Do black girls like white guys?

Do black girls like white guys?

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It depends

In my experience yes

More black women would rather be with white men, because black men have a bad reputation for avoiding responsibility.

>In the 1800s racial biases made everyone avoid fucking other races
>In modern times they make everyone avoid fucking the same race.

Yeah but sometimes they will write you off as not interested because most white guys are not. You just have to be more direct.

They think this, but white men are more prone to domestic violence.

Black women like domination. They need a boss. A man. You decide where dinner is and what to do and never let her see your weakness.

probably because black males grow up in hyper-masculine social settings. gender roles are pretty well established, anything remotely effeminate in a black guy is viewed as weakness.

>more prone to domestic violence

Good one

And so do black women. They're nuts.

Depends where they're from.
Urban black girls are brainwashed into hating white guys, just like urban latinas.

Most girls that have liked me have been black for some reason. I don't know, maybe there's something about tall, skinny white boys.

Never actually been with any, though.

imagine, being intimidated by a woman. LOL!

In my experience also, yes. I have only ever met two black girls properly and both of them showed romantic interest in me. One of them was like a 9/10 as well. And im 5'7" and only slightly above average lookswise but im from the UK so it is different here compared to USA

>but im from the UK so it is different here compared to USA
way different in the US, they're all brainwashed with "whitey bad" propaganda they only escape from if they grow up in a white neighborhood.

>Do black girls like white guys?
I'm white and can confirm.

I grew up around tons of blacks and half blacks. They like muscular meathead type white guys. It felt good to be a middle linebacker chad in highschool.

Some do.
My best friend is married to a really hot black girl.
To make it work, you have to have at least a little bit of swagger, but don't try to be black, you're not black.
80% of them will reject you out of hand, but a few will be very, very interested.
He's a really hard working kind of guy and a bit of a nerd. Not many black guys are like that, so if a black girl likes that, she generally goes white.

Of course they do. I've repeatedly fucked a 9/10 black girl. Great body, beautiful face, even a great personality. She and I even fucked her girlfriend together. She looks like the girl in the first Cloverfield movie whatever that girls name is. Yep, it's been great not being with white girls that sick the life force from you.

Tall white guys are every girls fetish - so yes