Had a massive argument with the gf because she doesnt like that im listening to a rapper who was accused of domestic...

Had a massive argument with the gf because she doesnt like that im listening to a rapper who was accused of domestic abuse or whatever. Is she retarded? Apparently im "tolerating abuse" and she suggested that it makes me more likely to abuse her (i never have?) Am i wasting my time? Tips to make her calm down?

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beat her ass

lol jokes, just say you've stopped listening to him and use earphones or only when you're not around her.

easiest way

>Tips to make her calm down?

calm her down?
she accused you of supporting abuse, she should apologize.
don't argue about this bullshit, there must be zero tolerance about this kind of nonsense.

Yeah i agree but im gonna have to compromise. Shes a good girl but sometimes she can be a really retarded sjw

Abuse her to accelerate whole process so she will get desensitized to abuse.

Just explain to her that most rappers are washed-up criminals and that if you want to listen to hip hop there isn't an alternative. If that doesn't work then just cunt punt her and go, "See? Get it?"

well she isn't wrong....

you don't compromise with this kind of bullshit, you're literally allowing cancer in your relationship.

are you really ok with this kind of arguments?
Because they won't stop

whenever she speaks in the english language accusing her of perpetuating the legacy of imperialism, that'll teach her

stop listening to chris brown faggot

Fuck off

Would you pay money to a convicted murderer?
Would you pay for a book written by a paedophile?
Would you buy drinks for an alcoholic?

My questions are working down from an extreme to find the line where you would find it wrong to support someone morally dubious.

Evidently your girlfriend finds the line at supporting a wife-beater. You can debate the line with her, but if you answered no to any of my questions above, you accept her principle..

Sounds like she's based and you're just a nigger

I see where you're coming from, but so what? Everybody supports shitty people at one time or another. Look at how many celebrities keep getting found out for shitty behaviour years down the line. A lot of people don't stop after they find out, either.

She probably has an iPhone so bring up the fact that she uses child labour for her phone

Women love murderers and psychos. This is why most of them come to Jow Forums.

Based OP. Ameer is the goat

Tell her that she's advocating child labor due to all those companies she buys products for use sweatshops in 3rd world countries where they work 14+ hours/day 6 days a week for a wage that can't even get them above the daily minimum wage in any first world country, all because she can't resist getting a new iPhone or shoes every year.

Yes, bad people sometimes get away with it. But that's not the issue. The question is how bad to they have to be before you decide not to support them

>does listening to michael jackson make you a pedophile
The answer is no

Always depends on the circumstances. A pedophile could be a great writer. Just because I dont agree with what they do in their personal life doesnt mean I cant enjoy whatever they create. I used to listen to burzum. Does that make me a church burning murderer?
Tell her she is retarded. Fucking SJWs

Your girlfriend is a retard. Leave her.

Are you black? Why are you listening to rap? It's garbage.

Dude break it off. If she gets like this about music it's only gonna get worse. It starts with her telling you not to listen to certain music, then the way you dress needs work, and it keeps going until you do something about it since most of the time girls aren't consciously aware that their persistence can be very manipulative. And whether they know they're doing it or not it always goes bad. Never date someone you can't be 100% yourself around.

That seems subjective, and for anyone to try to set the standard for other people would be completely arbitrary.

genuinely consider dumping her she sounds like a psycho. this is a huge red flag.

>unironically falling for the rap is crap meme

fuck off ben shapiro

>Shes a good girl but sometimes she can be a really retarded sjw
No she's not a good girl. She basically stated that he, without a trial, is guilty of rape, and insinuating you either idolize rape, or you yourself are a rapist.

When shit gets tough and you get accused of something, I wouldn't be surprised if she leaves you.