If my coworker sometimes touches my shoulder when passing or after chatting with me and says semi romantic ironic stuff...

If my coworker sometimes touches my shoulder when passing or after chatting with me and says semi romantic ironic stuff (like for example:
Me: do you have time?
Him: for you always)
Does it mean anything or am I reading too much into it?
I asked this in a ask another sex thread but it got lost among other posts and I badly need some opinions

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depends on if you're attractive.

I think he's testing the waters. Go for it, be playful back but not in a creepy way, you never know, things might turn out well. Good luck.

I'm average

Stop overthinking nonsense and ask him on stealth date.
>what are your plans this weekend?
>i want to go to X, wanna go with me?

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He's either testing the waters and waiting for you to do the first move or just playfully flirting because he enjoys it. Either way, he wouldn't respond negatively if you were to make a move on him, go for it. Worst you'll hear is a no.

I had a severely closeted elderly gay coworker who would keep tapping me on the shoulder and start rubbing it when he was giving me advice or instructions.

Eventually we had a sexual harassment training mostly meant for women but guys had to attend to about how they should set the office rule of squeaking like a mouse if someone does something creepy or uninvited.

The next time he touched me I squeaked like a mouse and he stopped. The higher ups heard about it, though, and after he got reprimanded he started looking for ways to build a case against me to fire me.

What did I just read lol

That’s called faggotry, son.

He wants to fuck your holes but thinks he's being slick. Either move away from him or touch him back, you pussy.

What in the fuck???????

OK OP I have a foolproof plan to know with 100% certainty if they are into you or not. You have to follow my advice to the T or it will not work.

>Step 1: Ask them out on a date

That is all. If they say yes then they are interested in you. If they say no then they are not interested in you. It really is that fucking easy.

>asking out your coworkers
Great idea if you want to be accused of sexual harassment

Quit the market. You don't wanna fuck up your professional life.

it means i wana smash but we are at work and i dont want to be sent to HR for straight up grabbing your butt and kissing you

I did that and got away but she was into me ALOT

>t.scared retards
If you're not a creep and bring it in a casual fun matter, there's no way you'll get into trouble.
Pathetic desu senpai

doesn't mean anything beyond being friendly
don't listen to white knight beats telling you otherwise

OP here. I don't want to ask him out. He has a girlfriend... Any more opinions?

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1st: What do you want from this coworker? I mean, do you want to date / fuck / take things serously / nothing?

2nd: He maybe flirting with you or just being that 'charismatic player' that tries to mix a bit of social interaction with playful uncompromising seduction. So, among these what do you think he's doing?

3rd: Is he hot / beautiful / well presented? Also, is he wealthy / a superior?

4th: What kind of clothes do you wear on your work? especially near him?

He probably waiting for a sign from you, most likely he likes you, unless he does this with everyone else.

1. I have a crush on him
2. I don't think he is a player type, but he is quite loud and extroverted
3. He is a little above me in work hierarchy. Not very rich as far as I know. He looks well presented sometimes, but I don't know if he is hot or beautiful objectively. He is tall and quite chubby.
4. Normal clothes, nothing extravagant. A blouse and jeans.

Shitting where you eat is never a good idea speaking from personal experience and others' experiences.

Slap his ass

You can try flirting a bit and see where it takes you. But don't try *too* hard
That is called sexual harrassment, sonny

why do you care? its work. Dont shit where you it, unless you want to get in trouble and jeopardize your future career and income source.

> a have a crush on him
So, u didnt answer my question. What are your expectations in a relationship with him? U want to date, fuck or take things seriously? Because:
- If date: It means u r curious about him, and u want to know what is it that called your attention
- If fuck: It means you have a crush, a crush that instantiates into a crave - horniness
- If take things seriously: u want a partner in your life; actually, a leader in your case, based on what you described about him.

So, for fs, figure out what u want and do.

I do not recommend relationships at work. It generally ends bad

A serious thing. But he has a gf now, so it won't happen. I just want to know if he likes me like that.

>I just want to know if he likes me like that.
Probably not, just sounds like a guy who's naturally flirty

I thought so. Thanks

>OP here. I don't want to ask him out. He has a girlfriend... Any more opinions?
If he touches you or says anything you find inappropriate just say
>How's [insert gf's first name here]?
>It'd be a shame if she knew you were doing this. How about you stop?
>I'm not into being a side chick.
>I don't waste time with guys who cheat.
>Do I need to go to HR for you to stop?
Note: you have to actually believe and practice these for it to work. Second one it's 50/50 cause you don't know how his girlfriend will react. First one can come off as a challenge.

I don't think OP wants him to stop. And if I'm right she should ask him out.

I can't believe I'm saying this because I'm autistic, but look for the subtext. If he says it in a direct way and with a serious face/tone "For you? Always." Then he wants to be friendly. If he says it in a more flirty way with a cheeky smile "For you~? ...Always. ;)" Then he's trying to see if you're responding to it.

If you're attracted to him or want to take things further, you can touch him on the arm or shoulder sometimes, too. If not, well... there's nothing wrong yet.

OP here, it was via text message. I'm too afraid to touch him.

So you are attractive.
Just push a little and go from there. Shouldn't be hard if you aren't autistic. If you are let us know so we can give you better advice

>office rule of squeaking like a mouse if someone does something creepy
>next time he touched me I squeaked like a mouse

just talk to him about work stuff and ask if he wants to get lunch sometime

>I'm too afraid to touch him.
Can you explain why this is? He touched you.

I'm not autistic but I'm not good at flirting

I don't feel comfortable touching people, he may think I'm coming too hard on him or he may not want to be touched by me

>Does it mean anything
Be friendly back and arrange to meet him outside of work.

So what does it mean?

too passive. u wont gain anything by doing nothing