Girl keeps putting her feet against mine (does this count as playing footsie or is some other action required?)

>girl keeps putting her feet against mine (does this count as playing footsie or is some other action required?)
>have no idea what to do
please for the love of God send help

She's actually done this like 4 times in the last month but I just assumed it was a mistake (pulled my legs back a few times like a mega autist) or I imagined it but she did it for like over an hour straight today so it's actually real

how to footsie

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does she have cute feet? or nice legs?
i don't know user
just flirt

just hold still and let her initiate

some people are very coy about their flirting.

in her mind (assuming you're correctly identifying her playing footsies), she is making it very obvious that she likes you and she's wondering why you're not reciprocating. if she's initiating physical contact and being playful then i don't understand how you could be confused about her intentions.

sit next to her, wait for her to initiate, do your footsie thing, and eventually work your way to placing her legs on your lap. from then on maintain some hand to leg contact or whatever. you're playing this sort of stuff by ear, there's no metagame to physical flirting.

keep in mind, she might not have any romantic interest in you. some girls are just really flirty and do this sort of stuff with any and every remotely attractive guy they meet. they like the attention, guys think they're going to get their dick wet, turns out she's just a tease.

kick her feet as hard as you can, that's how you win

made me laugh

Grab her foot and give her massage see how she reacts

She's my coworker so it's a total no go

also yeah I'm pretty sure she's just insanely flirty she also constantly uses smilies

While giving her a foot massage, bend over and smell her feet.

footfags should be boiled alive

Let OP's HR Dept. be the tribunal of that.

b-but we haven't done anything

I am fearful though since I live in America.
Not sure how it would be in Europe

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She likes you. If a girl is touching you it is because she wants to. If she is oblivious and doing it accidently then she is downright autistic.

no she's insanely well socialized
I can make her laugh very hard though too so maybe you're right

Just fuck her dude. She really wants to. Just tell her to rub higher if she can. Escalate it from there, then go back to her place and bang.

I don't want to fuck a coworker though ahhh

>not being a footfag

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surely she can't like me there must be another explanation

Kek came here to post this.


Report her to the police or HR for sexual harassment

Yeah that's why I don't react much to casual flirting from women, I can kind of tell when they're into me enough to want something else. I'll play along with them but in my mind I'm usually reading their intentions carefully.

This. Be a pioneer in the #SheToo movement.

but im fond of her

>the absolute state of internalized oppression in society
user. The way she is touching you is highly inappropriate, and you obviously do not like it as you stated that you move your legs back. You can be fond of someone without accepting them LITERALLY raping you.

she's kind of cute though

well not so much really but she's got nice tits and a decent ass

You see? You're lying to yourself. She is oppressing you and abusing her female privilege. Don't let her do that shit.

it gives me a self-esteem boost though

Slap her ass

Stop letting her oppress you. Report her.

So just ask her for drinks then. Just don’t do anything at work and you’re in the clear.

yeah but it'll bleed over