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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?

>Why is there no new thread?
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Do girls really think the Gt. 4 Huracán is unbeatable in its class? I feel like even at the very top you can beat it with other cars even though you're at a disadvantage

Do you think most girls actually care about cars?

Someone mentioned a "bronco" the other day and it took me a full five minutes to realize they were talking about a Ford Bronco and not an actual, live bronco

Sorry I'm just memeing about racing games to give the thread a fresh start


So this female co-worker who I'm on good, friendly terms with was texting me ranting about a bad day at work, she went on about how it was quite a shitty situation.
After that she texted "I need a drink"
Like any normal person, I said "Yeah me too, wanna go grab one?"
She basically let me down gently, saying she'd like to, but she already has some alcohol at home. Was I wrong to ask her that? She is dating someone currently, but my context was pretty much get a drink and rant about work shit.

Sorry for being so autistic, carry on

you're way over thinking it. you're fine.

Sure? I've been trying to wrap my head around it all evening. I just said something along the lines of "That's cool, but wine doesn't expire haha" and she hasn't responded yet.

Sometimes people just dont feel like going out, especially when they've had an exhausting day. Unless you have expressed a romantic interest in her in the past, I doubt shes interpreting your invitation that way.
Dont be pushy, just say 'next time' and change the subject.

Nothing wrong there, co-workers tend to drink together and complain about their shit job.

Thanks for the response user. You're right, she might have been tired. I'll see if she texts me back, otherwise I'll just let it go

Let go of what? You asked for a drink out, she said no. Normal co-worker stuff. There is nothing here. Or are you talking about asking her out as a co-worker and hoping you can turn it into a date?

I love all of you

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Not for any specific gender but does drinking in morning a problem?

Nope, I meant "let go" as in I won't approach this topic again. When I see her at work tomorrow, I won't bring it up

If youre not in college and its not a holiday or a brunch date, you probably should not be drinking in the morning. And judging by your post I'd say youre drunk currently. So, yes, you might have a problem.

>msgd a cute on snapchat
>she replies with laughing emojis
>doesnt reply to second message of me asking "whats up"
did i fuck up by asking basic question or was she just not interested from getgo

she seemed interested in me when we spoke irl

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she might've changed her mind

how do you meet people on snapchat anyway

How much is alcholic?

I only drink no more than 8 a day. I never get super drunk just slightly buzzed all the time

to girls. how much of a deal breaker would my hand be?

I regularly see this qt girl at the supermarket who has a bf (at least I'm guessing it is her bf) with a neat looking prosthetic hand. probably lost it in a work accident. but how about a legit deformed one like mine.

everyone is always weirded out by it and are hesitant to touch it

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In my experience, probably just lacking interest.

Try again when you have something worth saying. If it happens again, move on.

i didnt

we met at my saturday side job and i approached her, spoke a bit and she gave me good signals, we smile to eachother constantly and shit so i figured ill snap her since i saw her snap id on insta of hers.

shes pretty shy i think,doesnt do drugs or drink,but the problem is she has some zoomer bf
>pic related what i sent her

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>all the time
that much. that much is alcoholic.

Yeah. The unwritten rule is that it’s now up to her to ask you out for a drink or hang out as co-workers. So just let it go.

She has a boyfriend? And you're trying to flirt with her? Dude, no.


>sending her anything pepe related

No, just no.

oh, sweetie.
she has a bf and you sent her a frog. it was over before it started, im sorry.

Yeah, that’s freaking me out. But not all girls are as shallow as i am.

how often should I ask for dates if one falls through but there's interest still (without sounding desparate)?

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ngl bro most people will be weirded out
who the fuck cares lmao
i will try anyway
and if not with her then someone else
apus are fine ok

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Is 18M and 16F too much of an age gap for a relationship? Assuming no sex

do you boo

half your age plus 7 bro

You're hopeless.

No, but still be careful. Probably falls under romeo and juliet.

Half your age plus 7.

What do you even mean? It's a 2 year gap my dude, pretty sure noone cares at that point.

They care when its under 18. That’s still a child.

It's fine. You do a surprising amount of growing up between 16 and 18 so it might not be that easy to make things work but the age gap is acceptable.

im sorry what

what i posted is irrelevant since she doesnt know context of frogs anyway, shes a full normie.
and regarding her having a boyfriend, women cheat and drop their boyfriends all the time whenever they find someone better.

If she doesnt, shit, great for her and her relationship.

"you have to be confident and fight for your own"
>also women
"dont hit on girls!!!"
There are no single females.

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Do women generally like stoic guys or is better to be outgoing?

That helps, thanks. The last couple of times we hung out she was the one who asked.

16 is still the age of consent in some states. Just dont be a creep and you're fine.

Ah, I see. You're so pathetic you're going after a girl who will just drop their guy the moment they find someone better. Very naisu desu.

Stoic isnt really an antonym to outgoing, its a quality that all women would definitely appreciate.

You dont need to be outgoing, but you need to have the confidence to start a conversation and be yourself.

Guy here, everyone has preferences. If you're the quiet type some women will find that mysterious and attractive, some won't.

In my experience, the more outgoing the girl the more interested they will be in your silence.

I've been married almost eleven years and have two kids, 11 and 6. My wife became distant not long after marriage, but it has been progressively worse over time. Sex went from every day to once a week to maybe once or twice a month now.

The mystery I have been trying to solve for some time is why my wife won't sleep in the same bed with me. For at least two years, she has slept on the couch almost every night. It has become worse and worse. So naturally I started questioning her about this. I'm going to list her reasons:

1. She doesn't watch the same TV shows I do, so she stays in the living room until her shows finish, then she will come to bed. She never comes. Claims she always intends to come but falls asleep.

2. Claims she is worried about the kids because the house is a split floor plan. Also, if they wake up, they will come get in bed with us, and I fuss in my sleep if she is in bed with me and they join us.

3. Up until a year ago, it was the mattress. We had never had a new one since we met. We got a new bed and king size at Christmas last year which renewed her interest in sleeping in the bedroom for a while, but quickly faded.

She will literally sleep on an uncomfortable couch every night. I have brought this up on several occasions and it has even turned into heated discussions, but she never comes back in the bedroom. Also, if she happens to get up at night, she will go to the kids bedroom and sleep with them.

Holy cow guys, where do I start? I know there must be a real reason, but whatever it is I don't think she is ever going to tell me. She always insists that it is nothing bad, just all the reasons stated above. Am I being fooled!

>In my experience, the more outgoing the girl the more interested they will be in your silence.

That's also been my experience too.

There. are. no. single. females.

If they got enough of their current bf and someone else is available they blow up relationship, cry for 2 days and onto next adventure.

I approach many different girls but for some reason all are taken.
Not going to wait till my life ends

shes getting her dick ahem, fix somewhere else
sorry to say

I guess it makes sense. It's kind of interesting to think about.

And you're ok with having a relationship with a girl like that? Alright mr perfect, good luck keeping her.

There are plenty of single girls. They're just not interested in you, my friend.

>don't have a lot of sex
>be bad at sex
>don't have confidence
How do I break this vicious cycle that I'm caught up in?

Even outside of romantic relationships I've always found that the really outgoing/extro types seem to need a more introverted person to balance them out.

That's because extroverts are all unthinking parasites deserving of the gas chamber

>I know there must be a real reason, but whatever it is I don't think she is ever going to tell me
Explain to her that not telling you will undoubtedly lead to more trust issues between the two of you and that this will undoubtedly ruin your marriage in the long run.

I’ve hung out with a girl as friends a couple of times, and I’m pretty sure we both had a lot of fun. She sent me a long message after the second time telling me how much she enjoyed it.

I just came back from a long holiday overseas and contacted her. I asked if she’d be busy in the coming week, because I was going on a second trip the following week and she said she was busy, so it’d be better to hang out when I get back from the second trip. My second trip got cancelled so I messaged her and confirmed that she’d be busy in that week as well. Now that week is over and I’m thinking about messaging her again, but I’m starting to feel clingy and overly persistent. I fully believe that she was busy during those two weeks, but if I message her a third time and she is busy I will feel like a creep.

I’m a bit of a sperg when it comes to this stuff. I enjoyed hanging out with her and am excited to hang out again. What’s the best course of action here?

Can also confirm, definitely doesn't mean the relationship is easier, though.

I jizz in like 30 seconds but women have complimented me on my sex before. The trick is just to do foreplay for like 20 minutes before you actually have sex. Then if you jizz really fast you just make some excuse and try again in half an hour or so once your dick has recharged. I normally find that I last much longer on the second or third round.

must have been extremely unlucky or im really hideous then

Women can get a guy within 1hour IF they wish so.

To any girls in an interracial relationship or thinking about one etc. If you found your bf's porn folder/stash/whatever and it was almost entirely whatever you are.

How would you feel?

Do it. Girls won't make moves and like for guys to prove they're interested by taking the initiative, especially early on. If you really believe she was legitimately busy the last two weeks then there's no reason to feel creepy or clingy.

Just remember that if she blows you off this time to put the phone down and let her come to you. You've got to walk the line between being seen to be interested and knowing when to bugger off.

I usually can't even get hard when having sex/foreplay. I'll go down on a chick for however long to get her ready, and when she goes down on me I blow before I can get stiff.
Then the room gets awkward.

As a white dude who exclusively dates Asian chicks and watches Asian porn, I can tell you that most of the girls I date have dated white guys before me, so I think they also have a racial preference for dating. When girls ask me my “type” I usually say that I find Asians the most attractive so I doubt it would come as a shock to them.

It’d be much more uncomfortable if you exclusively watched interracial porn of a DIFFERENT race than they are.

Sounds like a completely different problem to mine so I don’t know if I can give you any advice. Maybe try viagra.

Like, I can jerk off fine, I just feel like I have a super low sex drive and have to actually be in the mood like chicks.
Fuck if I know.

Id be a bit more relieved to know his attraction to my body type/looks is already long-standing and not a lie

How do I know if a girl is looking at me because she's interested or just because she think I'm weird?

contrary to popular belief, unattractive males are invisible to a female

why do you look at people

Did she make eye contact and smile?
Into you.
Did she quickly look away?
Not into you.

Could a girl confirm this

Confirmed. Heres my girl badge

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Lol dude, WTF is that thing. Legit pooks like an alien hand. I'm gonna be slightly more optimistic for your outlook though. It looks pretty weird, but not super gross or anything. It's not really any worse than, say, looking at my grandma's hands with arthritis that makes her fingers point in unnatural directions. And that's just normal old people shit.

You're forgetting that girls have different criteria for attraction. They might check out the top 20% of best looking guys in public but it doesn't mean they won't be attracted to you once they know you a bit better.

It sounds like you either snore, roll around in bed, etc. or it’s possible she just likes sleeping alone. Some people have a hard time sleeping sharing a bed with anyone.

male here seeking advice from any and all

curious about this girl who talks to me alot about sex stuff (me forcing myself on her, her wanting me to perform oral sex on her, etc)

is that a sign she's into me or something? i'm autistic and i'm bad at interpreting signals

Bro she fucking hates you. She's probably gagging right now remembering you exist. I'd move on if I were you, man.

I did this when I felt unsafe with my abusive ex. I felt uncomfortable sleeping next to him
Do you abuse or belittle her? Do you think she is stupid or crazy?

She likes you.
Don't do that stuff though. it sounds like rape.

I'm a spergy 27 year old male; never been in a relationship, obviously a virgin.
That said I'm heading back to university next year when I'm 28 to retrain in a new field.

I want to have the college experience I missed out on the first time. To wit, I've been dressing better, taking greater care of myself, and eating well/ working out. And I've made leaps and bounds with my social skills by working a customer service job the last 18 months (still not great but I can maintain a conversation).
Is it possible for me to make a bunch of new friends, go to parties and fuck chicks, or is the 10 years I have on these guys going to be just too off putting and create a fundamentally irreconcilable divide?
For what it's worth, I don't look -that- old.

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But I thought girls looked away when they notice guys looking back?


Every. Girl. Is. Different.

We’re not robots with identical software versions and updates. We’re thinking, breathing humans that learn to handle different situations in different ways.

Well is there a general answer? one which will work with more people than others?

The “college experience” is a load of shit invented by Hollywood to market to horny teenagers who watch sex comedies.

Eye contact and avoidance is heavily context dependent. Body language, prior interaction, etc makes a different.

This board is not Apollo’s Dating Oracle. It will not give you the straight hard answers you desire. None exist. The only way to find out is to get up the courage to *ask*.

> interracial relationship
>porn folder

Well no matter your definition, sitting inside all day playing Dark Souls was not an enriching experience and I want a do-over

The general answer is stop being a sperg and go talk to them. You’ll never know what someone thinks about you unless you actually talk to them. Worst case scenario they’re cold to you and then you never speak to them again.

Also, most people feel uncomfortable with talking to someone they don’t know, especially without a decent reason.

I don't know about that my dude. I just stayed inside playing video games all day, and even though I'm just going to a community college last year I spent almost every other day even in the middle of the week at my best friends house getting high as fuck with my friends. And the year I went to an actual college there were constant parties even though I wasn't invited.

I'm going to sit behind this girl and her group of friends. Is it weird? I never sit near them.
Also any ideas on how to begin talking to them

You’re not going to transform into some alpha chad smashing poonani every single night. If you put yourself out there you might make friends and meet a girl though. It’d be especially easy for you to get on well with 4th year students or post grad students. 18 year olds are a bit awkward to talk to as a 27 year old, but 23 year olds and 27 year olds aren’t all that different.

Attend your classes. Do group work. Maybe aim to take some classes that have a high degree of interaction like second languages or attend some club activities.

Girls, do you ever give your number to a guy you're not interested in? I asked a girl out for drinks, and we exchanged numbers, but she really didn't seem that into the idea of going out. And the last time I asked out a girl and got her number, she ended up bailing and then later telling me it was because her and her fiancee ended up going to the movies instead.

If i felt unsafe i might give the wrong number to the guy, otherwise i would flat out say im not interested

She sounds plenty crazy

How many times can you lock eyes with someone before it stops being a coincidence? I'm up to like 10

>Also, most people feel uncomfortable with talking to someone they don’t know, especially without a decent reason
So how to get a reason?

Id say up to 5 times

I actually offered her my number and a "call/text me if you want to get a drink" to give her the option of just deleting or not bothering if I misjudged her interest, but she texted me as I was talking to her so that I'd have her number.

Don’t talk to people unless you have something in common (e.g. same workplace, same class etc).

Imagine some random guy approaching you on the street and trying to be your friend. You’d feel very uncomfortable, right? You don’t need to ask out every fuckable looking girl you see. Get to know people a little bit first.