Does she look white or asian? If I were to have children with an asian...

Does she look white or asian? If I were to have children with an asian, what’s the likelihood they would have strawberry blonde hair? Opinions or advice?

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She's honrary. Go for it.

Very low, since blonde hair genes are recessive.

I'm gonna take a better guess that's an ombre dye job and not natural because she has dark eyes. Natural Blonde with brown eyes is a rare combo.

She’s both


Girl doesn't look asian at all to me.
Looks white and cute as fuck. Her eyes are a little squinted I guess which I guess you could kind of pull an "asian" look from, but I don't really think so. Hell I get told that myself about my own eyes and I'm white as fuck.

She hella cute though OP, so congrats.

I don't know all the mendel shit but my half breed goes to school with a bunch of other half breeds at an asian/gaigen school and there are plenty of curly redish blond kids running about.

chin too wide. jaw too wide. face long instead of round. cheekbones too small. brow to tip of nose distance around equal to that from tip of nose to jaw. no way she's Asian. eyes like these happen with a lot of people (see: Bjork).
I don't know how mixing works, but doesn't look like mixed either.

Her eyes are squinted because she’s half asian and yeah she is cute

some men with their loved ones have this most calm and content smile, its like they've found this great and incredible peace and happiness in life, like they have no reason to be on edge, almost childish in it's innocence

in those pictures the woman never smiles the same but maybe that's just one of those biological things, who knows

also they might not be blonde, and she could pass for a few things

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Op is an ugly fuck, this girl can do better and let's hope she does

Looks don’t matter. Maybe he treats her good. Maybe they are getting married.

>asks on azerbaijani hay trussing imageboard if she is Asian, implying that he wants to have aryan offspring
>treats her good
Yeah sure

To produce beautiful blond or red haired kids DO NOT have a non white, non blond wife or husband. If I had my way blonds and red heads would be required to have at least 5 kids.

She looks like a weird white person. Not Asian but kind of off

Not aryan offspring necessarily, but would like our children to have strawberry blonde hair. My fiancé is half asian and half white.

I think she’s gorgeous! No, if the people in the photo had kids, they would have dark hair and let’s hope they look more like the lady in the photo. (Sorry if the guy is OP)

Hopefully they won't get your hair genes, they are shit senpai. Super fine hair and you are balding visibly...

I have brown eyes and blonde hair and know a few people with the same combo. We exist, but we also tend to have light brown eyes (with green or amber mixed in) and not dark dark brown eyes like hers. We also all tend to have dark golden blonde hair and not like actual blonde

Looks don’t matter.. yes her hair is dark, naturally. She’s the only dark haired half asian one in her family, the rest of her sisters have naturally light hair.

You write like a roastie. Are you Asian too?

Also, if looks don’t matter to you, why do you care about your future children’s hair color? Pathetic.

Then go for it. It sounds like you want the ok from a bunch of sad nerds.
No one truly cares m8. Take responsibility for your own life

I am a white femanon

Hmmm. I was thinking the same thing. Like who cares? As long as your kids are healthy, right? Isn’t that what a good future parent usually focuses on? Not their kids’ hair color...

I dated a "white adjacent" person and worried about having weird looking children some day. I felt actual relief when we broke up with respect to that possibility, and I took that as a lesson that it is important to me and will now only date other whites.
OP you need to do your own self reflection. The answer won't come from us. Of it's important to you then act accordingly. If not she is cute enough but doesn't look 100% euro

>Looks don't matter
>I want my children to have strawberry blonde hair

Hi. My name is Rashida Jones. Im half black and half white.

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You’re a racist

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You're trying to reproduce for the wrong reasons.

is this true

post feet