So I'm the photographer in an amateur nude photoshoot and the model is my friend I'm really worried about getting a...

So I'm the photographer in an amateur nude photoshoot and the model is my friend I'm really worried about getting a boner how do I not get one also some of it underwater

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imagine they're a giant potato

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Get a boner who cares. And if she brings it up, even better. Tell her she looks hot af and turn on the charm. You could probably get a bj out of it.


Youll get one. Its normal. But i suggest NOT being the DP for shoots that involve your friends. Breaks the code of professionality

She would get really weird about it

Does imagining shit actually work

Jack off before hand so much that it hurts and it wont want to get up

100% more likely to get a boner this way.

>does imagining work

helps redirect your focus (if that makes any sense)

Jerk off like, three times (or more) as close to the shoot as you can. You're dick will be exhausted and erections weak and painful.

>She would get really weird about it
If she says negative just laugh and say, "You're the one who asked me to do a nude photo shoot, and you think me getting a boner is weird?"

I kind of feel like I will still get a boner

It was my idea and I definetly didn't intend it to be sexual/turn me on but I find them attractive lately

>take viagra
>hide boner in boxer elastic
jesus christ user is the first time you've had to hide a boner?

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Be nude yourself and then you wont have to hide it

What like these? Doesn't seem like it'd hide anything

Forgot image

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if she comments on it just say it's her fault and if she wants it unboned she'l have to fix it herself

What in the fuck is this thread even?

hey harv

I imagine my 500 pound high school English teacher sitting, naked, in a bucket of worms while doing multiplication in my head. With practice, you just get better dick control and won't need tricks anymore.

She knows what doing a nude photoshoot implies, if she for one seconds THINKS you WOULDN'T get a boner she's straight retarded or think's you're gay. May not be sexual, but you're still seeing her naked body, it's kinda just instinct that you're Johnson would stand on end.

What about masking tape to make sure it can't move

Say it's because you keep holding your breathe while taking the p pictures to avoid moving the camera. Lack of oxygen causes erections which is believable.