Ask an 18 year old man who just got married anything

Ask an 18 year old man who just got married anything.

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why do you look so gay.

OP didn't say he got married to a woman.

Why lmao, going in the militart?

Tell us about your finances.


Hope you didn't knock her up.

But anyways, my question. Why did you marry the person?

Is your new wife extremely wealthy? I'm hoping this is the case, for your sake.

Good, I'm the frontman of a conventionally successful band and my father is in stocks, so I"m not doing bad.

>, I'm the frontman of a conventionally successful band
No you're not lol.

I love her

Yes I am, here's a link:

Conventionally as in we sell tickets and play a LOT of shows, we make after taxes about 3/4k a week. We are still heavily building our internet presence with music videos however and will start a marketing strategy this October.

Explains the haircut.
What plans have you for the future?


Mhm, like I said we're building our internet presence and are teaming up with an agency called Denovo this October to help us spread our reach. In about 2 months that won't be an issue anymore and we should have about 300k-1M views on a few of our works (Which is still relatively small in such a competitive field).

Invest my finances in stocks (With family guidance as that is a specialty of my family) and continue my projects as they expand in the next decade.

>btw heres my band
Bruh there are better places to advertise than here, this is one of the slowest boards.

Lol your band sucks and no one will watch your videos.

Nah I wasn't trying to advertise, I'm not retarded. Just mildly mentally impaired, and even then I can still drive safely.

Ok, talk to me in 3 months, I'll buy you a fruit basket and some poppers

Anyway, the point of this thread is to discuss being married >21 and how it can still go relatively well. I would say I have a strong foundation to make it work, any argument against that?

Talk to me in 3 months and I'll have won the Lotto lmao.

Well in 3 months the marketing project will have been long done (In collaboration with RCA as well) and far more progress in terms of our internet presence will have been accomplished. Which is why I said that estimate.

Whens the divorce?

Yup, I'm convinced.

I hope never, I don't see why it would have to end that way. My wife is 21 I might add.

what is it like to be this retarded

Pretty good

>make 2-3k a week
Less than 10k views.
Heavily doubt.
My friend is a struggling musician and he tours the whole east coast every summer.
Getting shows does not translate to financial success.

Our internet presence has nothing to do with our financials, that is more of a side project if anything and again our marketing partnership will assure over 400k+ views in the coming months when that starts. I am lucky enough to have really good industry connections due to the family I was born into therefore I get really premium gigs and exclusive opportunities and we aren't struggling.

How long did you two date before signing your own death warrant?
What does she do for a living?
Has she been married or engaged before?
Does she have any kids?

Can't wait until reality fucks you in the ass .
Your band sucks balls.

That's the worthless opinion of some random asshole on Jow Forums lol, Twista, Busta Ryhmes, RCA and far more contacts find us a valuable asset and we have a lot of strategic plans in 2020 to branch out past the stigma of an underground nobody band essentially.

>bro I promise we are legends
>here is a picture from the stage
>here are the places we plan to play soon
>here is our discography
Heavily doubt.
You sound like a larper.

>the success of the band is a "sideproject"

Ok, if you don't believe me I don't really care; I don't need validation from an anonymous image board lol.

Internet presence and social media marketing is a side project, the band is already more than financially sustainable. In fact, coming next month we are getting a 20 grand loan for 2 more music videos.

you need drums

yeah that's why you came here to make this thread, cuz u dont care

yeah Busta Fuckin Rhymes will find your bitch ass valuable lmao

>we are making 4k a week each
>need a loan for 20 grand
I'm not a successful musician and I have a mortgage and I could easily self finance 20k.

>getting a 20 grand loan for 2 more music videos
The loan business sounds more profitable than your band.

2 more music videos with a thousand views each lol.

Actually he does, in fact Twista literally just liked my post on Instagram this moment, here's a screencap

No, come December Markings on the wall should have around 300k views after the marketing partnership goes into effect very shortly.

It's a favor that doesn't have to come out of our own pockets, there's a lot of context behind it.

who the fuck is twista

We have known eachother since we were kids, she's in school right now, she's only 21 and I'm her first, and no she doesn't have kids.

You don't know Twista? Do you have fucking down syndrome? Because only a retard wouldn't know who the god that is Twista is. He made that song look at me now with Chris Brown. He slays more pussy then a man who flays cats with a skillet.

hell fuck a black guy from the hood and youll have to raise his kid hahahahahah

at least you gave me an insight into what kinda people those people who make hate comment videos are
pathetic pissants in denial thicker than any concrete wall

>He made that song look at me now with Chris Brown
No he didn't lol.

>its a favor
I also call people lending me money for profit a favor.
It's a favor to poor people so that they can waste other peoples money on their "dream" that they refuse to wake up from.

Those are just side videos I make with my friends when we smoke a few bowls and have opium parties.

YES HE DID! He was in a remix:
that counts

You talk like a retard just stop lmao
It's still "than" not then

>made a song
>on a remix
Which is it?

is this your 1st day on Jow Forums?

Unfortunately, it's not my first time.

How old were you two when you first met?
Was she a teen and you were a kid?

You know how I know this is a lie?
You posted this to Jow Forums instead of /mu/ because you would have got clowned.

Just stop writing like this. It makes you look like a retard.

nobody gives a shit about grammar on the internet, and no dont come at me with the grammar after you said [then] instead of [than]

you're a whole different breed of idiot
I aint ever seen anything liek this

We met when in elementary school, I was 7 she was 10 and we kinda just clicked. We fell in love when I was 17 and she was 20 (Which is unconventional), we started dating around then and then a year later now we're married.

I provided my stuff, and no I didn't even know what /mu/ is, but I assume it's a bunch of 15 year olds getting pissed about rappers all day.

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STOP! I have been forced to see that image in comparison to me for months now every time I post on Jow Forums. If you don't stop I'm going to penetrate your orifices with olive oil.


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Have you ever considered how your mother's alcoholism contributed to your own issues with substance abuse?


Was she ever your baby sitter?

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You look like Hawkeye fucked a wood elf

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Y’all postin in a bait thread

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I kept expecting the song in the link to get better, boy was I disappointed. Cant gain those few mins back sadly

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You're a fucking faggot for posting your shit here and an even bigger faggot for what you do, but be happy you've gotten the girl you love so early, perhaps a feeling most of us will never experience.


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I was hoping for a more detailed answer.

>getting clowned by Jow Forums of all boards
damn bro. you're life is over before it even began my kneegrow


What is wrong with you, dipshit?

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>18 year old

That's not a man, that's a boy.

I’m gonna wait a few years until your back as a angry divorced born again incel.

John Cena

I'm keeping that youtube tab open on my computer OP and if by December it still has less than 10k views I'm going to flag it and all your other videos for nudity

That should teach you

Too much pretentiousness.

You're all about promotion with your band, nothing more. Empty.

>looks 30
You're american, aren't you?

This is the cringiest shit I've seen all year. Want some actual advice? At least fix your pimples before exposing yourself in public like that and cause serial glaucoma, front"man"