Law enforcement related question

Without going into the long story, a couple years ago I was backeracted. Right before the cops got me in the cop car they asked if I contacted my teacher a week ago about mental health(I did). But right after they asked if it was because I had feelings for them(I said yes, but didn't get a chance to clarify that it was platonic). After this they said they had to take me to a psycward; I had confessed earlier in the conversation that I had looked up ways to commit suicide, which is why they backeracted me.

Now the incident that lead my parents calling the cops didn't involve anything related to my teacher, and there was no mention of my teacher before I was backeracted or while talking to the cops from me, and the cops didn't ask until right before they put me in the cop car.

My question is this: is there anyway I can contact and ask the police department why they asked that question? The main problem besides the fact it happened two years ago is the cops where satellite beach, which at the time and I think currently dont use body cams, so they can basically say, "We DiDn'T sAy ThAt" with no way to contest.

I know its been two years, but this shit still bothers me deeply.

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Ask for the police report. It might explain something. Or more likely not. It's your best bet though.

How would I go about doing this? I dont deal with law enforcement ever and still dislike interacting with them.

We told you last time, it's the Baker Act. Backeracted isn't a word, and your refusal to stop using it is just fucking weird.

>remember someone getting bothered by how I spelled it before
>thought I spelled it the way to not trigger someone
Backer act used in contexts sounds off though. I thought it read better combined and adding the ed at the end made it a past tense verb? Or at least a verb.

If you want to make it a transitive verb, say you were Baker Acted. Backeracted is meaningless nonsense.


you should see a psychologist. get some help dude.

>wanting closure on an odd event means I need to talk to a psyc
Fuck, it looks like I have to be in person or call. I was hoping I could email.

>expressed concern about your mental health
>suicidal thoughts
>vague paranoia involving some connection between the police department and your past teacher
>event occurred two years ago but bothers you deeply

go get some help dude.

I'm fine as far as the human condition goes.
>vague paranoia about some connection between cops and teacher
They are the ones who mention and asked about it. I'm not saying it's a conspiracy, but you wouldn't find it odd of them to ask that?

>event 2 years ago
I know it happend a while ago. Its not something I think about all the time anymore, but the thought of asking the cops about it popped into my head yesterday.

If it helps prior to being backer acted I was seeing a psyc for anxiety. Just wasn't a good experience. Plus I'm not suicidal and I'm not that mentally fucked that a psyc is needed.

you understand that if a licensed educator were to become concerned over the well-being of a student and that student presents with risks of self-harm that they're, by law, obligated to inform the police? that's why the cops asked.

go talk to a psychologist. if you have insurance then it's easy to find one in-network. if you attend school then there's one available to you on campus. there are free resources available to you that can be found on the internet quite easily.

>you understand that if a licensed educator were to become concerned over the well-being of a student and that student presents with risks of self-harm that they're, by law, obligated to inform the police? that's why the cops asked.
I know this actually. HOWEVER, this doesn't really explain why they would feel the need to ask if I contacted my teacher about this or even the more weird question of if i had feelings for them; right before they put me in the cop car no less. If my teacher did inform law enforcement about that wouldn't they keep that more confidential? In my experience I know law enforcement aren't the best at handling sensitive information, but still.

I don't have insurance and I graduated 2 years ago. The only thing I have struggled with is emotional triggers related to my treatment at school and work, but plthrough reading have figured out I have to expose myself to things that cause the trigger and develop new memories to replace the old negative ones. So far I have made a lot of progress and hopefully by the end of this year won't be cashiering anymore and have a webdev job.

one of your teachers may have interpreted some sort of romantic interest from you onto them and voiced that to police as potentially relevant information. in these sort of scenarios the teacher is going to be as transparent as they can so as to rid themselves of any possibility that future information incriminates them or casts doubt on their reports to law enforcement. so yeah, maybe a teacher thought you were inappropriately flirting with them and they covered their ass.

why would law enforcement care about being inconspicuous? they got called about a student that's at potential risk of self-harm, found the student, confirm their identity, ask relevant questions, alright standard procedure to a ward.

you're overthinking this shit.

I was graduated at this time. This wasn't even in the same county or city. I know cops share reports and shit, but it still seems weird. You could confirm identity and reports without asking if I contacted the teacher or if i had feelings for them.

They were screening you in case you were a source of potentially significant harm to the teacher. Attempts at contact, and unrequited love are danger signs they need to check for.

Don't take it personally, it's really general questioning. They have to ask.

>They were screening you in case you were a source of potentially significant harm to the teacher.
Like I'm some love vexed yahoo? So since I answered yes to the feelings part after they "screened" me that's what I am? Did they read a report sent from another county in the 2-3 minuets it took for them to arrive in their car?

You'd want to contact the Records Department ( or possibly your Juvi Justice Department ( I'm unfamiliar with Florida law, but if you can't go there directly you may be able to make a request through your local police department if it's in Florida. You'll have to pay a small fee though.

Some things to be aware of:
>Expect the run around.
>Expect no one to care.
>They may give you the run around due to HIPAA and student privacy even though they're your records.
>They may have deleted bodycam footage after a certain time frame if they had any.

Don't disclose any reason for wanting your records, and don't get upset if you get the runaround. If you get stonewalled on not getting your records, contact Florida Department of Law Enforcement (

Source: former copfag.

They probably meant if you have a good relationship with him/her. Like it wasn’t just a teacher you only had one or two classes with.
Did they ask you in interrogation if you ever fucked your teacher in the ass with your thumb and then you licked the prostate pudding from the fingertip? If no then it is basically what I said before about how many sessions and if you feel confident and trusting in the teacher.

Also I had no idea wtf bakeracted was, thought it was a British slang or something. Only after Google suggested Bakers Act that it clicked in my head. So space it out and you will get better replies.

>your going to get cocked blocked from viewing your own records
God I hate the system.
It didn't happen on uni campus and I was already graduated so that shouldn't be an issue
>don't disclose why you want your records
What should I say then? That I just want to view it for personal reasons?

If you were over 18 when it happened, then it'll probably be easier to get your info.
Just fill out the forms, and send them in. I'm not positive, but I don't think you need to state a reason.

Ok, thank you.