Am I the only one who thinks this rich model has an average face?

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She has a generic pretty face idk what else to tell you

Haven’t got past her delicious ass

She's not very attractive at all IMO.
But I'm not sure that's the only quality a model is supposed to have.

Not attractive at all? I can understand if she isn’t your type and you were to say that she’s average looking. Understandable. But to say she isn’t attractive ‘at all’ is an over-statement.

She is pretty OP but I can't get over the filler in her lips. Why does this have to be a trend?

You think models are chosen for their good looks? Lel. Their job is to make clothes look good. Plenty of models are average or good but not great looking.

Totally average but why we being mean? Do you need advice?

You’re probably ugly and jealous

I have the trips. Why would I be jealous of a girl?

She isn't anything special. As you said, average.

and for top models for the brands to look good as image and connections is everyday.

majority of working people in entertainment are rich already, they don't need to work hard they just media play themselves to stay in the news and convince naive people whatever they want them to believe.
She isn't top tier facially, but still pretty cute. Facial attractiveness isn't the only important thing for a model anyway.

>this thread

Alexis Ren is literally orders of magnitude more attractive than any female that will ever touch you

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Horse mouth

Sure, just not in that photo

>Am I the only one who thinks this rich model has an average face?

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Her facial proportions are pretty much on point. She is good looking statistically speaking.
Your personal preferences do not "average" make

She is a 9/10 in the face, based on average male preferences. I prefer more masculinized face and older women do she is like an 8/10 to me. Still beautiful

Follow up.. actually she is a 7/10. Sorry op pic is misleading

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She’s just a tired-looking 8/10 in that photo big deal. Don’t you know she has a hard job standing in front of a camera and stuff, give her a break. That’s not easy. Waking up early to wear a bikini in cold weather, having to read mean comments on her instagram everyday from jerks like you. Asshole.

You’re being serious?

I fucking hate you retarded teens
why the fuck is this shitty thread still there

That's like a 4/10 at best. Her facial structure is very off putting.

Still a hater

She looks like if Rhona Mitra fucked a extra chimp like looking nigger.

Welcome to modeling, it's not who you are, it's who you blow.
Just like acting.