I want to be a normie

I want to be a normie.
What is the most normie board on Jow Forums?

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Go on reddit instead, you will go normie in an instant.

Rage is hardly normie is it?

This board is pretty normie-tier a lot of times

Reddit is not full of normies, regular normal people don't spend their time updooting epic bacon memes. Reddit is just as autistic as Jow Forums, a bunch of STEM nerds, only they're not as hateful and haven't poisoned themselves on context-less irony. MAYBE they're a little bit less autistic since they're able to get married to fat girls. They're still not normies, look at pics of reddit meet-ups.

Normies are on facebook and instagram, MAYBE twitter but they're on there with their real name & pics and don't hide behind anime avatars.

/tv/ is pretty chill.

Is there an intro to these for robots?


This board here. It's a bunch of teenagers asking for love advice. And there are actual females here, not just weirdos in crossdressing. All the other boards are full of jaded old wizards. /tv/ and /ck/ are pretty normie too, but they also have shit taste.


Pretty sure /x/ has the most women.

Found the redditfag

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I do post on Reddit like at least half the people here and I can tell you firsthand that it is full of autistic people that are way closer to frogposting incels than they are to normies.

>actual females
>weirdos in crossdressing
I thought those were the same

The Jow Forums.

>implying frog posting and calling yourself incel is abnormalfaggy

Go back. You ruined the Jow Forums with this redditoring normalty.

Jow Forums

Its hard to travel without being outgoing and social.

That being said its also got a bunch of middle age sex tourists that browse it too.

>Go on reddit instead, you will go normie in an instant.
Brah, the "atheistic, fedora-wearing neckbeard" stereotype originated from redditors posting pics of themselves. They're hardly normies there.

Redditors are the worst of both worlds, they're scared of the kind of honesty and dark humor you find here but still pretend to be edgy while lacking any of the positive traits normies have like basic social skills and knowing when to shut up.

I am honestly probably considered a "normie" by Jow Forums standards.

>have decent job (70k a year software dev)
>have a few friends
>socialize most weekends
>have sex occasionally
>have had a girlfriend before

Still a depressed introvert tho haha

Dont worry, this is not r9k