What's a standard drink I could order in any bar?

What's a standard drink I could order in any bar?

I like screwdrivers but I don't want to be laughed at in a blue collar bar. Preferably hard alcohol

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Whisky sour is probably your single safest bet for a standard drink that will not get judged.

Whisky on the rocks

That's a girly fruit drink

Whiskey or wine.

Vodka Lime Soda
Long Island Iced Tea
Whiskey Coke
Gin and tonic
Lemon Drop

You're a girly fruit. The drink is fine.

what kind of liquor do you like?
Gin n Tonic
Tequila and Tonic
Vodka Soda
Wiskey Sour
Old Fashioned
Jack n Coke
Moscow mule


Captain and coke
Gin and tonic
My go-to’s

Also the PB&j is a classic. Shot of Jameson with a PBR

Rum & Coke

-goes down easy
-not a "girly" drink

Still taste like candy. It’s a boy drink. If you want to hang with more refined people this is not the drink.

I can't drink soda. It upsets my stomach

I like Maker's Mark/Jameson with either ginger ale or ginger beer.

>don't want to be laughed at

Drinking whatever you want without being ashamed of it is the single manliest thing you can do.

>yes bartender please could i have a mimosa. and do you have any sugar free orange juice i'm trying a new diet

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If you think a bartender gives a shit what you order then you're wrong.

>hey i noticed you're drinking a girly drink there. can you show me and the boys anything else you do girly

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Imagine the smell

Just stick with beers, an occasional Old Fashioned and a nice scotch.

One bourbon, one scotch, one beer

In a blue collar bar you need to keep it simple. Always drink what you like, but don't ask for complicated things.

If soda upsets your stomach, what are you doing drinking alcohol?

Strawberry Moijto with a parasol on top.
Ask the bartender to make it extra fruity.
youll be so cool

Just about any simple classic cocktail, but it might not always come out good. Some bars make Old Fashioneds with muddled fruit and such, sometimes even adding water. The safest bet for a drink a bar or restaurant won't mess up is one in which they won't be mixing it. Beers, wines, and straight spirits

Whiskey Sour, Old Fashioned, Apple jack, White Russian, Gin & Tonic, Dry Martini, Rum Martinez, or a Mojito.

>That one guy that always orders a tall glass of chocolate milk

I like old fashioned and Crown royal peach with sprite. If whisky isn’t your thing then a Moscow mule is good.

Most people just order beer, makes sense because bar beer is actually better than the beer you can get at home (assuming you get draft) unlike liquor and wine and is usually cheaper.

Moscow Mule tastes good and has Moscow in the name, which makes it manly.
If it was called something else, it would be a pretty girly drink

are you kidding?
try one retard

Well, I did your daughter yesterday


What kind of drink should I avoid if I don't want to look like alcoholic in front of my coworkers?

I just order middle-shelf gin over ice with a lime wedge. No one has ever given me shit. Order it with soda or tonic if you want to water it down.

Just drink what you like. Vodka and cranberry or lemonade is my favorite

Not wine

Mmmm mule

Drink whatever you want and give no fucks about what anyone has to say about it