How to stop overthinking everything?

How to stop overthinking everything?

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I've thought about that question for hours and hours and I don't have an answer yet

I got you patato. What's the opposite of thinking? Action.

I got you a bag of potatoes. Whatever.

For me meditation diddnt really work, but rather I'd try to take mental notes of everytime I was thinking ridiculous thoughts in my head, and try to quite them, and just breath, of course they would come back the next 4 minutes but I kept doing that specific thing and eventually realized I'm the master of my own thoughts, and they dont control me. Also studying stoicism has really helped me learn to ACT not REACT and its changed my life for the better. You have to keep trying tho, you can do this user.

Stop being a fucking spaz.

Do you have anxiety?


What's making you anxious? And dont say everything.

My parents reaction

Mindfulness. Accept negative thoughts and let them be there and literally tell yourself (over and over again) “I don’t need to think about this. I can be smart and problem solve without spending all day worrying. That’s not doing me any good.”

It ain’t easy, but it’s very doable. Source: formerly anxious wreck who overthought everything. It gets better, but you have to put the work in.

Depends what you're overthinking. If it's just general life stresses, try using calendars, do-do lists, amd just genreral notes. I find that of I write something down in a place where I know I will chwck it and be reminded of it later, it helos me let go of it because I no longer need to keep it in working memory.
If it's then we need more info. Reaction ro what? Are your parents nutters? Or are you doing some stupid shit you shouldn't be and you're worried they'll find out?

Watch more star wars and Indiana jones.

I overthink everything outside me life routine
For example friday party, I am afraid that my parents will tell me that I should study instead partying on friday, however I study and I do well at school
Im 18

i like you

you meditated without even knowing it. Nice job user




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You have to be you, sometimes it's fun to be spontaneous and do something funny. Giving other people a good laugh can help you to see everything does not need to be thought out to the nth degree. Breathe, enjoy life user!