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Red pill me on tinder. How do I get matches? What's the best way to set up my profile?

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If you are male then be 10/10. If you are female then you are already set. Nothing else really matters in online dating.

This op but there's videos covering the subject better

Mostly this but make sure you look attractive if pics. Being good looking but having potato camera photos is bad.

Noted on the picture quality. How do I "look attractive" other than just my genetics and facial structure? Anyone think I should be smiling or have a serious expression etc? Or where should I be in the pics like doing something or what. Also what should bio say

first question: are you looking for a relationship or hook ups?

I just matched another girl and she might want to see a movie with me or smoke weed together, but I'm not good at talking with girls.

what do I do I have brain damage? I just wanted to get my dick wet...

I guess I should just hire the prostitute 80$ for 2 hours.

Relationship. Not hook ups. And I'm 22, white Male, short brown hair

1. No shirtless pics, that’s a flag for most girls that the dude is flexing for hookups. The only exception is if you’re on the beach and doing a beach activity that makes the shirtlessness seem incidental (e.g frisbee with the dog, beach volleyball, beach cookout with friends). Not just “I’m standing here and here’s my abs”.

2. If you have a pet, have a cute picture of yourself with them. Don’t overdo it, but show that you love your animal and are affectionate with something cute that loves you and depends on you.

3. Smile in at least one picture. It makes you look approachable and friendly, like someone who will laugh at our silly jokes or smile at you across the dinner table on a nice date.

4. Don’t show yourself with dead animals. If you hunt or fish, don’t show yourself with your “catch”, or your camo and guns. Plenty of girls are fine with hunting and even want to try it themselves, but it’s really unnerving for a guy to go “look at how proud I am that I killed this!!” Like a cat dropping a dead bird on your pillow and expecting you to be impressed.

5. Use natural lighting to look attractive, such as a cloudy day outside or light coming through a window in the daytime. Indoor lighting tends to be harsh and exaggerate shadows unflatteringly.

6. Have at least one pic with a good shot of your face, the rest of the pics can be full body pics. Girls look at the face first, then swipe to the other pics to see how he figure is.

7. Dress in casual nice clothes— jeans, a t-shirt that compliments your figure. Nothing oversized, no basketball shorts, no jerseys, no saggy pants, no baseball caps (cowboy hat works if you’re actually on a ranch, but not in every picture— we need to see the top of your head). A beanie or French cap is okay depending on your demographic, but not in every picture.

8. Don’t show yourself with another girl wrapped around you at a party or holding a baby unless you make it clear the girl is your sister and the baby is your niece/nephew/cousin. Even then, the baby can be a negative anyway.

9. Don’t show off your car, especially not a picture of JUST your car.

10. Don’t take pictures of yourself in the bathroom or in your room if the room is messy/unkept. If you want a picture of yourself flipping pancakes in the kitchen, go for it.

Appreciate it. Why no baseball caps though? I don't really have nice hair. Its quite thin and sparse for a 22 year old, and I just have it shaved right now. I would call my face and facial structure mid to high tier normie (6.5, 7 on a good day)

Because baseball caps look trashy.

In person, if you go out somewhere and need to grab a cap to keep the sun out of your eyes, that’s fine.

But in a picture, it looks awful. You either look like you’re trying to look like a high school kid or you look like a redneck. They look cheap and bad.

And then when we see you without the cap, we realize you’re hiding your hair. If we only find out on the date, it’s a hatfish. If we find out by looking closely at that oooone picture of you from thirty feet away with no hat, we realize you’re trying to hide your hair. Either way, it screams insecurity and that you can’t rock what you’ve got.

A French cap says that you might be hiding the top of your head but you’ll do it stylishly. A beanie or snow cap, esp. in a snowboarding pic, just says you’re trying to keep warm.

No baseball caps. Don’t do it. Remember that no matter what, she’s gonna see your hair in person. You want a girl to swipe right on you who actually likes what you’ve got and isn’t going to sit at the table debating with herself on whether she’s actually still attracted to you. More importantly, covering your hair reeks of insecurity. Fucking own it.

If you usually grow your hair out, you can say on your profile pic that you “shaved for the summer” or something.

Ah ok, I understand.

So better just show my head even if it's just short shaved hair and not nice or anything?

If you’re comfortable showing a pic of yourself with your face whited out, that’ll help.

If you have a bad cut, you could try going to a barber and getting a shapely trim— such as letting the top grow out and getting a fade shave on the sides.

Yes, it’s better to show your head. This is like a chubby girl asking if it’s better to hide that she’s chubby or not. Show it.

Ah ok got it. I appreciate it. My dad started going bald quite young and he's always just shaved his head but he's done pretty well with women I think

Plenty of bald dudes rock their baldness. They usually do it through confidence and body language and acting like being bald is NBD.

My uncle is bald and married a pretty good looking lady, they have a baby. Clearly didn’t stop him.

Nice. I'm not bald or balding yet, I just don't have a great hairline and my hair grows in thin on the top of my head and like sparse.. the hairs are far apart from each other

Here's a pic.. yea not great :/

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Light in my room is directly over my head rn btw..

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Okay, I see what you mean. It’s honestly not bad— you don’t have a friar bald patch, it’s all pretty consistent.

Check out the hairstyles here: latest-hairstyles.com/mens/thin.html

Grow out the top of your head, try a side-fade style.

Gotcha.. cheers. What about the bio though?

Tell me a little about yourself. The list of don'ts on a bio are so, so far longer than the do's, it's easier to just help you polish something short and sweet.

My ex boyfriend got me to message him by saying that he'd send anyone cute pictures of puppies and kittens if they asked. Then when I asked, he joked that he wouldn't give them up THAT easily, so we chatted for a bit, then I asked again. Voila, a puppy and cute kittens his friend was fostering. Then we set up a date in person.

What I'm saying is you want a hook that'll make a girl want to message you, and make it easy to message you without having to agonize over it. Yes, you'll be doing most of the messaging, but a hook also helps make a girl even want to swipe right in the first place.

Hmm what other examples of 'hooks' are there, because I don't know anyone with puppies or kittens. Guess I'll have to get creative

I know one I used was "hit me up if you'd like to go to [event/location]". For me, it was a museum or aquarium I was planning to go to. That way, they can message and say, "I'd love to go!" It also shows you already have something fun in mind and it takes the pressure off deciding where to go and what to do.

Museum, zoo, aquarium were all things I really wanted to do. No dude apparently enjoys ice skating, so I eventually gave up on that.

It also helps you find people who enjoy/are interested in the kind of events and activities you like. Concert? Hiking/swimming at a local nature park? Need a new member for your DnD group, or planning to attend a MtG tournament? Basically, a low-key social activity that lets you guys focus on and enjoy the activity while getting the chance to talk and learn about each other.

Don't do a movie, it just means the two of you are sitting in a chair watching a screen and not talking.