Femanon here. I just got a job offer at a very large tech company. The problem is... it's too good

Femanon here. I just got a job offer at a very large tech company. The problem is... it's too good.
My boyfriend is also in tech and he's absolutely amazing, but he's severely underpaid. He could easily get a good job that pays lots more than his current role but he likes his job, and he likes his peers.
Last night he came home almost in tears because I'm about to make almost 3x his salary and he feels emasculated. I don't know what to do to make things better.
I love him very much and I'm tempted to not take the offer to save our relationship. I will do everything I can to stay with him because he's the best thing that ever happened to me.
What would you do?

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>I love him very much and I'm tempted to not take the offer to save our relationship.
Don't do that. Don't do things to mend men's egos, it's never reasonable.

your boyfriend is insecure, leave him

just take the job but be prepared to lose him

Find a guy whose more ambitious and not a pussy. He's not upset about the money, it's the realization you just hustled harder than him.

Just give him some of your paycheck

Just kidding, don't actually do that. Tell him to deal with it.

Doesn't it worry you that your boyfriend doesn't have your best interests in mind and wants to hold you back for the sake of his own ego?

This post reeks of permavirigin catlady.

>you just hustled harder than him
She's getting a cushy job in the tech industry because she had a cunt. Her boyfriend is most likely thrice as talented as she is but was born with the wrong set of genitals and wrong shade of skin for the current political climate.

everyone is insecure u fuckin retard

>permavirigin catlady.
exact opposite :)

>She's getting a cushy job in the tech industry because she had a cunt.
Even if this r9k logic is true it doesn't change the fact she has a great opportunity. He chose to stay at a lower paying job, that's his deal not hers. Fuck him desu, he should be happy for her, not tearing her down. If she doesn't take the job just because of his insecurities then fucking kek, what a shitty relationship. Imagine limiting you success just so your partner doesn't get jelly.

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Don’t disrespect sly cooper with that cuck post

>Even if this r9k logic is true
Are you some kind of retarded bird with your head in the sand? Can you not look around and see the writing on the wall you fucking troglodyte? Getting women in tech has been the big issue for over half a decade now. You only oust yourself for the retard you are trying to deny reality like this. You wanna try denying affirmative action next you fucking tard?

OP also says next to nothing about what her boyfriend had to say other than "he was upset"
If I had to witness first hand certain groups being given a fast track to success in my field of work because they have a cunt or brown skin I'd be pretty fucking upset too.

You type like a nigger though so I assume you are steaming mad.

Take the job. Maybe you did get it because of the diversity meme like other people here are saying, but even if you did that's not your problem. Take a gift whe it's given to you. Making more money than a girl is one of those things that's nice, but if you don't you can just shrug it off and find other ways to dominate her. It's not THAT big of a deal unless she's flaunting it in public or going around telling people she makes more than you. Just tell your BF you'll keep your incomes private and not brag about it. If he still can't handle it he just has fragile ego and it's not worth catering to his lack of confidence.
t. dude.

lie and tell him you turned down the job. Take the job anyway and start fucking your new chad boss. When bf finds out tell him "sorry this pussy aint pleased by broke dick"

Take the job and then get him in there. Just make sure you guys don't work the same job.

that's retarded, your boyfriend sounds retarded
taie the job, if he's underpaud, it's his faukt for not getting a better job, if you're actually just better it's his fault for not trying harder
I don't get why other men care so much about money, as if it was a sign of anything
in the end you'll both have more, there really is no downside to this

Just letting you know what's what retard. Give the truth some time to settle in.

I love giving advice on Jow Forums! OP take the job, your bf should be supporting you and be happy for this great offer.
Wow so ass blasted you had to report the dude calling you out? Lmao
slutty dog lover

Wtf? Tell him to get over it lol
If hes truely a man than he will go out and get a job as good as yours

Take the job and get him a position at yours if you can. If you live together, even better, what does it matter if he ia doing what he loves and so are you? Kanye makes way less money than Kim, there are plenty of athletes that make less money than their supermodel gfs and all that bullshit. He is in a good position dating you and you can also help raise him up and get his talent recognized, take the job.

Also tell him to get some therapy.

Just leave him already OP, your relationship isn't salvageable.

Reminder that insecure losers like OP's bf can get a gf. You have no excuse.

I guarantee you that he's not as upset as you think he is.

>be a woman in tech
>get offered all sorts of shit because you have a vagina
man I'm glad I don't work in IT

stop being american

>Last night he came home almost in tears because I'm about to make almost 3x his salary and he feels emasculated
bruh what the fuck am i reading. how does your pussy even get wet around this dumb ass nigga?
>Kanye makes way less money than Kim
extremely poor example. one, because you don't know if that is really the case, and 2, because even if that were true, Kim knows for a FACT that Kanye is more important and more valuable than she is in every measurable way other than the actual money numbers. Kanye will go down as a legend in the music industry. Kim knows she'll go down as that hoe that put out a porn clip and this is how she got famous. Kanye is BETTER than Kim, and this is why she's with him.
meanwhile, OP is in the IT sector, which is very specific. this means she has actual skills and this is why she's getting the higher paying job (assuming there isn't any part about her sucking someone's dick to get that). her boyfriend on the other hand has less skill, gets paid less, and is insecure as fuck, as much as to fucking almost cry because his gilfriend is better than him.
OP is probably fat, ugly, or both to be honest. no sexy woman would stay in this position.

You obviously do not work in tech because you do not have a fucking clue as to how things work.

What you should do is find a hot Chad co-worker and start cheating on your beta cuckold boyfriend daily. Then use your boyfriends credit card to buy lingerie to wear for Chad. That'll teach him!

sure bud

take the job, fuck his feelings. oh nooo, you're gonna be too good for meeee. As if you already aren't. If he wants to be better, than he better hustle for it instead of trying to hold you back. A man works, that is all that is expected of us. That is how we have defined ourselves against women. Tell him "Bitch, you wanna go out and make more money than me then go ahead. This how much money I'm gonna be making. Now get naked. The value of this pussy just went up, and your going to ride in luxury after you clean it with your tongue." Remember you can fuck most of your problems away in relationships.

>Bitch, you wanna go out and make more money than me then go ahead. This how much money I'm gonna be making. Now get naked. The value of this pussy just went up, and your going to ride in luxury after you clean it with your tongue
lmao holy fuck. Is this how normal people talk?

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>but he likes his job, and he likes his peers.

then if money is not an issue, why is he butthurt about you getting a big fat raise?

because he's actually a low confidence and self esteem loser and OP largely overestimates his capabilities. he probably CAN'T get a much better paying job, or if he can, he's probably too lazy to deal with it. both scenarios are bad.

you didn't address the point.

if the main issue is monetary, as OP suggested and his partner does not see money as a primary issue then there should be no problem.

then OP said the partner feels emasculated since she would now earn 3 times as much.

so the issue must not be money but something different.

or the issue is money and he's not telling the truth.

>he's actually a low confidence and self esteem loser and OP largely overestimates his capabilities.

yeah Freud, go project somewhere else.

are you a woman? because my response DIRECTLY responded to your question. imma try to make it clearer for you baby
>then if money is not an issue
IT IS the issue, because he DOES want to make more money, but he probably can't and OP is overestimating how capable he actually is
>why is he butthurt about you getting a big fat raise?
because he's actually a low confidence and self esteem loser, and instead of getting his shit together and aiming to get a better job, instead he wails about how much better than him his girlfriend is

nope not a woman, just not an insufferable raging fag as you are, apparently.

I was asking questions, you are answering giving your ideas and refuting any further scrutiny, furthermore you're not even OP.

your only constructive criticism is "he's a piece of shit bla bla"

what if he isn't?
what if it's not up to you to judge?
what if you wait for OP's answer and shut your trap?

Start leaving cash on the bedside table after you fuck him, pay for dinner when you are out etc.
Never address it, just make him know that you bring home the money.
Best case scenario, he gets over it and laugh along the jokes, worst case he gets more pissy and you get a good laugh out of that.

Oh and encourage him to get another job that pay more. I know women are treated slightly better in the tech industry and it is hard to triple your income just to make things even but he could get closer.

OP hasn't answered to a single post since this thread has been created 7+ hours ago, you absolute fucking retard. at this point we are just discussing whatever the fuck we are able to discuss from gathering whatever little info there is from her single fucking post.
i'm confident that if i was on some psychedelics right now i would be able to actually FEEL my braincells dying from having to read and answer your dumbass fucking posts holy shit kill yourself honestly

oh right, then there's one thing which is sure, I don't know why you are being an hardass about this matter, screaming around "I am tough if you aren't you are a shit and you need to die"

who hurt you user?
Daddy was rough, mommy didn't hug you enough?

Childhood neglect and bullying makes you believe that mistreating others and "beating them into shape" is the right way to interact with people, it is not, it just propagates the damage.

Take the job. If he's a beta bitch you'll part, but if he's a man he'll either deal with it or advance and find a better job. Relationship should be about pushing each other forward. Explain that you're not willing to stop improving in life because he feels insecure.

Hm. I honestly can't see why he'd feel so bad about that.

Fuck every dumb bitch in the thread telling you to leave him, though. It's ultimately your choice, but I would say take the job. If HE leaves you just because he feels bad that you make more money than him, then that's not love. He chose a low paying job to stay with his friends and do what he likes, there is nothing to be ashamed of about that. Not like he's any less of a man because his paycheck is smaller than yours. Good luck to both of you.

>your boyfriend is insecure, leave him
Retarded mindset.
Everyone is insecure, being with a partner means having trust to reveal those insecurities so you can work on them together.
Leaving them just makes those insecurities ten times worse and I don't know how you could do that to someone you supposedly love.
Following your advice I would have broken up with my gf around 20 times already, because she was insecure about her weight, the way she looked in a dress, her future at her job, her family relations, fights with her friends just to name a few things.
Notice she WAS insecure about those things, because we worked through them together and our relationship came out stronger afterwards.
She knows she can always approach me about anything and the same goes for me, she will never make me feel weak or inadequate.

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>you didn't address the point.
are you mentally retarded? He did address your point with a perfectly plausible answer. OP's bf suffers from low self esteem and seeing his gf outearn him by this much makes him feel worse. I think it's correct because it's exactly how I would feel in this situation, I might even break up with a girl over something like that.

I think this sounds unreasonable as fuck. Why be mad if my gf makes more than me? It won't do me any bad if we have more money, especially when we live together. But this is apparently an issue to a lot of men and to me they are all faggots.
>muh gf makes me money than me woe is me
Just seems bizarre to me. Honestly who gives a shit

>Some people get hired due to affirmative action
>So that means every non-white male on the planet does!!!!
Dumb incelposter. It's all about nepotism now. She probably just knows one of the people there. Jobs stopped diversity hiring for quite a while

I'd be pumped because I work in the tech industry and get paid a lot and together we'd rake in huge $$$
OPs bf is emasculated because it is emasculating to not try very hard and then have your gf do better than you. If they get married and have kids, I guess naturally he'd be the one to stay home and raise them? Wouldn't make any sense otherwise. And that will surely end well.

He should be trying harder and you just slapped him in the face with it. OP should do what's best for her, but it will fuck the relationship. No matter how liberated and woke both parties are, you cannot fight nature.

>not all people get hired due to affirmative action
>So that means that this girl didn't!!!

are you too retarded to see your argument is generic and applicable to both sides?

Absolutely seething

10/10 post

Your boyfirend is both insecure AND a retard

Lol fuck him. He isnt happy for you and the benefits your salary will bring? who even does that?

OP here. Thank you all for your replies, and apologies for not coming back sooner. I'm just gonna post a generic update, without replying to anyone in particular.
To anyone calling him a retard or saying that he's incapable of getting a better job: he's one of the most competent people I ever met in his field. His previous job was something he got right out of school, and they've been feeding him scraps for years. A few months ago he accepted a fairly junior position in a different company that requires a slighty different background. They gave him a pretty substantial payrise to hire him, and he's going to be making lots more money in like a year or two. His current salary might not be stellar, but it's more than the local average and it's plenty to live with. And yes, he's very capable of getting a better job if he wanted to, but his role is something he enjoys and that he can grow into. He also wouldn't really like working for the company I'm going to join for fear of having to filter his thoughts to avoid offending someone in current year.
I do understand that there's a chance I got the offer because of me being a woman, but I have no way to confirm if that's true. Even if it was, I don't know what I could possibly do about it.
We talked about what happened a lot last night. In the end we're going to open a joint bank account, so that it's not my money or his money, but our money. Technically we still don't live together because I still have my old apartment, but I've been staying at his place for a while now, and we decided that we might as well move together officially. It's kinda like a miniature marriage, and we're becoming a family.
Thank you all for your input, I really do appreciate it.

Tell him your his new man mommy and then fuck the shit out of him and tell him he's just going to have to take it.

No but seriously just make fun feel comfortable about it and accept it and help him reassure him that you're loyal to him and respect him. Also don't rub it in his face.

Please, take the job offer. Please, not accepting the job offer due to that would be pure stupidity on your part.

>he's the best thing that ever happened to me.
elaborate please?

>Last night he came home almost in tears because I'm about to make almost 3x his salary and he feels emasculated
Wow what a loser. There are times it's acceptable for a man to cry and that's not one of them. Feelings of inferiority should spark a fire to improve, anything else is not a good man.

What a fucking faggot, any guy would be extremely proud and supportive of you for getting this offer. This better be bait.