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how do i get over oneitis

Go fuck 10 other women, and realize how similar most of these bitches are. But not before trying to take her out, not in the incel pickup artist way, but also not in the beta male way. If she rejects you, it's the hoe's loss, move on. You are a one man army, and you can't let no hoes get too close to your heart.

>Go fuck 10 other women
I'm a virgin, and struggle to approach women.
what do

What's the best way to tie up my girlfriend while I play vidya and routinely walk over to fuck/humiliate her? This was her idea so I haven't dome a lot of research into rope stuff.

This girl wants me to fuck her in her city apartment but she’s been going out with my friend who I’ve known since middle school. My cock is screaming to smash her anyway because if she’s willing to cheat she’ll do it with someone else, plus my friend has cucked people before so it’s karma. But my brain and heart are screaming not to betray my bro because he’s been nothing but chill with me but idk what to do.I REALLY wanna smash her but i know I’ll regret it

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Oh shit nigga is she hot or is she a fatty? Cuz your girl may be up for the award of best bitch in the world right now.

how much of a bro are you with this dude? if you routinely hang out with him and care for the dude, just tell him, you can always fuck that bitch regardless if you know what you are doing, but if you fuck your bro over this can put a real strain on your relationship

>dating a girl 12 years older than me
>her bff hates me/the age gap
>this is the only recurring problem we have and might yet sink us

What do? I thought the gap might sink us early on but we got through it, and now the only real problem is that her bff hates me and makes a point of talking shit about the age gap. It makes the gf feel very insecure about issues we'd otherwise minimized.

>her smear campaign has stepped up recently as the relationship gets more serious

Give me the tutorial on how to get away with it. I really wanna dick her, but I’ve never done something like this before

let me put it like this. even though she's a woman and she's inherently dumb as fuck, she's 12 years older than you, so i would assume she's in her 30s. this means that despite being dumb as fuck, she should have already figured out a few things and be able to apply her mind to her situation. if she's actually unable to do that and is getting swayed by her friend, not only are you dating a dumb bitch, you are dating a dumb OLD bitch.
you are losing the most out of everyone in this scenario.

Oh, great and powerful chad

what doth life?

okay so you are not actually good friends with the guy? if so, just go dick her, there's nothing to "get away" with. you are not ruining someones family or some shit, they are just dating.

Have you ever ran into the problem where your friend’s girlfriends wanna fuck you? What do you do? It’s not like I make any moves it just happens

are they hot and do you actually want to fuck them as well? If yes, and since i assume you are not in what they call an "open relationship", introduce the idea of threesomes to your girlfriend.

Dude bros before hoes ALWAYS. Tell your friend what that whore wants to do, and always treasure your friends above any other bitch in the world. If you want to have sex just go on Tinder.

You need to get your mind in order. Inspect your own mind. What are you afraid of? Why do you think women are different, and why are you not able to cope with said difference? If you are insecure about something, I can hardly help you, but just know that insecurity is a mental thing. If you have insecurity in your mind, changing yourself will only bring upon a different kind of insecurity. The solution is to fall in love with yourself, and have you be your favorite person in the world. You need to get to the point where you look in the mirror, and your cock gets hard. Once you achieve the status of being the god of your own world, you will be confident enough to get any woman you want to.

Gamer girls are fucking crazy lmao. I can not help you with this, my kinks end at choking.

You have two routes. Be an alpha, and ignore the hoe, as if she did not exist. If your gf questions you, act like you don't give a fuck. This'll result in you being the alpha of the relationship, but this way the relationship will never be something you can draw major spiritual happiness from.
If you want a wholesome relationship, talk to your girl for fuck's sake. People need to be more open about shit if they really think they're in love.

Yes, all the time. Bros before hoes always. I treasure my friends like nothing else in this world.

Life be only the mereth jest of the gods

disregard i completely misread.
tell your bros about their bitches being hoes, so they can dump them, and then you can fuck them. as i said to another user, an opportunity to fuck a bitch is always salvageable, a friendship with a bro over some pussy may not be

I passed over 3 other girls to be with this one girl and she's going through some unfortunate things and wants to stop seeing me on account of religion. What do

Chad that’s the problem. My tinder game is trash but for some reason when girls meet me irl they wanna fuck my brains out but it’s only if they’re taken. It’s fucking ridiculous and I have no idea how they think or how it works. I don’t even come onto them I just act myself and they take initiative to add me on snap and invite me 1 on 1 to their room to smash etc

Work on your tinder game or your real game fool. I'm really having a hard time imagining a scenario where you look good enough the girlfriends of your friends would be willing to cheat on their boyfriends to fuck you, but you can't get any pussy otherwise. That could really only happen if you acted stoopid with women but got relaxed when your friends were around. If that's the case, capture that feeling and run with it in real life and on tinder.

Fuck, that's rough dude. If fucking her brains out and opening up about your feelings to her (even if they are not there) doesn't help, move on. I've had this happen to me when I started dating, and I had no way of resolving it.

>just fuck 10 women, bro!
You're being ironic, right?

Yeah, I'm gonna try and have an open talk to her. But otherwise I'll have to move on. The girl is in my heart more than I'd like but I will be surrounded by young cute women for the foreseeable future so it's a loss I can eventually get over.

She's skinny, and compulsively works out. She used to be bigger but antidepressants killed her appetite and made her more energetic so she took up working out. She still has thickness in the right places tho. We've been together for awhile and she has pushed me into a more and more dominant role and I have really gotten into it so that's the cool part.

Based on the picture, OP probably goes to a uni either art, english, or possibly STEM and can clean up with girls fairly often at the right parties just by not being completely dog shit in bed and knowing how to eat pussy and keep up a conversation and how to angle his cock. Fucking ten girls in a week or two isn't hard if you're clean, in the right scene, and at the right age/bone structure. But hings change as you get older or if you hurt someone even by accident. Remember to always treat people with respect, especially women or else you can fuck up your whole social life nowadays.

Alright, time to do a deep delve into rope tying. Shibari will probably be good.

Best place to meet girls for ONS?
Best place to meet girls for LTR?
Best place to meet girls for FWB?

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Pretending how you have sex influences how much pussy you get is a rookie mistake, but then again you have a sex slave girlfriend so you are a bigger chad than I could ever aspire to be.

Tinder or parties
Church or sports club
Tinder or just your actual friends.

Alright, so let's say I know a chick who's single and just begs for attention from her beta orbiters. How do I break from the orbit and become a FWB? I can keep her attention when we talk 1v1 but she's pretty much a buzzkill and loaded with baggage.

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Literally just start ignoring the bitch. Hoes like this get so much attention, that what they crave is someone not giving them attention. She'll start being interested, but don't fuck up by giving her attention too early on.

I've come to a plan to provide "actual" interest, but that's deteriorated after a while I guess. I think I'm just in some big snap group to boost her ego, but these fuckers on her shit everytime she does a YOLO. She'll never be short on shitty attention, but would bolstering some "actual" attention and pulling back be kinda good?

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When you fuck on the first date, in circles where girls chat about what the sex is like, it will definitely help your numbers.

Also doing small amount mushrooms (for social confidence and interest), grooming myself, and being average bordering on conventionally attractive help.

How close was I with you being in Uni tho?

I don't have problems with my numbers. I turned 18 2 weeks ago, I'm still in high school, so not really, but I wanna study economics or law, so again, not really.

Yeah exactly what I was trying to say. Avoid becoming a beta orbiter, become a true friend not just some mofo in a snap group, and once you are friends swoop down.

when she next hits you up to talk about some menial shit you don't give a fuck (which is 100% of the things she talks to you about, i'm sure), hit her with this:
"alright listen, i see watchu doing, and i been playing along until now, but i ain't getting what i want from this relation, which is to destroy that pussy. if you ain't giving me that, imma peace out." then don't talk to her until she messages you a week or so after to call you over to fuck. or not.
a real man ALWAYS has to be ready to take a loss. ALWAYS.

Idk if you are genuinely this stoopid or just want to troll my thread/make this guy into a laughing stock, but this shit will never EVER work in real life.

can't deny those trips. I feel like I built that dyke already but hell, she like talking to a brick wall so I feel like just any generic guy to fall in her lap. Only thing "going" is a long snap streak but that probably don't mean shit, so I'll just keep it in the back pocket.
Already wrote this up as a L and moved on, at the time I was sorta in a quest for a real GF over some poon but that's gone the wayside. But I'll keep this considered,.
Well I probably won't be as direct, but this chick is basically out of my interest, but it could be an easy plug while I continue my Bumblequest.

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>snap streak
You Americans really scare me sometimes.

is right about taking losses, but this line he came up with will only make you look retarded and rapey, if you haven't been alpha enough to get her attention.

look I don't know alright, really I could just stop following her and nothing would change. And I wouldn't have to be that straightforward, I've already got her nudes (catch me on /b/ sometime) without even needing a dick pic. Hell, I know she needs money but I ain't paying for that shit.

Just tryna see what I can do from here for some free poon while I'm on the waiting list.

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What's the secret to getting good grades in college?

>he takes the line literally and thinks this is exactly what he should say
nigga i was just trying to be funny, of course he's not supposed to say it exactly that, if only because he's not actually black. pretty sure this is fucking obvious.
you are a fucking retarded kid with way too much easy pussy available to him and rubbing his ego to sky heights. i should've made a Chad thread instead, not you.

Sit in the front, have a completed draft of the work sent to a TA 2 weeks before it is due and get feedback, have a group whatsapp for every class you can and work with other people to improve your work/blow off steam, and have a consistent sleep/work/relax schedule

if I was black I would of just raped her

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She is a whore, stop wasting your time dude. If you want sex go on tinder.

Use flash cards to study, ankidroid should be your best friend. Organize your time better, spend less time om studying but actually pay attention to it when you do, no youtube videos in the back or netflix playing on the tv. Try the pomodoro method. Supplement with Magnesium and Fish Oil, work out, and if you are not intelligent enough drop out and learn a trade. You'll probably make a lot more money that way.

Damn buddy you ok?

This is good advice. Now how to fuck my teacher who is 20 years older than me and married?

>she is a whore
>go on tinder instead
look if I can jump the line on the matching bullshit for sex I'll do that. Also I'm not the biggest chad in the world, so I gotta work with what I have.

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engibro, that's essentially what you need to do though - creating as many opportunities for yourself and not wasting your time with dead ends. Tinder is good, you are bound to catch something there, aside from AIDS LMAO

Well my journey is for a GF, picking up some poon has kinda been on the back of my mind. I've been as far as fucking Match and OkCupid (found my fucking neighbor on there but she's away for college, would of been some easy fuck). I'm on swipe city, but only use Tinder for hookups since I assume that's what that's for.

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but what are you actually looking for in a girlfriend? some bitch that will tell you "we are not fucking on the first date because my pussy and sex with me is super special tee hee :)"
just meet women, fuck them, and try to tear down their barriers and see if there is anything of worth behind those. that's how you will find a girlfriend actually worth being with. that's my take anyway.

Unfortunately my instilled morals (yes derived from religion) pretty much tell me not to go straight to fucking someone I would want to care about. Ofcourse I'm not a fucking idiot to go and deny sex if a girl of interest offers it, but I'm exactly the one to go "lets fuck" without betraying myself.

I'll take my faggots like a man I stand for what I believe in.

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fair enough, i can respect you standing for something, even if that something makes zero sense. i'm not gonna tell somebody how to live their life. different value systems and what the fuck not, i guess.
personally i highly dislike bitches that tell me they won't fuck on the first date. so we went out, you had fun because I AM funny and because I AM interesting, you obviously like me, but you will deny me what i want? it's like telling me "my pussy is more important and more special than you, your personality, the way you look and your time, and you will have to put in further effort". fuck you, i'm not auditioning for your pussy, bitch, i'm better than you in every way.

well I'm not "exactly" persuing sex, so I'm not basing the first interactions off of whether I'm being denied it. I mean, if I'm catching vibes of not having sex, I can feel where its going. But come she does, I'll atleast hang the line out a bit longer to see if she's gonna hang on or go away after being "denied".

Which kinda brings us full circle here to my first few posts. Truly a vicious cycle. Also if came the opportunity to fuck a virgin I'm in that shit like Christmas; always hear stories of those chicks goin crazy for the first guy she fucks.

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>well I'm not "exactly" persuing sex, so I'm not basing the first interactions off of whether I'm being denied it
i've so far not found a woman that i actually REALLY want to have a relationship with JUST to talk, exchange ideas, hang out with, and so on. i've went back and thought about a lot of the women i've met and interacted with. they were never funny, interesting or charming, because they've never really had to be. come to think of it , I WAS the funny and charming one in the situations, and they were just pinging of me. i was basically liking them because I AM funny and charming.
honestly, when it comes to personality and communication, all i expect from a woman is to apply some fucking logic to situations instead of emoting at fucking everything. anything other than that is a bonus. but i rarely even get the first part.
>Also if came the opportunity to fuck a virgin I'm in that shit like Christmas
miss me with that shit senpai, i'm all about STD-free hoes.

>in the right scene
How to do one get in the right scene?
I don't even meet 10 women in a month without making it my mission to do so.
It is really hard when you don't have women anywhere near your job or at your hobbies. The concept of women is all theoretical at this point.

Maybe its just two different kinds of dating styles; ofcourse the shitty girls that chads pump and dump fall into our resivour that we gotta sift through to find some good shit. Take them back if you want.
And what do you mean virgin chicks got STDs? Unless the reason they are is for that purpose ofcourse, but I imagine the secret comes out after the first fuck

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no, i meant that i don't want to fuck inexperienced virgins. i want girls with experience that know some shit and don't have bugs in their pussy.

Yo chad-user, I have a problem here that needs fixing. You see, my best buddy, whenever it comes to women, is an insufferable douche. The dude must have had atleast 20-30 women over his life, he's now 32.

Whenever the guy gets in contact with any woman that he remotely likes, he will continuesly defend her actions and behaviour and cling to her for "comfort". The guy can't let go until he is literally violently pushed through a glass door by his ex (that actually happened).

So right now I'm dealing with this fucking problem that he cannot let go of his most psycho (ex)-girlfriend he has ever had. This cunt is a psychotic, soulless, manipulating monster with an aura of ice & death surrounding her. This "thing" accused me of animal torture for petting her new dog on the very first day I've met her and she spread this rumor around. Thankfully nobody believed her and a lot of other friends also hate that cunt and want her gone. Yet after all this, my best friend has this unsufferable douchebag cuck attitude, where he thinks he can FIX her after they both quit their relationship and he waits for her to come back. Jesus fucking Christ, I told him several times how much of a fucking bitch she is and how she is using him, manipulating him and making his life a horror show. There's obviously a lot more than just the dog thing.

How the fuck do I get my best friend out of this cuck mentality?!

i'm sure you've already talked to him about it
you can't help someone that doesn't even want to help himself. as for you, your best option is to stop being friends with him as it is directly harming you.

Females are overrated and unneeded,humans are animals and should not exist.Robots should.

based & robochad-pilled.

You seem like a faggot to me

You definitely don't look like a chad.

No reeally, a girl is just a hole to make babies,men arr only attracted to them because of hormones. Men are superior in all the ways,stronger smarter.80% of posts on adv are about females which is pathetic, they are just thirsty for sex and pursuing perfect relationsgip with girls,which is not the thing men should do.

have you ever fucked a teenage girl? How did you get away with it?

Yeah a lot, I was a teenager and the age of consent where I live is under 18.

Maybe just get handcuffs and a spreader bar or something. Or look up tutorials about ropes and knots online and try them out on her. I'd really like a gf like yours. Best of luck.