My girlfriend's best friend is weirdly clingy and affectionate with me and I don't know how to tell her to fuck off...

My girlfriend's best friend is weirdly clingy and affectionate with me and I don't know how to tell her to fuck off without upsetting them both since they're basically joined at the hip.

Which one of them do I talk to first? What do I say?

>been dating 2 months
>gf seems legitimately cool with it
>they live together, work together, hangout together, together almost 24/7

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Major mine field approach with extreme caution

The only way forward is if she ""accidently"" walks in on you fucking your gf

I don't want to fuck her though. She's a nice girl with a decent body but she's plain looking and boring.

If my girlfriend's best friend was hot I wouldn't even be questioning it.

>I don't want to fuck her though.
You don't have to. You just have to leave the door cracked opened and be really loud with your girlfriend. You know how that door has been having trouble staying closed the last few weeks, right?

Respond less, I guess, also contrast it with how many friends she has and how often she talks with your gf. Personally, I feel the perfect solution is hooking her up or focusing her attention on someone else.

You're gunna have to spell it out to me like I'm dumb, what does this achieve? She's already dropped a few hints about the walls being thin and still tried spoon on the couch with me last week.

You could either do this or tell the person to fuck off while also telling your gf. If your gf has a problem with it she’s a brain dead retard that you shouldn’t invest resources into and just get a new one.

>Respond less, I guess, also contrast it with how many friends she has and how often she talks with your gf.
This is the thing. They have a group of 5 or 6 people and they hang out pretty often, but my gf/her friend are the core of the group and have known each other since about middle school. I think the thing that's really driving this though is that the friend got out of a long relationship around the beginning of the year and hasn't been dating or anything. I am obviously a boyfriend surrogate, I just need to know what to do to stop it before it gets worse. My gf really does seem cool with it and I can't figure out why. I'd be livid if my best mate was trying to hold hands with my girlfriend.

Approach with extreme caution, however bear in mind the slight possibility that your gf has given her friend okay-signals to make moves on you. This might be loyalty testing, or it miiiiiiiiiight be that she actually wants to share you with her friend. I've had a gf that got hot at the idea of me fucking other girls, though she never quite followed through. Anyways all you can do is let it ride and make no silly moves.

'Accidentally' leave the door open, fuck your girlfriend really loud, make sure her friend hears it, and be very verbal with your girlfriend. Say shit that will make it very obvious you only want to fuck your girlfriend. If your girlfriend's friend doesn't get the picture, tell her to stop trying to fuck you.

The only thing to do is date them both. You've basically got a harem starter kit and you're asking us for advice. Tssk tssk user.

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Like I said before, OP, bring around a friendly dude you know that can take your place in her comfort zone.

nigga, if you don't fuck these bitches in a threesome, i'll find you and fucking slap your dumbass face, i swear

I honestly don't know anyone I'd give to her who is actually single. They're all taken, out of her league, or she's out of their league, and all that I'd achieve is having to sit through an awkward blind date.

I think I'm just going to tell my gf that it makes me uncomfortable and just let it go if it tanks the relationship. I'm seeing her in a few hours anyway so wish me luck lads.

She's not attractive man.

>no threesome

If she is looking for a surrogate, then someone below her is the perfect set of training wheels to get her back into wanting to move up. Plus, it could help your incel friends learn how to deal with female attention and maybe she can clean them up a bit. Just bring them around the house and get them comfortable.

learn the art of pimping and fuck em both

just tell your gf you arent okay with this shit and if she refuses to budge just break up
you are dating your gf,not her friend
its not a three way relationship

Don't do anything, be a man and fucking deal with it, she probably wants to be good friends

Update please

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Requesting update

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