOING!

send hard dingdong

This OP

Hah, what a faggot.

what a move

Either of these are pretty funny and likely to elicit a response.

Savage, I salute you, good sir.

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"Lol no, I'm good thanks haha!
this one can actually work

Your mum feeds into how I see the world anyway.

Different girl

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Post more. Based shit

What even is the point of this? Like what do you hope to accomplish by sending girls on tinder a bunch of messages that look like they were written by 12 year olds on a porn site? Reevaluate your life man. You're cringe as fuck.

Shut up roastie

Have children

Rejection coping mechanism

he did it
the madman

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Fucking based.


>cool... in what way?

Tell me what to say to her

you look like you'd enjoy my bbc

Another girl

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Your lack of coy has been working so far. I think listening to us would fuck up your mojo.

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why do women always do this wannabe therapist
distanced conversation style

>oh! and how does that make you fell?
>really? how is that?
>I bet! Tell me more.
>What does that mean for you?

like talking to a computer

Did you get to coom?

bump, this whole thread is gold. is there a board where u fuckers do this reply-vote shit regularly?

Post more

Is that easy?


>coomposting got someone laid

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oh shit I see where this is going though

normies are gonna pick up on coom posting if they haven't already, then they're gonna make jokes about it, then end up absolutely saturating the normiesphere with coom jokes and pick up lines

get it while it's hot

goddamnit OP you legend

Wait, so to get laid you have to be vulgar and stupid?
Is this key to getting gf as well?

Close, but not quite. The key is confidence and not caring.

Jow Forums but it only works with the jacked autists

I guess I'd rather stay single than act like this.

Fresh girl lads

What say?

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Your choice

"unspecified deity" ur such a fucking pig

Fresh meat that needs some good dicking

What should she wear lads?

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You're giving way too much credit to girls. But I don't blame you since you've probably been brainwashed into respecting women by the schools and the media.

Make her wear stretchy pants like yoga pants or lululemons, NO PANTIES,

idc what you pick for her top

I want to pork you

>not a short skirt with thigh high stockings
Pleb taste

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Skirt in autumn, not bad. But skirts don't let you see the shape of her ass so I prefer the yogas.

It's not about respecting women but about acting like an animal without self-respect.
If some random girl started telling me stuff like on these pics I would feel more repulsed than enticed.

Not that guy but I'm looking to find a gf not a hookup. It's the equivalent of a verbal dickpic

OP wtf is your profile pic?

This OP, You might be a based coom poster but you need to show face

Me lookin happy with frens

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Why do 99% of all women on tinder seem absolutely uninteresting? They might be hot but it does nothing for me. I'm swiping left on everything.

Invite as many women as you can to that bar

Kek, that would be funny.

Holy FUCK. Im going to do that user

Thos three part where you ask her to try again and call her a cow instead of a pig.

you would maintain your self-respect by not replying or by not using online hook-up apps in the first place

he's putting in as much as needed, he's honest, and he's treating the women on online hook-up apps as they want to be

why are they both called aisling

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This is bait.

Welcum 2 ireland user

This is fucking gold. Are you still here OP?

How long until coomposting reaches reddit? That's where it dies but also where it takes off...

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please tell me you're actually going to pipe this bitch, OP

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Jesus she thirsty. Post her profile pics.

Wait how old is she?

Its a catfish or op is larping with someone