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Where? What?

I like how he points his antennae at me

went on bumble date. chick was chubby but somewhat cute. Made out with her. didnt invite her inside.

Ask her to hang out a few days later, she doesnt open it until very late. Find her Twitter later, see she hooked up with another guy

granted I didnt try to invite her in after our date. she might've just wanted some dick and I was a beta and didnt offer it to her

no 2nd date

snapping some chubby tinder slut. I lowkey catfished her since I snapped face with good lighting. My skin and lips were pretty fucked at the time due to accutane. so I went over to hook up and it didn't happen. made out and got a weak handy
no 2md date

banged this ugly tinder girl. was snapping her. not much to say beyond that

meet gf tier girl from school. Ask her out to lunch. she says yes. goes good. ask her out again. no text back

be sad until I find out she has a bf?? anyway I'm still in touch with her. never really talked about that but it was annoying

gf tier absolute cutie from hinge. go on date. goes great. make out, hang out for like 6 hours. no mess ups visible to me

ask her out a few days later, she says yes

day of date comes. She texts the old "not ready for relationship" I pry further, she says shes still conflicted about some guy she was seeing before that.

no 2nd date

became fwbs with chubby but cute girl from tinder. Lasts for a few weeks, kinda mutually ends

start getting depressed and feeling shitty again. bang march girl to get me out of my funk. it doesnt work of course. major regret


reading back this is pretty pathetic, especially how low I let my standards slip

I've talked to girls from tinder in the past few months but they've all fizzled for various reasons

it feels like I just cant catch a break man. I want a gf, how do you get that with dating apps when you suck at texting? I can feel myself backsliding and I hate it :(

Oh, I was just rambunctious about people getting things off their chests.

also my accutane made me way more attractive (I think) over the course of this year. I get more looks when I have my shit together too

I do have my doubts though, since I've really only kissed one truly attractive girl since 2 years ago and there was no 2nd date, as mentioned. my self esteem wavers

I think the only way to be at peace is to kill myself. I hate everyone and everything. If I don’t kill myself I’ll snap and go on a murder spree I’m sure of it so I’m potentially saving lives if I do it.

But I just can’t fucking cross the barrier. Every time I’m on the edge of killing myself the fear sets in and I can’t foloe through. So I’m stuck in hell with no way out.

Got my first date in a couple months tomorrow. Should be fun and I hope it goes well. She's pretty cute and seems genuinely interested in me so I hope it's not our last one. Wish me luck!

**** is so cute. Every time I see her face, I want to hold it and kiss her as much as I can. I want to overwhelm her. Her smile is adorable. I could stare at her all day.

Relax bro.

Fuck you. I want to scrape your eyeballs out with a spoon and piss in your eyeholes

I almost constantly think about suicide, but when I search the internet about it, I can never find practical information, be it for getting past it or getting on with it.

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>only times I get swipes on Bumble are chicks who hate going out, sulk all day they're not going out, have a shitload of problems, or are just looking for plugs/money

And yet I still put faith I could fall in love with one of these chicks; have I gone insane?

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Good night Hanna

Breaking up with my gf soon. We're on the lease for another 6 months but I can't stand living like this anymore. I looked up our apartment policies and I'm not allowed to sublet, and breaking the lease early is way too expensive for either of us. I have my own room and she has hers, I think we'll live. I'm realizing now I might have to be a giant asshole if I want out of this.

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better than the other way around desu. Ofcourse you're not a faggot who derives his morals from Rick and Morty.

Fuck you Dan, I should of fucked your ass before she broke up with you so you'd never forget you're a faggot.

>been alone for a long long time and feel the need for a loving, caring girlfriend who i can make happy.
>no self absorbed needy dramaslut but an actual human being
>make account on a dating site for physical / mentally disabled people although there's nothing really wrong with me
>filter through the semi-vegetables, people who need care 24/7 which i can't do because job and such, borderline chicks, downies,...
>find girl who's profile just puts the spark in me
>ill but seems pretty much perfect for me personality wise
>on first sight totally worth the extra effort her needs would require from me
>send message
>no reply

ugh i feel like slipping back into my hole and hide from the world right now. all hope is gone

I see through these girls who try desperately yet subtly to rise to the top of some unspoken hierarchy. They flaunt their feathers to guys they only see as toys or mere sources of attention and praise. All they really talk about are boys and drugs. They ask you to hang out and then sit on their phones on Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter. They LOVE to talk about guys hitting on them or being creepy or hurting them as much as how much they "hate" themselves. They cry when the guy they've been helping cheat on some other girl with decided to cut things off. You can see how they get upset when they don't get some compliment or enough attention per what they planned. They try to hide it but you see it in their face. They forget that you're around. They treat you differently based on how useful you are to their social chess game.

Could be worse, you could be a 19-year-old virgin male like me. And what pictures do you use? Did you get laid from just selfies alone? I could make a great Tinder bio, but girls obviously want to see that a guy has status too.

Out their mouths spew a stream of mindless garbage and stupidly obvious humblebragging. They give you blank stares when you speak for more than 5 seconds. They giggle and giggle at a boy's dumb joke for the longest time yet barely even acknowledge you when you say anything in the conversation.

You give a guy your undivided attention and pretty little smiles when they're talking about some annoying girl who won't leave them alone but have this clearly tuned out look on your face when I'm talking to you. You actually have complained about a Starbucks drive thru operator not asking for your number when you pulled up. I thought you were joking. You weren't. You say you'll make changes to your life and then go back to the same destructive habits and endless gossiping. Whatever people you're around you just start using whatever slang or vocabulary they do yet the variety still doesn't add anything new to what you talk about, how is that possible? It's like you have no actual identities and just use whatever is around you to put on a show to get attention.

I see you interrupting me and correcting me to seem smart because you know if you let me talk the boys will see how superficial your knowledge is and you can't cope with the fact all you have besides that and people-pleasing is a nice body. Why does it seem like everything you all do is an act to seem better than other girls and impress some boy? Do you have goals and ideas and dreams beyond that? You care wildly about a guy who seems a little down so you'll come in to mommy him, but never check in on me despite hearing about severe issues. I wonder why. So many examples of this, many actually pretty shitty. I've never felt like this around or because of anyone before, but you've brought me down and made me feel insecure and paranoid for almost a year and I'm cutting the cord now. I refuse to play your games and participate in your monkey politics. It makes me feel stupid and gross and dull and like I can't be myself. I don't trust any of you. I've tried to like you and feel comfortable but it just isn't working. We don't really click and I'm okay with that. I'm happy about that honestly. This all feels a little heartless, but it's been a long time coming. I want you to be better people and stop destroying yourselves constantly, but only you can make it happen. I'm not letting you drag me down with you. You don't get to "mom friend" me by taking over some moment I'm able to succeed in more than you in a way you can't even understand. I know what you really are about. It's been the same shit for months. I'm tired of being drained by your lives. I know what I want to fill my life with. Good luck.

I've lost all hope for any sortve future. It has been years since I've felt a true connection with anyone. I have isolated myself to the point where actually making another connection seems impossible. Like I've permanently altered my instinctive desire to love and trust other people. I'd like to be a true hermit one day, because the constant reminder of my lost self I see in others is too much to bear. I pray God exists and that I can still find him.

anyone ever want to break up so bad that they hoped their gf would break up with them to avoid taking responsibility for hurt feelings?

I want a chinchilla

I still hate my job so fucking much. Two more days after today, then it's the weekend. Right around the corner, right? Too bad I have to go back in on Monday anyway.
After today, we're halfway through the first quarter of the year though, and once that's over, I get to teach the same things but to a different group of kids. So hopefully I won't have to spend a shit ton of my free time coming up with new lessons, right?

people in the field get to work with supercomputers while I'm stuck with an abacus

at least you know how it works

I need an upgrade

but, damn, looking at the cost and upkeep it's waaay beyond my budget

I can't find a gf despite my attempts, I can't find a therapist to help with trauma, and my parents both have serious diseases.
But in the middle of that, I found the courage to tell my dad about my autism and for maybe the first time in my lifetime he was understanding and supportive.
We may fight all the time, but I love you dad.

Jesus I hope this works

I desperately want to kill a nigger

I'm going into my senior year of college and classes start up again soon. I'm studying engineering so the classes are relatively small. I'm a transfer student so last year was my first year there. I just feel so uncomfortable in class. So many people tried to be my friend last year but I pushed them all away due to awkwardness and anxiety. When I get to class 5 minutes early and everyone is chatting with their friends before the lecture starts, I just feel incredibly awkward being the only one without any friends. When I sit there I can feel my gut turning and I can feel my face cringing. I wonder if people are looking at me. I have friends outside of class at least (miraculously) and I cope by telling myself that this is similar to high school (although I actually had a group of close friends in high school) where the second I graduate I won't give a single shit about anybody in my classes. Even typing that out feels so relieving, to know that in 9 months I won't have to see them again. It's not like I dislike the people in class, the opposite actually where I'd like to be friends with everyone, but at least I won't feel awkward around them ever again. I also try to cope by saying that I don't have very many similar interests as most of the people in my class anyway, since I don't have any interests besides shitposting and getting Jow Forums.

start with yourself

hahahahahhax dxxdxdxd, good for nothing fat fuck

Most people are NPCs. Stuck in repeating same patterns over and over again. Humanity is overrated. All the progress we made is on the back of a few gifted individuals..
Life on earth is doomed. It is laready too late to fix the planet and the NPC are not even capable of such a feat.
Chances are, this cycle will repeat forewer.
This is the answer to Fermi.

I thought my suicide thoughts would be easier to deal with once my life improves. But it didn't happen. I am all okay, healthy, sleeping enough, having a loving family and good friends... and yet, this overwhelming sadness and loneliness fOR NO FUCKING REASON overshadows every single good thing in my life.
I don't want to die because I feel bad. I want to die because I'm tired of feeling bad and tired of nothing ever helping that.

I’m feeling this sorta anxiety since my vacation is over, and sometimes it’s hard to hide in public. I don’t know if that has something to do with my upcoming period or because it’s autumn. I got a little bit sick and I’m super busy with work and school. There’s no conclusion, just ranting.

Im mentoring a girl at work in work and life and I'm concerned that people think I'm grooming her. She views me as a friend and I view her as a dear friend that I do not want to fall into the same pitfalls in life that I did.

Both bipolar
Both angry
Both self medicate

Difference is she's more intelligent than I am,
She can go further than I can in life.

Can the rest of you useless retards stop assuming I'm trying to fuck this 18yr old girl and instead realize that maybe just maybe a male is trying to help a female w/out wanting to fucking rail her?.

I got retards threatening to tell my wife and I'm like go ahead dumbass.

Fuck these retards man shit.

Too pure for this world.

I am amazed in the worst way that your bitch-ass sees objective criticism as a form of abuse. You have no basis or arguments for your decisions as an authority, and you insist on moralistic posturing whenever I bring it up. Apparently the act of unintentionally offending others nowadays is unforgivable. I wish someone would actually do something horrible to you so that you would know what to really be offended by. I might just start offending others on purpose, because holding my tongue is useless. Sincerely with hatred, from someone who just wanted to belong.

What did they say?

How does your wife feel about her? Or, rather, why doesn’t she already know about her? I’d be suspicious of my husbands if he was “mentoring” some teen on the sly too.

I want a big tiddy goth gf

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That is what has been making me omega-salty for quite a while now. They not only failed to give any concrete examples of my supposedly unacceptable misconduct, but insisted that I shouldn't see my removal from the community as a reason to stop being friends with them.

Bullshit. Everything with these people is bullshit.

What kind of community?

Titty big big tiddy

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Tabletop RPG.

I know you saw the message. I know you know it was directed at you.

Alayna. Psuedoscorpion. Crocodile_God, War Daddy, or whatever the fuck you choose to call yourself on Twitter/Discord...5 months. It's been 5 months since I walked away from you. And even 5 months later, everytime I so much as even think of you, I'm thrown into the most bitter of blind rages that I can never truly quell.

You don't cheat on someone behind their back and try to hide it. But it's ultimately my own fault for forgiving you in the first place. I wanted to rekindle what we had, and it seemed like you did too...well, my stupid fucking decision for letting you back in, and letting you get close to my heart again. You used me for longer than I could ever forgive. You used me, you used your friends, and you used your family, all who once gave you shelter in some form or another, and never once truly realized what we all gave you.

I pray that your entire world comes crashing down. I pray that you come back crawling, begging for forgiveness. I pray that you are left behind, treated as worthless as you treated your friends, treated you family, and treated me.

I hope you enjoyed your little "family vacation" your dyke-y little cunt of a girlfriend took you along. I hope her family got a good look at the fake appearance you give everyone...because the moment they see you for who you are, you will be cast out for the wolves to tear, and left carrion for the vultures to feed.

I pray I get to hear about it from those friends you abandoned.

When that day comes, I will actively seek you out, and just see how well your pride holds.

But hey...I'm just a bitter man who threw away 8 years of my life, threw them away on a woman who I would have married in a heartbeat, and loved until the sheer concept of existence ceased to exist.

I'm still bitter. I probably always will be. I'm actually looking into getting therapy to cope with the havoc you unleashed on me in your actions.

Well obviously they just don't want their members to leave because of some autismo that can't read social situations

She does senpai. My wife thinks she's a silly little bitch, and tells her that on the reg when we go out to eat together and shit. My wife helping too

Vitamins bro

We don't wantno small tiddies in here no

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Yikes, definitely go to therapy. The bitter rage only hurts you, she receives no punishment from it.

What was do bad about community college again? This is great.

How the fuck is this moth still alive...

Everything feels so weird now

Post moth
Just got a deja vu

It's just one of these.
I'm sick of these fuckers flying around in my room. I've been taking to taking my boxing gloves and smashing them but I wanted to see how long it'd take for this one to starve. So far it's been over two days.

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Damn why not just let them go outside? Just think of them as butterflies

Weird weird weird weird weird weird weird weird weird weird what is the truth if the truth isn't real

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You don't GET it, do you? You NEVER get it. NO one gets it. I'm not the weirdo here, you are. I'm alone and lonely because NO ONE EVERY GETS IT.

Fucking explain it then retardo

Bitch stop being fucking stupid. I know feelings are complicated and can never fully be grasped, but actually think about how you feel. Fucking actually sit down one day for like 15 minutes and think do you like me or not. You tell me im exceptional to be a bf and that ima nice person who isnt the same asshole I was when I was 16, I actually changed. Then I ask do you like me or something, "Idk..yet". Look I know people have done you dirty in the past and your trust for guys is low, I get it. Guys can be pussy lusting assholes, and no im not simping, I know its true cuz I seen it. I know your not just teasing me or stringing me along because you actually tell me everything else you feel and your real asf. Your not just fucking with me. You actually dont know and thats good. I rather have you think about it and hopefully like me than just not like me at all right now. I just hope you realize what you feel soon.

Women amirite?

You sound like a woman

They're not real. They come out of the matrix like code set to repeat until its task ends pasting and pasting repeating for the end of its short life. The moth represents nothing, it's null, useless, it's not even aesthetically pleasing to look at. It's a disgrace to this planet and doesn't deserve life. Even cockroaches who are intelligent and kind, curious, friendly, and capable of communication are better. Lovelier and sweeter. But moths refuse to communicate with you. Moths refuse any sort of friendship, they don't want to be your friend. They don't care about you. Well I don't care about them either, so I'll show how little I care about them by killing them. I don't need moths in my life. They're creatures of evil.

I did forget to take B12 today, yes. Thanks bro

>They're creatures of evil.
They're not evil because they're NPC's just think of them as something neutral like a boil of rice

Jesus Christ I hate myself, I hate this country, I hate everything that my life has become. I painted myself into a corner. I'm doomed, I miss my old life, as mediocre as it was

Rice is what constitutes life. Without rice, humanity wouldn't exist. Rice is yang. Moths are yin. They siphon what they want from the world without giving back.


right? Like just tell me. Why are we both wasting time and energy.
Okay Boomer.

Just nut n go you don't wanna end up like this cuck. They're all whores that'll cheat any moment they can anyways

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I made a thread but i think it would be better suited for here:

its gotten to a point now where I no longer express any of my opinions that are not wholly innocuous on any form of social media. I did one time, and people completely jumped down my throat, saying I was a horrible bigot that deserved to die.. these were all my friends in the past. But in the past 5-10 years or so, they have all gone from censorship-hating freedom of thought type people, to rabid SJW's; I feel completely lost in my own social circle; I once had tons of friends, and now I'm an absolute pariah. I spend most of my time alone, online, and in public I must seem extremely boring, because I never share my views on anything besides harmless subjects. It's hard to find people that aren't completely enveloped in the SJW trend, that still believe in concepts like innocent until proven guilty, arguing with points rather than just screaming at the other person, and tolerating viewpoints that aren't your own (not thinking everyone should think the same things)

I know this comes off kind of fedora or tryhard but I guess I just feel like everyone has gone completely insane in just the past couple years.

Not really advice, but I just wanted to vent, I guess. If you have similar experiences, please share.

You sound really young so I'm gonna school you on some things.

The reason you sound like a woman is because of the way you obsess about what your partner is feeling about you.

You can't force women to "think about their feelings". How stupid is that? You're removing any sort of nuance and mystery between you two by asking "DO YOU LIKE ME?"

Look at her actions, not her words.

>but actually think about how you feel.

This is borderline cringe.

Anyway, it sounds like you can't CONTAIN yourself into knowing how she feels so you can make the next move of making her your GF. That's probably why she's hesitant. Smell the flowers a bit, would you?

any nigga that ends up with a amy shumer already lost dude.
I smelled the poppys sprouting from the ground and they smell like a new day.

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Anyways, thanks for the help. Your right. I need to chill. Even though you prob couldve been a little nicer with your advice so go eat a dick nigga.

cunts who dont lift judging by your picture

holy shit is that actually real

Wachu say about me nigga? I'll let you know I have cunts riding my dick 24/7

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Chill man, it's tough love

As a man take pride in that you have the biological system made to withstand emotional turbulences (because freaking out when you see a predator/prey in the wild will ruin your chances.)

Cooler heads ALWAY prevail Cheers

if you lifted more your heart wouldn't be broken you DOUBLE nigger

I felt genuinely suicidal for the first time last night. It scared me to see the path of the whole rest of my life open up before me and know I'll never be loved again

Your right man. Usually ima chill person, but this really got me fucked. Ima just chill and continue to work on myself. Im sorry for saying that shit earlier man. I really appreciate the wake up slap.

Chil out my man we'll all make it

I have a massive collection of pics of my friends/classmates. Not sure how many files but I'm running out of space on Dropbox. I've been adding to this folder for at least seven or eight years. I have everything in here, creepshots, hot pics from facebook/insta/vsco, rare snapchat/instagram stories. I have nudes from all my ex girlfriends / hookups. I even have one off nudes from this chick who is engaged to her boyfriend. (I'm not trying to brag on the internet, i'm just illustrating how much value this folder has to me. These files are PRECIOUS)

I think its unhealthy, and i'm beginning to feel disgusted with myself. Especially as I still jerk off to pictures of my exes (makes it harder to get over them). I want to delete it but I feel so attached to it. I also feel like it would be a waste to delete, I have some pretty amazing pictures. I am considering doing a few dumps on /b/ before deleting forever, but I feel like it's a betrayal of their privacy.

Should I delete it all?


Upload it for us, and then delete it

Do you talk to them regularly? Are they capable to make this decision? Do they even know you?

I feel like I dont really want to form new friendships or relationships because I dont want to really invest in others lives and I want to focus on my own for once in my life.

Her skin glows luminous with radiance.. her eyes, bright as the North Star in the night sky.. alight with a blazing gaze.. a dazzling green. Perfect straight teeth,white as fluorescent light. It's all a testament to how she's the epitome of beauty and health. Rivalled by few if any. Oh how I care for her.. I remember I was once told she'd abandon me and did exactly that.. a woman of her word. I

market your information collection skills

Feel you

I knowingly stuck with this girl to be her "emotional bf". She was a virgin, inexperienced, and we were oceans apart.

Love her with all my heart and the companionship she provided me in those months.

She told me she wouldn't ditch me if she got a bf, only that we would talk less. She's held that part of the deal. And I'm happy for the times we spent.

Moving on with my life, using her love as a launch point to better myself.

First job where I have trouble communicating with my coworkers, didn't have this problem before people just understood me and we clicked. I hate my life.

I wish I knew if I still had a chance with you before I make a move on this new girl.