Would you date a bald girl?

Would you date a bald girl?

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There actually is one I used to work with who I was into- she had the right facial structure to make it work.
Of course her dad was the manager and made up a reason to fire me before I could make a move.

Chad; 1
Poorfag wageslave; 0
Thank you for playing

Who is the Chad in this situation?

The business owner protecting his daughter from horny wageslave beta cuck obviously

Femanon here, yes, absolutely.

If she had a nicely shaped skull, pretty face, and a body to compensate, certainly. But since I'm black I probably wouldn't date another bald black girl, I would want her to have nicer hair than me.


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Yes, depends what she's like.
Nobody cares that you're a woman.

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If I wasn't balding I totally would. Some women absolutely rock the bald look, but both of us being bald would be too comical to everyone else.


What if they wear wigs?

Hooked up with a smol latina girl who took the buzzpill. Probably some of the best sex I've had in my life. Never really clicked well enough to start dating but I wouldn't be against it.

As a hairlet, I absolutely would.

Actually I really would but you still have to look like a female lol


Can't tell if Patrick Stewart or Joe Rogan


Yes, but i would rather one who was missing an eye or something. You will probably get a lot of guys who say yes, but they aren't the guys you want.

>but i would rather one who was missing an eye or something
Why's that?

Because one's a tragic accident, the other is an intentional choice most of the time. Yes there are some diseases that force you to go bald, but outside of that it's a choice you made.

It's a disease.

No, I have been living in the Nordic countries and I reached the conclusion I like girls with nice hair.

Depends on what they look like. Some girls look good with it, some don't

Hell yes Amy color very sexy


If the cause is heritable and/or terminal, no. If it's by choice, no (guaranteed degenerate). Otherwise, yeah, although I'd definitely prefer they wore a nice wig.

Never. I don’t even date girls with short hair.

Same rule that women apply to men: Hot women are hot. Some of them are also bald. I date hot women.

I'd consider if it was cancer and not the fetish.

I find it impossible to be attractive to bald women. Long hair is a requirement to be hot, for me personally. I only date hot women too, who would go for someone they do not find attractive?


Its a pretty good filter for people that can think for themselves.

Damn people like what they like but I'd be embarrassed of myself if all it took for me to say no to a hot chick was her hair not being long lol

NGL, that would be a hard sell for me. I'm not sure if I've ever felt attracted to a bald woman. If you are capable of growing hair, I would recommend you do it, because going bald is gonna limit your choices. IMO ideal female hair length is somewhre around neck length to shoulder length

does she have cancer? then I might, if for """aesthetic""" reasons or even worse, some kind of ideology, hard pass

Nope, i could date some ugly ass italian man if i wanted that, you fucking chrome dome freak.


No, a girls hair is a major attraction point for me

Maybe. There was something alluring about Christine. In other cases I'd prefer a bald girl wore a wig or sonething.

No, I don't date women