Can't see myself having sex?

I honestly just don't think I can do it. I don't understand how I could ever muster the courage to actually have sex. I am completely terrified. I am 26 and male too so most people probably think I am some sort of wimp. I just can't fathom being able to entice a woman to go out with me, let alone pull her fucking pants down with me. I have like some weird hang up maybe. Like in my head, all I can think of are is the potential for getting diseases or getting her pregnant or some shit.

How do people have sex and not fear that? How!? Anyway, what can I do? Sex to me is not a good thing when maybe it should be?

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You ever been jerking your dick and you hear someone coming down the hall, but you keep going anyways?
That's how

Crikes, the self-defeating and esteemless mentality of my generation.

That’s just your fear talking, your mind trying to rationalize and make comfort of your virginity. If you’re comfortable with being a virgin that’s one thing but when the thought of sex terrifies you because of insecurities or what have you then you should fight back against that.

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this has never happened to me. you always put your dick away when you hear someone coming.

I think what really fucking gets me is that I just can't fathom why a woman would want to be around me. I am a pretty boring dude.

What eats me alive is that my brain can see every risk. Which is kind of funny because I do risk management for a company. The problem is that in my head sex effectively means this:

"15 minutes of pleasure for potentially a life time of pain."

Thats how I see it and I know its probably not right but I can't unsee it or unthink it. Yet at least. IN my head, sex is just a one way ticket to destruction. It doesn't help either that I have never been in a relationship either.

Your first time if you havent warmed up to her or if you dont find her extremely attractive youre going to have a hard time getting up. Fuck all the people who say youll nut really fast they are fucking lying.

Oh shit nigga you gotta talk to some girls, but realize the majority of people are shitty and are full of issues, not just women.

Bro, its okay to not have sex ever. My sister is a 27 year old virgin, rejects anyone who even comes near her, and has no plans to get an SO or change her virginity status. Frankly, im releaved cuz i dont think anyone is good enough for my younger sister AND can impress me. So im glad she has no plans to date ever.

You can be the same way too. Sex is really weird and gross when you think about it. If it scares you then dont do it. Its cool.

Sure. In reality she was banged by half the college and has complexes so she says she a virgin. Kek.

Yeah sure, nice fairy tailes user. It's impossible that she's virgin while being 27 yo. It's impossible to be a virgin as a woman even if you're the ugliest shit on the world since beta orbiter cucks are able to fuck everything. So as the other user said, she's ashamed of being fucked by half the college so she denies being a whore, therefore she says she's a virgin. Even you, her brother believed her so she won't have a problem with her cuck in the future to believe her.

I beg your pardon I'm 28 and a virgin, I'm too ugly and unattractive to date guys I like and too picky to date desperate creeps who would want me, so it's not impossible.

You got the big dumb OP. First off if you are scared of disease then do not have sex with random drunk women in the back alley of your local bar. Get yourself a decent woman and ask her to get checked. If you are afraid of pregnancy then always wear a condom. Even if the condom does break then you can always just go out and get the morning after pill. There is pretty much zero risk as long as you are not a complete moron.

Have you ever tried using Tinder? Trust me, even handsome guys will write to you.

It doesn't work like that. I want to have sex with guys I have emotional connection with, not some random Tinder STDs dispensers.

So lower you standards, you probably want to have a boyfriend who is an Alpha chad 9/10. You can look for a boyfriend on tinder too, it's not an app only for looking for sex, lmao.

I don't choose whom am I attracted to, and so it happens my crushes are far from Chads, physically and mentally. I don't care about sex or relationships that much, otherwise I would be on Tinder already. Either it happens organically or it doesn't, just wanted to point out that old female virgins aren't dragons. We exist.

>Either it happens organically or it doesn't

I keep seeing incels and idiots posting this. You do know that approaching people you are interested in is part of the "organic" process right?

I approach guys I'm interested in, not my fault they aren't interested in me.

What this guy said.

Unless you are lucky enough to be scouted out by some absolute 3/10 creep who you don't even know and have her take you home so you can lose your virginity. Like what happened to me.

I think she sensed the virginity and just loves taking them. Some people love it. Just look presentable and ready to fuck.

Lmao, how desperate you must have been to allow some 3/10 girl to take your virginity. It would be better to do it with an escort rather than ugly girl.

Can you hold hands with a girl?
Can you hug one?
Can you kiss one?
Can you snuggle?

Take it one step at a time. Each step makes the next feel natural and easy